My World

What happens when you get the opportunity to tour around North America with Justin Bieber? Allie Marie Gomez is an ordinary girl with a passion for dance, who is also a back up dancer for Jasmine Villages. While on tour, she soon finds herself falling for Justin. But there's one problem, he's not allowed to have a girlfriend. Fame, secrets, and lies seem to take over their relationship. Is their feelings enough to keep the relationship afloat?
"I promise you, I'm not gonna let my job come between us."


12. Trust Me

"Allie freaking Gomez! Wake your ass up right now!" Jasmine hollered at Allie throwing a pillow at her.
Allie groaned and rolled over in bed.
"Girl we either do this the hard way or the easy way!" Olivia playfully threatened.
"Okay, okay! I'm up! What!?" Allie shouted annoyed.
"So um, when we came up here last night, you were no where to be found. Little miss "I'm not feeling well so I'm going back to the room." Jasmine said sarcastically crossing her arms.
Allie merely rolled her eyes.
"Allie!? Where were you last night?!" Jasmine demanded.
"With Justin." Allie said dryly.
Jasmine and Olivia's expressions turned to excitement. 
"Wait, What!? where did you guys go?" Olivia asked excitedly.
"He took me to the roof." Allie said.
"Aww my heart!" Jasmine squealed. "That's so romantic! What all did he tell you!?" 
"We kissed guys." Allie said blushing.
"Oh my god! Finally Allie!" Jasmine cried.
"Aww that is probably the cutest thing I've ever heard!" Olivia exclaimed.
Allie couldn't hold back her smile. 
"I know right! It was so perfect."
"So is he a good kisser?!" Olivia asked.
Allie bit her lip to keep her from smiling even harder.
"Ugh yes!" She admitted. "I've never had this feeling when I've kissed other guys in the past like I had with Justin. It's crazy I don't even know how to explain it."
"Aww Allie! Someone's falling hard!" Jasmine exclaimed. 
Allie laughed. 
"Okay guys lets get ready." She said changing the subject.
She grabbed her phone off the side table looking to see if she had any messages. She smiled when she saw that Justin had texted her about half an hour ago.

Good morning beautiful, I know this dope place in New York for lunch, come with me?

Would love to!

Meet me in the lobby at 11, I wanna show u around the city too.

Sounds good :)

"Guys, Justin wants to take me on a date!" Allie squealed.
"What!? No way!" Jasmine exclaimed.
"Where is he taking you?!" Olivia asked.
"I don't know, he said lunch and a tour around the city. He wants me to meet him at 11." Allie said.
"Well you better get your ass up you only have an hour and a half!" Jasmine exclaimed.
Allie sprang out of bed. 
"I'll catch up with you guys later." 
"Okay girl, have fun! We're gonna go meet Ryan and Chaz for breakfast." Jasmine said giving Allie a hug.
"Okay, tell them I said hi!" Allie said.

Allie hurried to the restroom to take a shower and get ready for her date with Justin. 
She straightened her hair and applied some false lashes to her eyes. 
She looked at the time on her phone , it was 10:30. 
'Just thirty more minutes.' Allie thought to herself. 
She began to get butterflies in her stomach thinking about what the next few hours are going to bring her.
She went through so many outfits trying to find the perfect one. She finally settled on an outfit and glanced at the time, she had 5 minutes to grab her shoes and meet Justin down in the lobby.

When Allie arrived in the lobby she saw Justin waiting for her over by the lounge area. 
"Hey." Allie said shyly.
"Hey gorgeous, ready to go?" Justin asked.
Allie smiled and nodded. 
"Okay we're gonna have to sneak out the back entrance. There's paparazzi outside the front of the hotel." Justin said.


"Hey guys!" Jasmine said greeting Chaz and Ryan who were eating breakfast in the hotels cafe. 
"Hey Jas!" Ryan said.
"Mind if we join you?" Jasmine asked.
"Pop a squat!" Chaz said patting the chair next to him with a cheesy grin.
"Where's Allie?" Ryan asked.
"Allie and Justin are out on a date." Jasmine said. 
"They are?" Ryan asked curiously.
"Yeah, Justin had texted Allie this morning asking her to lunch." Jasmine explained.
Chaz and Ryan gave each other suspicious looks.
"Justin never said anything about taking Allie on a date." Ryan stated. 
Jasmine and Olivia gave Ryan a confused look. 
"Yeah he said he had interviews and stuff to do this morning." Ryan said.
"What the fuck!?" Jasmine exclaimed.
"Maybe he does Jas, don't jump to conclusions." Olivia said. 
"Has he talked to you guys about Allie at all?" Jasmine asked.
"Yeah a little bit." Chaz said with his mouth full of pancakes.
Jasmine rolled her eyes and looked at Ryan for a better answer.
"Yeah he told us the day we got here that he really likes her." Ryan clarified.
"Well Allie likes him too, a lot. She's been hurt badly before. He better treat her right." Jasmine said in a threatening tone crossing her arms.
"He said he had like a plan, but I don't even know what that meant. I guess we'll see what happens." Ryan shrugged.

