Allison richer


1. The visiter

 Allison Richter was still seventeen and went by Aj. She wore thin black frame glasses and her hair had only white strikes. She tossed her hair over her shoulder and sat bored in her Drama class her French teacher went on and  about how important it was to be dramatic about every tiny thing." A--jay!" She rolled her eyes."Oui?" " get up and perform the first splendid steps of the nut cracker. She sighed and stood up in her leotard. She walked up and stood painfully on her tippy toes people clapped as she spun around in a around. Her graceful body. Suddenly she saw someone leaning against the door she did a perorwett her legs came all the way up. Artemis fowl stood with his arms fold."I forgot he went here! Damnit I hate being the bud of jokes!"  she thought." She  ended with a bow. Then sat down  ." Aj you shall be the a star of the show. "Ally!" Artemis hissed Aj looked  at Artemis her face red."um miss  Ocèan ? I have to go to the bathroom." She pleaded. " go." She answered." Merci!" She said and ran out the door dragging Artemis with her. " Artemis? And it's Aj not Ally!" She said dragging him towards the her dorm. She opened the door screamed the reaction was a double kick in the gut for Holly." Oh my god! Don't scare me like that!" She said 



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