My World

What happens when you get the opportunity to tour around North America with Justin Bieber? Allie Marie Gomez is an ordinary girl with a passion for dance, who is also a back up dancer for Jasmine Villages. While on tour, she soon finds herself falling for Justin. But there's one problem, he's not allowed to have a girlfriend. Fame, secrets, and lies seem to take over their relationship. Is their feelings enough to keep the relationship afloat?
"I promise you, I'm not gonna let my job come between us."


5. Locked Out

It was mid-morning and everyone was hanging out in Jasmine's dressing room. Justin, Ryan, and Chaz were on the couch in an intense game of NBA 2K11. Olivia was sitting next to Ryan watching. Jasmine and Allie were having a conversation on the other side of the room. A couple of Justin's other backup dancers were hanging out in there as well. 
Allie felt her phone vibrating in her back pocket. She pulled it out glancing down at the screen which read Mom. 
"Oh my god, hold on Jas it's my mom." Allie said to Jasmine.
"Aw tell her I said hi!" Jasmine cheered and made her way over to the couch where everyone else is.
"Hello?" Allie answered excited.
"Allie! How are you sweetie?" Allie's mom Mandy asked.
There was a lot of background noise going on between the music, the tv, and everyone talking. 
"I'm good mom. How are you I miss you so much!" Allie said raising her voice slightly.
"Huh? I can barely hear you hun. What's going on?" 
"Hold on mom." Allie said. "Guys! I'll be right back." Allie announced.
"Where are you going Allie?" Jasmine asked Allie.
When Jasmine asked that it immediately got Justin's attention. He was caught up playing the Xbox, but when he heard that Allie was leaving, he looked up curiously waiting for Allie to answer.
"Dude you lost the ball!" Chaz yelled.
Justin merely ignored him.
"My mom is on the phone and it's too loud in here, I'm just gonna go somewhere quiet." Allie explained.
"Oh okay. Don't be gone long, rehearsal is in half an hour!" Jasmine replied.
Once Justin realized Allie will be right back he turned around and continued back to his game.
"Mom?" Allie said stepping out of the room and closing the door behind her.
Allie's mom had said something, but she really wasn't paying much attention because there was so much going on in the hallway as well. People from Justin's crew were going back and forth in the hallways getting things ready for tonight's show.
"I can barely hear you mom, I'm gonna go somewhere more quiet. Lemme call you back in like 5 minutes." Allie said hanging up the phone. 
Allie made her way from out of backstage and decided to go somewhere private where she knew she wouldn't be bothered. She hadn't talked to her mom on the phone at all yet. She talked to her everyday through text but she hasn't been able to actually hear her voice yet which was extremely important to Allie to be able to actually speak to her mom rather than text message. 
Allie entered the arena and made her way up into in the highest section of seats. 
Wow.. the stage is so little from up here. She thought to herself while looking around the empty area. 
As she sat down she began to dial her mom's number.
"Hello?" Mandy answered.
"Hey! Sorry, there's a lot going on here it's hard to find a quiet spot." Allie said. 
"That's okay honey. How's everything going? Are you feeling okay?" 
"It's great mom! This is the most amazing experience ever, I'm having such an amazing time!" Allie exclaimed. 
"Aw that's great! Your sister and I are missing you so much." 
"I know I miss you guys too. I'm coming to visit though here in a couple weeks for the weekend." 
"Okay sweetie that sounds great! Hopefully I'm off one of those days so we can have a mother-daughter day." 
"Yes I hope so too!"
"How is Jasmine doing? I haven't seen her in forever." Mandy asked.
"She's good, crazy, but good. She said for me to tell you hi. Allie said laughing. 
"Aw tell her I said hi back. What about Justin? Have you met him? Is he nice?" 
Allie's smile faded. She really didn't want to talk about Justin with her mom, but she should of known better that she was bound to ask her that.
"Uh yeah we've met.." Allie said nervously.
"Is he nice to you?"
"Um yeah, he is mom, don't worry."
"Good, I don't wanna have to kick a superstar's ass for not treating my daughter right." Laura teased.
"Moommm, it's not like he's my boyfriend or anything, calm down."
"I'm just making sure Allie. I want people to be nice to you."
"They are mom." Allie said dryly.
"Good, you let me know if people aren't though okay?" 
"I will mom.." Allie said rolling her eyes.
Mandy is very protective of Allie and her sister. She's like their best friend but also her dad/mom all in one. It can get on Allie's nerves sometimes about how protective her mom can be because her mom really doesn't have a filter when it comes to her kids.
"I'll talk to you later honey, I gotta go back out on the floor. Call me if you need anything okay? I love you and have a good show tonight!" 
"Okay I love you too mom! Bye!" 
Allie hung up the phone and looked out at the arena admiring the view. She hadn't gotten much alone time since the tour started and was enjoying just sitting there alone watching the crew set up the stage. 
I gotta come out here more often. Allie thought. 
Allie felt her phone vibrate indicating she had a new text message.

