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What happens when you get the opportunity to tour around North America with Justin Bieber? Allie Marie Gomez is an ordinary girl with a passion for dance, who is also a back up dancer for Jasmine Villages. While on tour, she soon finds herself falling for Justin. But there's one problem, he's not allowed to have a girlfriend. Fame, secrets, and lies seem to take over their relationship. Is their feelings enough to keep the relationship afloat?
"I promise you, I'm not gonna let my job come between us."


14. Reminder

Allie, Jasmine, and Olivia were backstage warming up before rehearsals started. 
Justin was already back from hanging out with Jessica Jarrell. He wanted to talk to Allie and clear things up with her, assuming she already knows. He had noticed on Twitter his fans were going crazy over him being seen with Allie one moment and Jessica the next.

"Hey gorgeous." Justin said flicking his hair.
Allie merely glared at him and turned her head away resuming her stretches. 
Justin was taken a back from how cold Allie was upon seeing him. 
'Fuck she already knows.' Justin thought to himself. 
"Allie can I talk to you for a minute?" Justin asked.
"I'm about to rehearse." Allie said coldly still looking away from Justin.
"Please Allie. We need to talk." Justin begged. 
"There's nothing to talk about." 
Justin wasn't having it, he wasn't about to just let this go. He knew Allie was upset about him hanging out with Jessica and she had every right to be. He grabbed her arm and pulled her to the side.
Olivia and Jasmine saw Justin pull Allie away and they exchanged curious glances.

"What? Why can't you ever just take no for an answer?" Allie spat bitterly. 
"Look Allie, I'm sure you know about me and Jessica hanging out today.." Justin trailed off.
Allie merely crossed her arms and looked at Justin with an annoyed expression.
"It isn't what it looked like I promise." Justin said. "We're just friends." 
"Yeah and that's what we were apparently. I've already heard that excuse a million times." Allie said sarcastically.
Justin merely looked at her.
"Sorry Justin, I'm not the type of girl to be okay with an open relationship." Allie blurted out.
"I didn't know we were in a relationship." Justin said.
Allie immediately felt embarrassed for what she just said. 
"We're not." She said flatly and began to walk off.
Justin reached out and grabbed her arm pulling her back.
"Wait, I know it may have looked bad with the pictures, but it was just a publicity thing. Me and Scooter were trying to get the media off of you and on to someone who is use to it." 
Which is partly true, Justin never had admitted to Scooter that he was interested in actually pursuing Allie, he merely told him earlier that he was "dating around." Which is why Scooter told Justin to call up Jessica to spark possible dating rumors with someone who is in the industry rather than someone who isn't. He's afraid of how Scooter will react. Scooter has a lot on his plate as it is and Justin would rather keep his relationship with Allie private until he's ready to tell people to avoid unwanted criticism.
"I don't know Justin, I feel like you're leading me on. Everyone's teasing me and making me feel like I'm just this one time hoe." Allie said shaking her head.
"I'm not leading you on Allie, I know it may seem like that to you, but please trust me. Maybe the Jessica thing was a bad idea, but I've never had to deal with this kind of stuff with dating someone and neither has Scooter, we just don't know how to handle this.." Justin trailed off. "And who's saying that?" 
Allie's eyes started to gloss over. 
"People on Twitter.." She said quietly.
Justin sighed in frustration. 
He felt horrible. His intentions weren't to hurt Allie, he was simply tying to lift the burden of the fans and the media off of her, but it had seem to back fire. 
"Allie I'm really sorry. My fans are kind of crazy sometimes, don't let them get to you. I'll make sure they stop teasing you. I have this image that I've that I've been known for, but since I've met you I'm trying to juggle changing that." Justin explained.
Allie was slightly stunned by what Justin had just said. 
'Is he really trying to change his image for me?She thought. 
Allie sighed in relief. 
"I guess that makes sense." She said quietly.
"Just bear with me please Allie, I just gotta figure things out. It's really hard with the whole world watching my every move and criticizing it and then there's my team trying to make all my decisions for me. I like you Allie I really do." 
Allie couldn't help but smile, hearing Justin actually admit he liked her and put so much effort into trying to make things right, made her rethink the fact that he's leading her on. 
"Well I gotta admit, it's pretty hard to stay mad at you." 
"It's the charm." He said shrugging with a cheeky grin, flicking his hair.
Allie rolled her eyes in amusement and reached her hand up ruffling Justin's hair.
"Hey, Hey no touching the hair!" Justin cried adjusting his hair.
Allie merely laughed at him.
"So are we okay?" Justin asked.
Allie nodded. "Yes, were okay." 
Justin reached out and gave Allie a hug. She hugged him back feeling a wave a relief come over her. 
Jasmine looked over and saw Justin and Allie hugging.
"Okay guys, we gotta start rehearsal. Imma need Allie back now." Jasmine said playfully. 
"Have a good rehearsal shawty." Justin said smiling. 
Allie smiled back and ran off with Jasmine and Olivia to start rehearsals. 

