My World

What happens when you get the opportunity to tour around North America with Justin Bieber? Allie Marie Gomez is an ordinary girl with a passion for dance, who is also a back up dancer for Jasmine Villages. While on tour, she soon finds herself falling for Justin. But there's one problem, he's not allowed to have a girlfriend. Fame, secrets, and lies seem to take over their relationship. Is their feelings enough to keep the relationship afloat?
"I promise you, I'm not gonna let my job come between us."


6. Realization

"Has anyone found Allie yet?" Jasmine asked. 
"No not yet." A crew member replied.
"Where could she even be?" Olivia asked.
"Who knows." Jasmine shrugged. "We're gonna have to start rehearsal without her."

"Excuse me, are you trying to get in?" A girl asked tapping Allie's shoulder.
Allie was looking through the glass doors for Justin. She turned around and a group of three girls were standing behind her all in Justin Bieber attire.
"Um..yeah." She said quietly.
"So are we! We should go together! We're hoping we can see Justin!" 
"Oh no, um actually I'm a backup dancer. I got locked out by accident." Allie explained. 
The three fans eyes widened in shock. 
"Are you really!?" One screeched.
"Oh my god! No! You're lying!" Another exclaimed. 
"Do you know Justin!?"
Allie was caught off guard. The three girls were just squealing and freaking out, Allie didn't really know how to react.
"Wait, how did you get locked out? Aren't you suppose to have like a pass or something?" One is the girls asked once she calmed down. 
"Yeah, that's how I got locked out actually." Allie replied. "So I wouldn't recommend trying to sneak in. There's security everywhere." 
"Aww." A fan sighed with disappointment. 
"So how are you getting back in then?" Another girl asked.
"I'm waiting for someone to let me in." Allied replied.
"Oh my god! Who!? Is it Justin!" 
Allie just looked at them she didn't really think it was a good idea to tell them it was Justin.
All the sudden the three girls all screamed at once scaring Allie. 
"Oh my god! Justin!!" A fan cried. 
Allie turned around and saw Justin walking towards the door with Kenny (Justin's security guard).
She sighed in relief as Kenny began to open the door.
"Oh my god! Oh my god!" 
"Justin I love you!" The girls were screaming. 
Justin flicked his hair and smiled at the three fans.
"Hey ladies, how are you guys doing?" Justin said smiling.
All three girls just merely squealed with excitement.
"Oh my god Justin! Can we get a picture please!?" One fan asked.
"Yeah of course!" Justin replied.
All three girls posed with Justin and Allie took the picture for them. 
"Thank you so much!" One fan said.
"No problem. We gotta go guys, rehearsals about to start." Justin said.
All three girls said their goodbyes and Allie, Justin, and Kenny made their way back inside the arena. 
"Thank you so much Justin." Allie said extending her arm out hugging Justin as they were walking back to where rehearsals were.
"No problem gorgeous." Justin said hugging her back. "How did you manage to get yourself locked out though." 
"Ugh, I had forgotten my pass and the stupid security guard thought I was a fan, so he made me leave otherwise he was gonna call the police." Allie said rolling her eyes.
"You didn't just tell him you were part of the crew?" Justin asked.
"Of course I did! But he wouldn't believe me! He was all like 'Yeah like I haven't heard that before.'" Allie said mocking the security guards voice. 
Justin merely laughed.
"It's not funny Justin." Allie said dryly.
"I'm sorry, but it kinda is. I could just imagine your face." Justin said still laughing.
Allie playfully punched him in the shoulder. "Shut up." She teased.
"Hey now, don't gotta get violent with me, I'm the one who got you back in." Justin said with a smirk on his face. 
Allie merely rolled her eyes. But she couldn't help but think it was sweet how Justin had came and got her personally instead of sending another crew member instead.
"Where did you even go? I thought you were just right outside the door." Justin asked.
"I thought it would be better just stepping outside, but there was so much going on in the hallway I decided to just sit in the arena. I figured it would be a quiet spot where no one would bother me." Allie said. 
"Oh. So who were you talking to?" Justin asked.
"Dang Bieber, you're so nosey!" Allie teased.
"So? I gotta make sure you're not cheating on me with another guy." Justin said smirking.
"Oh my god Justin it was my mom, and since when are we dating?" Allie questioned playfully. 
"Since the beginning of the tour, so about three weeks right?" Justin joked  flicking his hair 
"We are not dating." Allie said.
"Ouch, that hurt Allie." Justin teased.
Allie merely rolled her eyes in amusement. "So have you ever sat up in the highest section in the arena before? It's so cool you can see everything from up there and the stage looks so tiny!" Allie said.
Justin let out a small laugh. "No I haven't, you should take me up there with you one day so I can check it out, or so the next time you go up there you won't get kicked out again." Justin said teasingly.
"Oh my god Justin stop teasing me about that! It's so embarrassing!" Allie cried.
"Sorry shawty, it's just too funny." Justin chuckled. 
Allie could feel herself getting more comfortable around Justin. She couldn't help but smile whenever he was around and she actually started to enjoy his presence rather than become annoyed by it.

