My World

What happens when you get the opportunity to tour around North America with Justin Bieber? Allie Marie Gomez is an ordinary girl with a passion for dance, who is also a back up dancer for Jasmine Villages. While on tour, she soon finds herself falling for Justin. But there's one problem, he's not allowed to have a girlfriend. Fame, secrets, and lies seem to take over their relationship. Is their feelings enough to keep the relationship afloat?
"I promise you, I'm not gonna let my job come between us."


9. Home

Allie's plane landed in the Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport around 10:30 am. As she passed the security check point she was met by her mom, Mandy and her sister, Cara.
Allie immediately felt a wave of excitement.
"Mom! Cara!" Allie shouted.
"Allie!" They both shouted at once.
Allie's pace started to pick up as she hurried her way towards her mom and sister then wrapping her arms around them squeezing them in for a group hug.
"I've missed you guys so much!" Allie exclaimed.
"We've missed you too honey." Mandy said.
"I can't wait to hear how tour life has been!" Cara cheered. 
Allie smiled and the three ladies went off to grab Allie's bags and head home. 
Allie walked through the front door of her home and sighed in relief. She didn't realize how exhausted she was and how weird it was to be home. She had been on the road for about a month in a half now. 
"Allie, come sit over here! We're excited to hear all about the tour!" Mandy exclaimed.
Allie's groaned. Even though she missed her mom and wanted to talk to her, she was exhausted. All she wanted to do was go upstairs to her bed (that she missed so much) and take a nap. 
"Mom, I love you and want to talk, but I'm exhausted. Can we talk later please?" 
Mandy gave her a disappointed look. 
"I promise we'll talk just gimme like an hour or so." 
Mandy nodded and started doing dishes. 
Allie ran upstairs and plopped down on her bed. 
"Ahh It's good to be home." She sighed. 


Once Allie had woken up from her nap she went downstairs and looked for her mom.
"Hey mom." Allie said.
"Hey honey, did you sleep good?" 
"Yeah, where's Cara?" Allie asked.
"I think she's in her room. Why?" 
"Weren't we all going to talk?" 
"Yeah, go grab her will you hun?" Mandy asked.
Allie ran back upstairs and knocked on her sisters door.
"Come in!" She heard her sister calling from inside the room.
"Hey." Allie said opening the door.
"Hey! What's up?" Cara exclaimed.
"Nothing, mom wanted me to come get you so we all can catch up." Allie said.
"Oh I was gonna ask you.." Cara said with excitement "What's Justin Bieber like? Is he nice? Do you guys hang out?" 
Allie started to get butterflies hearing from Justin's name.
"Yeah we hang out sometimes. He's really sweet and nice." Allie said blushing trying to hide her smile.
Cara gave her a suspicious look.
"Oh my god Allie you're blushing!" Cara exclaimed.
"What? No I'm not!" Allie denied.
"Mhm sure Allie." Cara said.
"We should get downstairs, moms probably waiting for us." Allie said changing the subject.
The two girls headed downstairs to catch up with their mom. They talked about what's been going on at home and how Allie's enjoying the tour. Allie knew in the back of her mind that at some point she would have to tell her family that she is going to New York for New Years instead of flying home to LA.
Allie was helping her mom with the dishes and she thought it was a good time to tell her.
"Hey mom, I gotta tell you something." Allie said.
Mandy raised her eyebrows looking at Allie. "Okay what's up?" 
Allie sighed nervously.
"I'm not going to be able to go to LA for New Years." Allie admitted.
"And why not Allie? We've had these plans for months and you knew that's the only time I could request off from work." She stated.
"I know and I feel bad, it's just that everyone on tour is going to New York City for New Years. Justin's performing at the Dick Clark's New Year's Eve thingy and I really want to go." Allie explained.
"So going to New York is better than seeing your family back home? It's been a year since you've seen everyone." 
"I mean no but.." Allie trailed off "Justin kind of.. invited me personally." 
"So what are you two like an item?" Mandy asked.
"No mom! Absolutely not! We're friends! I just didn't know how to tell him no and he said everyone's gonna be there so I thought it would be fun." Allie said in defense. "I mean I'm here for Thanksgiving and Christmas, it's not like you won't be spending the holidays with me." 
Mandy sighed in frustration.
"Well there's not much I can do now is there? I'm assuming it's already a done deal?" 
"I'm sorry mom, I really am. I just.. really want to go. I'll pay you back for the plane ticket and everything." Allie said.
"Don't worry about it Allie, lets just enjoy the time we have here together." Mandy said.
Allie smiled. "Thank you mom!" Allie said reaching out to give her mom a hug.

