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What happens when you get the opportunity to tour around North America with Justin Bieber? Allie Marie Gomez is an ordinary girl with a passion for dance, who is also a back up dancer for Jasmine Villages. While on tour, she soon finds herself falling for Justin. But there's one problem, he's not allowed to have a girlfriend. Fame, secrets, and lies seem to take over their relationship. Is their feelings enough to keep the relationship afloat?
"I promise you, I'm not gonna let my job come between us."


7. You Know That We Ball

It had been a couple hours since everyone had arrived in Omaha. Jasmine, Olivia, and Allie were hanging out on their bus watching a movie and conversing amongst each other. Chaz and Ryan had to go back home to Stratford for school. They had already missed a significant amount of school for the semester. The doors to the bus opened and Justin began walking up the steps.
"Hey guys were all going to the mall. Anyone want to come with?" He asked.
Jasmine looked at Allie and Olivia and they all exchanged nods. 
"Yeah! We'd love to!" Jasmine exclaimed.
"Aight we're leaving here in about a half hour." Justin said.
"Okay sounds good." Jasmine replied.
"You mind if I chill here with you guys? It's pretty boring around without Ryan and Chaz." Justin asked.
"Of course!" Jasmine replied.
Justin smiled and took a seat next to Allie on the bus.
"Hey gorgeous, how did you sleep last night." Justin said flicking his hair. 
Allie giggled. "Good, and how about you superstar?" 
"Good too." He said smiling at Allie.
Allie simply smiled back at Justin.
"So what are you doing for the holidays shawty?" Justin asked.
"I'm not sure, my mom has to work on Thanksgiving. Me and my sister are planning on cooking and then having Thanksgiving dinner when my mom gets off work." 
"You're mom has to work on Thanksgiving?" Justin asked confused. 
"Yeah, she's a nurse. They don't get the holidays off most of the year, but she has Christmas off which is good." Allie explained.
"Oh well that kinda sucks. What about your dad?" Justin asked.
Allie shifted uncomfortably.
"Oh um, he's not really in the picture anymore. I haven't seen him since I was real little." Allie said quietly.
Justin immediately felt guilty for asking.
"Allie.. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to-"
"It's okay Justin you didn't know, no big deal." Allie said putting on a fake smile. 
Justin merely looked at her with a sympathetic look. 
"But yeah, it's okay me and my sister wanted to surprise her with a Thanksgiving dinner this year. Hopefully we don't burn the turkey though." Allie said changing the subject.
"I'm sure you won't gorgeous. That's a nice thing for you and your sister to do for your mom." Justin said.
"Yeah." Allie smiled. "What about you?" 
"I'm going home to Canada. We're having dinner at my grandmas and then I'm going to spend the night at my dads. I haven't seen my little sister in a long time." 
"Aww I didn't know you had a sister!" Allie stated.
"Yeah she's 2 and I've only seen her a handful of times." Justin said with a sad look on his face.
Allie gave him a sympathetic look. 
"I'm sorry Justin that must really be hard." Allie said putting her hand on Justin's shoulder.
"Yeah, it is. I love what I do, but sometimes I wish I could just be a normal kid too." Justin stated.
Allie wasn't sure what to say to Justin. She merely gave him a sympathetic look and laid her head on his shoulder, which happened to catch Jasmine and Olivia's attention, but they both decided to keep their mouth shut. They didn't wanna ruin their moment. 
"Hey there you are! You guys ready to go?" Kenny asked the group. 
"Yeah, lets go shawty." Justin said springing up from his seat. He extended his hand out for Allie to grab. 
She smiled and grabbed a hold of Justin's hand and he lifted her up on to her feet.

"I'll see you there shawty." Justin said flicking his hair before closing the door to the Escalade. 
Justin and his crew went separately from Olivia, Jasmine, and Allie.