"Wow this is amazing!" Allie said looking out the window of car. 
Justin and Allie were driving through New York City site seeing. They passed by places like the Empire State Building, Madison Square Garden, a few good shopping locations, and Central Park.
"I wish we could actually go walk around, but I have to get to an interview later on and meet with fans." Justin said.
"Aw, you're not going to be able to hang out with the rest of us? It's our last day here." Allie said slightly disappointed. 
"I should be back around 7 tonight we can all have a group dinner." Justin said. 
"Okay." Allie smiled.
Justin scooted closer to Allie, and leaned in and pressed his lips against hers. Allie smiled against the kiss and kissed him back.
The driver cleared his throat loudly causing Justin and Allie to break apart. They both looked at each and began laughing and Justin merely wrapped his arm around Allie pulling her close to him.

"Wow this place is so nice!" Allie exclaimed. 
Justin was able to get a reservation at Delicatessen in SoHo. They were seated in the back corner in a private area. The restaurant wasn't busy at all. There were maybe two or three other tables taken, but by older adults who didn't pay any mind to the fact Justin Bieber was eating at the same restaurant as them. 
"I have no idea what to get." Allie said. "What do you recommend?"
"Hmm I've only been here once and I had the BLT. Scooter had their signature burger, he said it was amazing." 
"I'll try their pan roasting chicken thigh sandwich. It says award winning so why not." Allie said.
"That sounds good." Justin said.
"So, what is it that you're doing later on?" Allie asked. 
"I have an interview with a radio station, more publicity stuff." Justin said shrugging.
"You don't sound too excited." Allie said.
"Well Chaz and Ryan are here and I wish Scooter wouldn't of scheduled work. That's that's all I do, it's not often I get a day off." Justin explained.
Allie gave him a sympathetic look. 
"I wish I could help. That must be exhausting." 
"Yea it is.." Justin trailed off.
"What do you think you'd be doing if Scooter never found you?" Allie asked.
"Probably working at McDonald's or something." Justin teased.
Allie gave him an unconvinced look.
"I'm serious!" Justin said laughing putting his hands up in defense. 
"I was never good in school. So if I didn't have music, I don't know where I'd be." 
Allie merely laughed in amusement. 
The two engaged in light conversation about the most random things to what their favorite things are, to their typical day outside of tour, to talking about how Jasmine and Chaz are the craziest out of the group. 
Allie felt so comfortable with Justin, she felt as if she could tell him anything. He was so open with her which she appreciated. She felt like she could actually trust him and that it was okay for her to let her guard down.

"So, there's not anyone back home that you like?" Justin asked playfully.
"Well there's this one guy.." Allie trailed off.
She looked at Justin and he had a slight hurt and confused expression on his face.
Allie laughed. 
"I'm kidding!" 
"I thought you were serious for a second there." Justin said flicking his hair.
"No of course not!" 
"Good." Justin smiled. 
Justin's phone began to ring. He looked down at the screen and saw that Scooter was calling. 
"Hello?" He said picking up the phone.
"Justin, hey man we gotta get going. There's a car waiting for you outside the front restaurant. Tell your friends that there's another car for them out back. There's a lot of paparazzi and fans out front and there's no gates. I don't want any of them getting shoved around or hurt."
Justin glanced at Allie to make sure she wasn't listening in on the phone call. He wasn't sure if she could hear or not. Despite it not being on speaker phone, Scooter talks pretty loud. Justin never mentioned to Scooter that it was just going to be him and Allie going out for lunch. He didn't want to have that dating lecture with Scooter quite yet and he knew he would bitch if he found out him and Allie were going out in public places together alone. 
"Yeah okay, be out in a bit." Justin said hanging up the phone slightly frustrated.
"Is everything okay?" Allie asked.
"Yeah, it's just that I gotta get going to the radio station and there's a lot of fans and paparazzi waiting outside. Scooter had another car for you waiting in the back of the restaurant. I hope you don't mind. He just didn't want to cause you unwanted attention. Plus I gotta go straight to the radio station and I know you want to get back to Jasmine and Olivia." Justin said. 
"That's fine Justin." Allie smiled. 
"Let's go." She said getting up from her seat.
Justin proceeded to walk Allie to the back doors and gave her a hug goodbye. 
When Justin walked outside, he was met by screaming fans and several paparazzi. Kenny was waiting by the door ready to assist Justin to the car. The fans were all over the place touching and grabbing Justin and shoving one another. 
When he and Kenny got into the car, Scooter and Ryan Good were sitting inside. 
"So tell me why you didn't let us come with you to lunch again?" Scooter asked.
"Because, it was a no adult lunch." Justin said dryly.
Scooter gave him a suspicious look.
"I guess Justin."

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