Hey shawty, you alright?

Allie had noticed the time and she had been gone for about a half hour already. She sat back in her seat and groaned. Rehearsal was about to start so that means it's time to head back. She really feel like going back she was enjoying her much needed alone time. She sighed and got up and began to make her way back to Jasmine's dressing room.
"Excuse me miss! What do you think you're doing!?" A deep voice yelled out from behind her. 
Allie stopped and turned around. A big security guard who must work at the venue was coming right towards her. 
"How did you get in here? No fans allowed in the arena until 3 o'clock!" 
"I'm not a fan! I'm a backup dancer!" Allie cried. 
"Oh yeah? And where is your pass?" The security guard asked sarcastically. 
Allie looked down and realized she never even grabbed her backstage pass from the dressing room before she left. 
"Shit. I left it back in the dressing room, I swear." 
"Uh huh, sure ya did." He said grabbing her and escorting her outside.
"I'm telling you the truth. I'm part of the crew, I'm a backup dancer! Take me backstage and I can prove it!"
The security guard merely laughed. "Like I haven't heard that before. Cmon miss, I'm escorting you out right now." 
"No! I won't be able to get back in!" Allie fought.
"That's the whole point sweetie. Either I escort you out or I'll have you arrested for trespassing. You choose." He threatened.
"Oh my god this is bullshit!" Allie scoffed.
"Let's go now!" The security said pushing Allie towards the exit.
Allie merely rolled her eyes in annoyance and was escorted out of the venue. 
The security guard locked the doors with a smirk on his face and walked off. 
"What the fuck am I gonna do? Jas is gonna kill me if I'm late." Allie muttered to herself. 

"Guys where's Allie?" Jasmine asked as she was getting ready to start rehearsal.
"I have no idea, I haven't seen her since she left." Olivia said.
"Shit, I left my phone back in the dressing room. Someone go find Allie!" Jasmine shouted. 
A couple members from the crew nodded and took off to go look her Allie.

"Cmon Jas, pick up." Allie said holding her phone to her ear. She had called Jasmine about 6 times already and she hadn't picked up. 
"She has to be wondering where I am right now." Allie said to herself. Allie looked through the glass doors seeing if she could spot anyone she knew walking by. She was getting annoyed by the screaming fans behind her. 
Do they ever shut the fuck up? She thought annoyed. She looked down at her phone she was 10 minutes late to rehearsal. 
Who else can I call?! She thought to herself looking through her contacts. 
She saw Justin's name pop up and groaned. He's the only other person she has in her phone that could possibly help her out. Allie sighed pressing the dial button and held the phone to her ear. 

Justin was eating lunch with Ryan and Chaz back in his dressing room. He felt his phone vibrating in his pocket and looked down to see that Allie was calling him.
"What the hell? Allie's calling me right now." He said looking at Chaz and Ryan with a confused look.
"Ouuu you got her number and she's already calling you? Someone's making progress!" Chaz said teasingly.
Ryan rolled his eyes. "Answer it bro!" 
Justin pressed the answer button and held the phone up his his ear. 
"Allie?" He said answering the phone. 
"Justin! Thank god you answered!" Allie exclaimed.
"Yeah what's up?" Justin asked.
Put it on speaker. Chaz mouthed to Justin. 
Justin gave him a look and held out the phone pressing the speaker button.
"I got locked out and I need your help. Please come get me!" Allie cried. 
Chaz and Ryan started snickering in the back. 
"Locked out? How? Where did you go?" Justin asked.
"It's a long story, just come help me! I'm late for rehearsals and Jasmine's gonna kill me." 
"Okay where are you at?" Justin asked.
"By the front doors of the venue." Allie replied. 
"Okay stay right there, I'll be there in a minute." 
"Okay hurry!" Allie cried. 
"I got you shawty." Justin said hanging up the phone. 
"I'll be back I gotta go find Allie." Justin said.
"How the hell did she get locked out?" Ryan asked.
"That fucking hilarious!" Chaz said laughing.
"I don't know man, I gotta go." Justin said and ran out the door.

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