"So who's that girl?" Ryan Good asked Justin. 
"Allie. She's one of Jasmine's backup dancers." Justin replied.
"Ohhh nice! So you like her huh Bieber?" Ryan teased.
"I don't know man, I think so. Just don't tell Scooter. I know he'll flip and give me a lecture." Justin said.
"I got you bro. It's not really my place I'll let you handle your own." Ryan said patting Justin on the back.
"Thanks man." Justin said.

Once they arrived at the Omaha mall. Justin was able to check out a couple stores before the news got around that he was there. As they were walking around Justin and his crew kept repeating "Omaha mall" several times making it into a little phrase, then they started adding on "You know that we ball the Omaha mall." 
Allie, Olivia, and Jasmine checked out a few of the more girlier stores. They were recognized by a few people because of Jasmine, but the main attention was on the fact Justin was there as well. As they were trying on clothes Jasmine had to bring up Justin. 
"So Allie, you and Justin seem to be really getting along." Jasmine said with a smug tone. 
"Yeah, we are. We're friends remember?" Allie replied.
"You look like you're real good friends though. We saw you guys flirting on the bus earlier and you putting your head on his shoulder." Olivia stated.
"Oh.. well, I'm just more comfortable around him now guys. We get along really well and we're just good friends." Allie explained.
"Sure Allie." Jasmine said sarcastically crossing her arms.
"Why do you guys always have to tease me about Justin?" Allie said annoyed.
"Because Allie! We're your friends! And Justin is so into you and we think you may be into him too! We just are rooting for you guys to just get together already!" Jasmine exclaimed.
Olivia simply nodded in agreement. 
"You guys are seriously crazy." Allie said letting out a small laugh.
As the girls continued to shop. They had noticed several girls running all in the same direction. They could hear them talking about how Justin was in the mall. There were even a few girls crying. 
The three girls decided to follow the crowd of girls and soon they saw a huge crowd of people outside of Lids all screaming for Justin. 
"Oh my god! This is crazy!" Allie called out.
"We've only been here for a little over a half hour and look what happened." Olivia said. 
Allie extended her neck trying to look for Justin, but there were too many people. 
"Guys, Kenny texted me and said we need to leave already. There's too much chaos and they're about to shut down the mall." Jasmine said. "He said to meet them at JC Penny." 
"Yeah this is insane." Allie said.
"Lets go before we get trampled by Bieber fans." Jasmine said.

When everyone arrived back at the venue, there was still a good amount of down time before the meet and greet started. Justin, Ryan, and Kenny were all hanging out and they decided to make a rap for the "Omaha mall." As they were playing around Jasmine, Olivia, and Allie came in to join them.
"Hey guys what are you doing?" Jasmine asked.
"We're making a rap song called Omaha mall." Justin said.
"What?" Jasmine said confused.
"Yeah, When we were at the mall we all started saying Omaha mall, Omaha mall, you know that we ball at the Omaha mall and we decided to make a song." Justin explained.
All three girls just gave him amused looks. 
As they were working on their songs Allie and Justin were giggling and flirting the whole time. They were making suggestions on what to rap in the verses and just overall joking with each other and having a good time.

After the show had ended. Everyone boarded onto their designated buses and headed off to the final show until after the holidays. Allie was ready to go home and see her mom and sister, but she knew she would miss being on tour, and miss Justin. Allie was exhausted after the show and immediately went to her bunk after saying goodnight to Jasmine and Olivia. 
Jasmine and Olivia couldn't help but converse about Justin and Allie flirting back and forth all day.
"She's so into him it's so obvious." Olivia said.
"I know! I just wish she would admit it already!" Jasmine exclaimed.
"Have you talked to Justin about her?" Olivia asked.
"No, not yet we've been so busy and we're always in a group. I haven't had the chance to pull him aside and ask him." Jasmine explained.
"Well I think it's obvious he likes her too." Olivia said.
"Yeah, it's just a matter of time. They're both just stubborn as hell and it's driving me crazy." Jasmine said.

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