During Justin's meet and greet, Jasmine, Olivia, and Allie decided to go outside and find fans to give tickets to. Scooter and the rest of the crew usually are the ones to do this, but Jasmine talked Scooter into letting them do it just for this one show. 
The three girls began walking around the outside of the venue in LA looking for possible Bieber fans. 
"So Allie, I see you and Justin made up." Jasmine stated.
Allie giggled. 
"Yeah we did." 
"What did he all say to you?" Olivia asked.
"He just said it was a publicity thing, he and Scooter were trying to get the media off of me and more on to someone who's in the industry. It was just a communication misunderstanding." 
"Well I'm glad you two figured it all out." Jasmine said.
"There's one more thing.." Allie said.
Olivia and Jasmine merely gave her curious looks. 
"He said he likes me, a lot." Allie said biting her lip. 
"Awww! Allie!" Jasmine squealed.
"You guys are so cute!" Olivia cheered.
"Thanks you guys." Allie said smiling.

The three girls found a ton of fans lined up all behind a large gate towards the back of the venue that were waiting for Justin. A few of the fans recognized Jasmine and started screaming. 
"Hey girls!" Jasmine said waving.
"Oh my God I love you Jasmine!" A fan shouted. 
"What are you girls doing?" Jasmine asked curiously.
"We're waiting for Justin Bieber!" A another fan answered.
"Aww he's doing his meet and greet right now." Jasmine said.
A few fans exchanged disappointed looks. 
"So is anyone going to the concert tonight?" Jasmine asked excitedly.
A majority of the fans raised their hands. 
There were several fans spread out and were shouting for Jasmine to go towards them.
Allie and Olivia decided to split up, with Olivia taking the right side and Allie the left. 
"Hey girls!" Allie said. 
"You're Allie right?" One fan asked. 
"Yes I am!" Allie smiled.
The girls startled squealing with excitement.
"Are you and Justin dating?" Another fan asked.
"No were not Allie." Said dryly.
"Any of you guys going to the concert tonight?" Allie asked.
"I am!"
"I am too!"
A few fans said raising their hands.
Allie spotted a little girl that looked about 7 or 8 who was getting shoved by a few fans. Allie decided to go talk to her and find out if she had tickets. 
"Hi sweetie, what's your name?" Allie asked.
"Ava." The girl responded.
"Hi Ava, I'm Allie! Do you like Justin Bieber!" 
"Yes! I love him!" She cried.
"Are you going to see him tonight?" Allie asked.
Ava shook her head in disappointment.
"Me and my sister couldn't get any, we were hoping Justin would come out here." 
"What if I gave you tickets to see Justin?" Allie asked with excitement handing her two tickets.
Ava and her sister began screaming and jumping with excitement.
"Oh my god, oh my god thank you so much!" Her sister said.
"Yes thank you!" Ava said crying.
"Of course sweetie! Enjoy the show!" Allie said smiling before heading towards other fans. 
Allie gave out a few more tickets to some lucky fans who had caught her attention. Now she knew why Scooter and his team did this. Doing something so little for other people and it being such a big thing for them made her feel so good and humble inside. 
As Allie was looking through the crowd of fans, she spotted someone familiar. She squinted her eyes to try and make out who that person was. Once she realized who she was seeing her heart stopped. It was her ex-boyfriend, Nick that she had dated for 8 months. They had planned to work out a long distance relationship when Allie had told him she was moving away, but he ended up cheating on her a few days after him finding out she was moving. He was Allie's first love, or at least she thought he was. 
The two met eye contact and Allie immediately turned away trying to head towards the other direction.
"Hey Allie!" He shouted. 
Allie tried to ignore him, but he kept persisting.
Allie stopped and turned towards him. 
"Hey.. what's up?" She asked. 
"I haven't seen you in forever! You look real good." He said
"Thanks." Allie said blushing. "What are you doing here?"
"I'm here with my little sister and her friend." Nick said pointing down at his little sister who was standing in front of him.
"Hi Allie!" His sister Bella said. 
"Hi sweetie." Allie smiled. 
"Are you giving out free tickets?" Nick asked.
"Um.. yeah." Allie said awkwardly
"Can I have some please, my sister really wants to see Justin." He asked.
"Yeah Allie please!" Bella cried. 
Allie really didn't want to give him tickets because of what he did to her, but she would feel bad for Bella if she didn't. It's not her fault that her brothers an lying, cheating, asshole. 
"Yeah sure, here." Allie said handing him three tickets. 
The two girls began screaming at the top of their lungs, jumping up and down thanking Allie. 
"Thank you Allie, I owe you one." Nick said grinning at Allie. 
Allie gave him a half smile and walked away in the other direction.
That was awkward. She thought.

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