Justin and Allie finally made it backstage. Allie had missed her rehearsal and was afraid that Jasmine was going to be upset with her. 
"I'll see you later beautiful. Don't get kicked out again." Justin said winking.
"Shut up." Allie teased.
Justin smiled at Allie and began his rehearsal. Allie began to make her way back to Jasmine's dressing room.
When she opened the door. Jasmine and Olivia heads immediately turned towards her direction. 
"Allie!" Jasmine said while coming over to give Allie a hug.
"I was getting kind of worried! It's not like you to miss out on rehearsal."
"Yeah girl! We had no idea where you went and no one could find you!" Olivia stated. 
"I know I'm sorry guys, a stupid security guard from here kicked me out because I didn't have my pass. He thought I was some fan." Allie stated.
"What!? That's crazy! Where did you go? I thought you were outside the door?" Jasmine asked.
"I went to the arena and sat down there. There was too much going on in the hallway too. I really didn't think anything of it." Allie said shrugging.
"Well now I know to carry my pass everywhere." Olivia teased.
"Right!" Allie agreed. "Oh and I'm so sorry about missing out on rehearsal Jas. I tried to call you, but you never answered." 
"I know I had left my phone in here and it's okay Allie, things happen. I'm just glad you didn't get kidnapped or anything." Jasmine said.
Allie laughed. 
"So who found you?" Olivia asked.
Allie's cheeks started to turn pink. 
"Oh um, well I didn't know who else to call and the only other number I had was Justin's. So I had to call him to come get me." Allie replied nervously.
Jasmine and Olivia's faces both lit up.
"Wait! You have his number!?" Jasmine hollered. "Since when?!"
"Since like 5 days ago." Allie stated.
"What?! And you never told me!?" Jasmine cried.
"It's no big deal, so I didn't think it was worthy of telling anyone." Allie said shrugging. 
Jasmine gave Allie a suspicious look. 
"We're just friends guys, I promise you. I don't like Justin and I never will." Allie said.
Allie knew she was lying or at least she's hiding something. She's unsure of her feelings about Justin because she just can't shake the fact that maybe he's playing her. She finds it hard to believe someone like Justin Bieber would have good intentions with her, let alone like her. 
Jasmine on the other hand wasn't buying it. She had a feeling Allie had some feelings for Justin, she just refused to admit it. She was sure Justin had some sort of feelings for Allie. She knows Justin and it was so obvious he likes her.

After everyone had loaded up on the buses, Allie was so exhausted she went straight to her bunk to try and get some rest. 
Allie kept tossing and turning, she couldn't stop thinking about Justin and her feelings. 
Stop it Allie. She thought to herself. He's just a friend anything more is absolutely insane. 
But he's so cute and ridiculously talented and so so sweet to me. She thought.
She couldn't help but imagine what it would be like if her and Justin became more than friends.
What if Justin's fans hated her? What would that mean for Justin's career? How could she even possibly date someone who doesn't even live anywhere near her? 
I'm not even pretty enough. Allie thought. He's into the model type. He couldn't possibly date someone who isn't in the business, it would never work out. 
Why am I even worrying about this though? It's never going to happen. 
Allie groaned and rolled over, closing her eyes trying again to fall asleep. Allie then felt her phone vibrate. She quickly unlocked it and a smile plastered across her face when she read who the text was from.

Hey beautiful, u still awake?

Still smiling, Allie began to type in a response.

Surprisingly I am, what's up? :)

I can't sleep :( and I wanted to talk to someone. Ur the first person I thought of ;)

Allie's smile grew bigger. She couldn't help but feel butterflies in her stomach. They were both thinking of each other at the same time, but Allie wouldn't ever bother and text Justin just to talk, especially this late at night.

Me either :(

How come shawty?

Because I can't stop thinking about you that's why. Allie thought.

Idk, just thinking about stuff. Lol wby?

Like what kind of stuff? And same

Stuff like I think I may like you, but I can't like you because it could never work out and I'm insane for even liking you when you're one of the most famous people in the world and I'm just a boring girl from Texas. Allie thought to herself.

Stufffff justinnn ;) it's a secret. What kind of stuff are you thinking about?

Hmmm, I'm thinking u need to tell me shawty. And just about New York. I'm performing at the New Year's Rockin Eve. I'm kinda nervous

No Justin it's dumb anyways, just forget it! And u are!? That's awesome! Don't be nervous ur gonna be amazing! :)

I highly doubt that, but whatever u say shawty. And thanks beautiful. Are u coming, everyone's gonna be there!

Allie furrowed her eyebrows. She had no idea everyone was going to New York for New Year's Eve. That was the weekend Allie was going to go home and spend time with her family. But she really didn't want to miss out on New Years with everyone though.

That sounds amazing, but I don't think I was invited :(

Well I'm inviting u :)

Aw that's so nice, but I'm suppose to be going home that weekend..

Cmon shawty please? I'd love for you to come, there's going to be an after party and everyone's going. I would hate for u to miss out :(

Well since ur inviting me, I'll go :)

Good that's my girl ;)

Allie smiled, usually she corrects Justin when he calls her that, but she just couldn't help but feel all giddy inside from him calling her that.

It's almost 2 am superstar. I'll talk to u later. Goodnight :)

Night beautiful

Allie smiled at his message and put her phone to the side. Her conversation with Justin didn't help the fact that she was trying to avoid talking to him so she wouldn't fall harder for him, but she can't seem to resist talking to him. Now that Allie's going to be in New York for New Year's Eve, she's gonna have to break the news to her mom, who will probably be disappointed, but she wants to go to New York so badly it's just something she feels like is right to her despite missing out on seeing her family.

Justin on the other hand, there's no question in his mind that he has feelings for Allie. He had a plan for New Year's Eve, he just hopes it will all fall into place.

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