My World

What happens when you get the opportunity to tour around North America with Justin Bieber? Allie Marie Gomez is an ordinary girl with a passion for dance, who is also a back up dancer for Jasmine Villages. While on tour, she soon finds herself falling for Justin. But there's one problem, he's not allowed to have a girlfriend. Fame, secrets, and lies seem to take over their relationship. Is their feelings enough to keep the relationship afloat?
"I promise you, I'm not gonna let my job come between us."


4. Tell Me

"Okay so what was that all about back on the bus?" Jasmine asked Allie.

Allie, Olivia, and Jasmine were now in their dressing room at the venue in Cincinnati. Justin was on stage with Ryan and Chaz doing a sound check party. Justin and Allie talked occasionally on the bus, but most of the ride everyone exchanged turns on the Xbox and were engaged in a group conversation. There were multiple times were Justin and Allie exchanged glances back at one other, but all they simply did was smile back at one other.

"What was what?" Allie asked.
"Um hello?! Maybe the fact that you and Justin went into the bathroom together?" Olivia said teasingly.
"Well it's definitely not what you're probably thinking." Allie muttered quietly. 
Jasmine rolled her eyes. "Allie, spill now." 
"Guys it was literally nothing. Honestly."
"Cmon Allie! We all know that's complete bullshit. There's obviously something going on between you two. First the after party and now sneaking into a restroom together?" Jasmine stated.
"There's nothing going on though. He just doesn't know how to leave someone alone!" Allie explained.
"Awww I'm sorry, but that's so cute!" Olivia cheered. "He's so into you Allie, it's so obvious." 
"Or he's just trying to get in my pants, which is never going to happen by the way." Allie stated.
"I don't know Allie, I really don't think Justin's like that." Jasmine explained. 
"I just don't see why he would be so persistent with me unless he wanted something from me. You know how teenage guys are. I just don't wanna fall for his games." 
"Well did he try anything while you guys were in the restroom? To be honest we all thought you guys were low key hooking up." Olivia explained.
"Oh my god absolutely not! He just followed me in there. Like I said he won't leave me alone. We just talked that's it." 
"And you guys couldn't have talked out there?" Jasmine asked.
"I don't know. He's weird. I guess he did it because I always just walk away when he tries to talk to me. He said he wasn't going to let me out until I agreed to at least be friends with him. So I agreed, just to shut him up." Allie explained. 
"Oh my god! I love this!" Jasmine exclaimed.
Allie glared at Jasmine in annoyance.
"I'm sorry Al, but this is just too cute! He likes you no doubt."
"Yeah well I most definitely do not like him. He asked to be friends, JUST FRIENDS and I agreed and that's all we'll ever be." 
Olivia and Jasmine gave each other unconvinced looks.

"So are you gonna tell us what's going on with you and Allie." Ryan asked Justin.
"Yes Justin, do tell." Chaz teased.
The three boys were chilling backstage. The sound check party had ended a few minutes ago and they had some down time before the show started. 
"We just talked." Justin said shrugging.
"Yeah, but in the bathroom? That's kinda weird man." Ryan stated.
"We all thought you guys were about to pull some mile high club shit in the restroom." Chaz said laughing. 
"Nah, she barely even lets me talk to her. I've been trying to talk to her but she never gives me a chance. I just saw her get up and I followed her and it so happened that we ended up there. What makes you think she's gonna let me fuck bro?"
"Hey I don't know." Chaz said shrugging. "It seems like any girl would let you fuck. I thought maybe she had come to her senses." 
"I don't know why you're trying so hard man. Why don't you just go for that other chick? She's pretty hot too. Maybe she'll give it up easier." Ryan teased. 
Probably. Justin thought, but he doesn't want Olivia. He wants Allie and not even in that kind of way. He truly wants to get to know her. Sleeping with her isn't his main intention at all, but he didn't wanna admit that to his friends. 
"I've already flirted too much with Allie. It would be a dick move to suddenly start flirting with Olivia.. Ain't nothing wrong with a little chase right guys? It makes it that more exciting when you get what you want." 
"I guess that makes sense." Ryan said. 
"Whatever floats your boat bro." Chaz said laying down on the couch putting his hands behind his head. "Just lemme know when you finally get it in." 
"Ha yeah for sure." Justin replied quietly.

All of these boys, got 'em standing in a line
So many boys keep on begging for my time
All of these boys, I just can't make up my mind
Show me what you talking 'bout
Maybe we can walk it out.

Jasmine sang wrapping up the final song of her set. "Thank you everyone!" Jasmine shouted to the crowd before running off stage with Allie and Olivia following behind her.
Justin was backstage on the side watching. He hasn't seen Allie perform yet. 
Justin stopped Allie as she was coming down the ramp. "You did great up there shawty."
"Thanks." She said smiling and ran off with Jasmine and Olivia. She had no idea Justin was watching her and was surprised to see him when she got off stage. She actually thought it was really sweet of Justin to take the time and watch her perform.
Jasmine and Olivia both saw Justin compliment Allie and exchanged smug glances.

"Justin what are you doing? You're suppose to be getting ready to go on stage! Get back to your dressing room! You go on in 10!" Scooter shouted. 
"Shit! Sorry Scooter I was just checking out Jasmine's set!" Justin explained then ran back to his dressing room to get dressed for the show.

"Come on guys let's load up! We needa be out of here in the next 15 minutes!" Scooter yelled backstage gathering crew and peaking into dressing rooms. 
Outside the venue everything was being loaded up when Justin spotted Allie heading towards Jasmine's bus. 
"Allie!" Justin called out.
Allie glanced over and saw Justin running up towards her.
Ugh what does this boy want now? Allie thought.
"Hey." He said smiling slightly out of breath.
She gave him a small smile in return. "Hey." 
"So um you did amazing tonight. You're a really talented dancer Allie." Justin said.
"Oh um..thank you." Allie replied nervously.
"Yo Justin! Let's go, on the bus now!  Scooter called out from across the lot. 
"I'll talk to you later." Allie said turning around to board the bus.
Justin reached out and grabbed Allie's arm. "Allie wait." 
She turned around giving him a confused look.
"Can I um get your number?" 
Allie was caught off guard. She really didn't wanna give Justin her number because she didn't wanna feel obligated to reply to his texts if he were to text her. She was trying to avoid getting close to him at all costs.
"Um I don't know Justin.." Allie trailed off.
"Please Allie?" Justin begged giving her a slight pouty face.
Allie groaned in annoyance but couldn't resist saying no to him. 
"Fine, give me your phone." 
"Bieber! Let's go!" Scooter called out once again. 
Justin grabbed his phone out of his pocket and quickly handed it to Allie.
"There. You better go." Allie said handing the phone back to Justin. 
"Thanks shawty, better text me back." Justin said winking then running off towards his bus.
Allie merely rolled her eyes and began walking up the stairs entering the bus not even realizing she had a smile plastered across her face.
"Someone's blushing." Jasmine commented.
"What? No I'm not!" Allie exclaimed.
"Girl that's not what your face was saying two seconds ago." Olivia added. 
Allie sat down on the couch and rolled her eyes. "Guys.. stop." She said.
Jasmine and Olivia merely gave Allie a smirk.
About thirty minutes into the drive, Allie's phone vibrated. Allie pulled out her phone glancing down at the screen.

Goodnight gorgeous ;)

For some reason she could help but smile. This boy, she thought and typed in a quick response.

Goodnight superstar

Allie then saved Justin's number and her phone vibrated again.

Sweet dreams shawty :)

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