Later that night Allie was laying in bed scrolling through Facebook. When he phone vibrated.

Hey gorgeous I hope your having a good time with your family. Miss you ;)

Allie smiled and wrote back a response.

Thanks I hope you are too and do you now? ;)

Of course I do shawty. Do you?

Maybe ;)


Allie let out a small laugh.

Okay yes I do :)

Good shawty, you better ;)

Allie smiled and put her phone to the side. She truly did miss Justin and she was hoping that he really meant that he missed her too. Soon she drifted off and fell asleep.

"Allie!" A voice shouted as Allie opened the front door.
"Francia!" Allie exclaimed.
"Oh my god I've missed you!" Francia said pulling Allie in for a hug.
Francia is Allie's best friend from Texas. She had met her on the first day of school, instantly clicked, and became friends. Allie has other friends beside Francia, but no one is as close to her like Francia.
The two girls sat down on the couch and began to catch up.
"School is not the same without you girl." Francia said.
"I know I'm sorry! But senior year I'll be back! I wouldn't give up my senior year for anything. Allie stated.
"How is touring going?!" Francia m asked.
"It's amazing! I'm loving every minute of it I just can't believe I get to perform in front of so many people! It's like a dream come true!" Allie exclaimed.
"I can't believe you're touring with Justin freaking Bieber! My best friend knows Justin Bieber that's so crazy to me!" Francia gushed.
"I know!" Allie squealed.
"So you have to tell me what he's like, I've been dying to hear!" 
"He's super sweet." Allie said smiling.
"Aaaaannnddd?" Francia said indicating for Allie to say more.
"And he's really nice. I guess you could say we're friends." 
"Oh my god! That's so cool! But like what else? Is he like other celebrities like kind of stuck up or demanding?"
"No, not even! He's really just like a regular kid. He's really cool." Allie stated.
"And cute as fuck!" Francia added.
Allie giggled. "Yeah, that too." 
"Ouuuuu!" Francia whistled.
Allie blushed glancing at the TV.
"Oh the AMA's are starting!" Allie exclaimed! 
The two girls began to watch the AMA's together. Justin soon came on and started to play his song "Pray." When the song finished Allie cheered with excitement. 
"Oh my god! He did so good!" 
"I know that was amazing!" Francia exclaimed.
The two girls continued to watch the show and they saw Justin receive 3 out of 4 awards and it was almost time for the final award of the night.
"I'm so nervous for him!" Allie cried as they began to announce the nominees. 
"And the winner is... Justin Bieber!" Ryan Secreast announced. 
"Oh my god! He won!" Allie exclaimed. 
She hugged Francia with excitement as they both began cheering! 
"I got to text him congratulations!" Allie blurted out.
"Wait! You have his number?!" Francia asked.
Allie stopped and realize that she totally just blurted that out from excitement. 
"Um yeah I do." Allie said quietly.
"Oh my god Allie!" Francia squealed.
"Calm down! It's just a number!" Allie exclaimed.
"But it's Justin Bieber's number!" 
Allie merely rolled her eyes and began to text Justin. 

Justin was still backstage after he had received his award. He was taking pictures with a couple a different celebrities and doing quick interviews.
Once he got back to his seat he pulled out his phone to check if he had any messages. He began smiling when he saw that he had a new message from Allie.

Congratulations superstar!! I'm so happy for you! You deserve it :)

Thanks beautiful. You're watching?

Your welcome! And yes! I told you you'd win!

You're amazing Allie.

Francia leaned over and saw what Justin and Allie were texting.
"You're amazing Allie!?" Francia exclaimed. 
"Its not what you think." Allie reassured.
"Um then what is it because what I'm thinking is something totally insane right?" Francia asked.
Allie looked down slightly hurt at the fact that it is insane. She thought. 
"Yeah, impossible." Allie said quietly.

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