his one true love

she was his one true love..
but she was the reason for his broken heart.
pippa, wrongly accused of cheating and unknowingly pregnant is kicked out of the love of her life's, life.
now alone with her babies she struggles to fend for herself.
can he ever trust her again? will they ever love again, or will they find new loves?


1. The Lies...

  -Pippa's POV-

I pull up in the parking spot just outside of mine and my husband, Jacobs big house. He is a CEO of a multi million dollar company but I didn't care for the money. we met in high school as we both had nothing, I get out of the car grabbing my shopping bags walking inside "baby I'm home!" I call out but as soon as I look up he's there, I gasp in shock but let out a giggle smiling "oh baby, you scared me!..." I trail off hen I see his look "you liar!" he growls out and I look shocked "w-what? baby?... whats going on?..." he chuckles darkly at me "you know exactly. you whore! you cheated on me!" I look even more shocked. I didn't cheat on him...I wouldn't dream of it! "I want you out, now!" I gasp "c-can I not stay the night? i'll be out by the time you get back from work?" I beg and he shakes his head no "no! I don't want you here for another second!" he shoves me out and I cry. I don't know what else to do...I start walking and don't stop until I find myself knocking on my mums door still sobbing. she opens it pulling me inside and comforting me before I calm down and explain everything that happened.... 

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