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What happens when you get the opportunity to tour around North America with Justin Bieber? Allie Marie Gomez is an ordinary girl with a passion for dance, who is also a back up dancer for Jasmine Villages. While on tour, she soon finds herself falling for Justin. But there's one problem, he's not allowed to have a girlfriend. Fame, secrets, and lies seem to take over their relationship. Is their feelings enough to keep the relationship afloat?
"I promise you, I'm not gonna let my job come between us."


13. Conflicted

Everyone was gathered at the airport to fly out to Los Angeles to continue the tour. 
Chaz and Ryan were scheduled to fly back to Stratford.
"Bye Ryan! I'm gonna miss you!" Allie said hugging Ryan goodbye.
"You too Allie." Ryan said smiling.
"What about about me?" Chaz asked Allie.
Allie laughed. 
"And you too Chaz." 
"The feelings mutual." Chaz said with a cheeky grin.

Not only did Allie and Justin get closer while in New York, but she had gotten closer with Ryan and Chaz as well. While Justin was off working, the rest of the teens were off shopping and hanging out at Central Park running around laughing together.

Chaz and Ryan made their rounds saying goodbye to everyone before heading off to their plane's gate.

Everyone boarded the plane and took their seats in the first class section. Originally Jasmine and Justin were seated next to each other, but Jasmine gave Allie her seat. Behind Allie and Justin were Jasmine and Olivia. 
Scooter and Pattie were sitting a few rows up along with Kenny and Ryan Good. 
Throughout the plane ride Justin and Allie were flirting and joking around. Allie would burst out in laughter several times throughout the plane ride from something Justin had said.

Jasmine was scrolling through her Twitter and had seen fans were tweeting her about an article from TMZ about Justin and Allie.


The chick playing tonsil hockey with The Biebs is identified as 16 year old Allie Gomez, who also happens to be one of the back up dancers for Jasmine Villages who is an opening act on Bieber's concert tour.

The photos were taken on January first in New York City by some tourist who just happened to notice his country's most famous pop star in the midst of a make-out session with the luckiest teenage girl on the planet.

There has been speculation about the two on social media among Bieber fans for about a month now. At the Dick Clark's Rockin' Eve the two were seen to be getting close on stage in front of thousands of fans just after the ball had dropped in Times Square.

Sorry to disappoint you Bieber fans, but it may look like the Biebs is officially off the market.

"Hey have you seen this?" Jasmine asked leaning over towards Olivia.
"No, what is it?" She said squinting at the article reading it. 
"Is that.. Allie?" She asked in a quieter voice.
Jasmine nodded. 
Olivia merely raises her eyebrows in shock. 
"Hey Allie?" Jasmine said reaching around the Allie's seat tapping her on the shoulder. 
Allie turned around with a curious look on her face.
"What's up Jas?"
"Have you seen this?" Jasmine asked handing Allie her phone. 
Allie grabbed the phone and began reading the article. As she continued to read the article her heart started to beat rapidly in panic. She was worried about what Justin would say and she knew Scooter was most likely going to see this by the end of the day. 
"What is it?" Justin asked leaning over. 
"Someone saw us yesterday and took our picture, now it's all over TMZ and Twitter." Allie said.
Justin grabbed the phone from Allie's hands and began reading the article. 
"Fuck." Justin groaned and slouched back into his seat. 
"I can't believe someone would take our picture and do that." Allie said.
"Yeah that's what paparazzi do." Justin said shrugging. "Scooter's gonna see this and probably bitch about it." 
"I'm sorry Justin." Allie said looking down in embarrassment.
Justin turned and lifted Allie's chin up so that she was looking directly into his eyes.
"Hey it's okay, don't worry about it. I'll handle things with Scooter." 
"You're fans are going to hate me now." Allie said flatly.
"No they're not Allie. Everything will be okay, don't stress about it." Justin reassured.

"Alright Justin, explain this to me. I thought you were having lunch with everyone, not on a "date" with one of Jasmine's back up dancers." Scooter stated in a frustrated voice.
Justin merely shrugged looking down at the article Scooter had laid out on the table.
"Why did you lie to me? Are you two dating? Because I did have to stop you two from kissing in front of practically the whole world and now this comes out." 
"What would you have rathered? This or me kissing her on national TV?" Justin said sarcastically.
"I can't believe you almost did that Justin, you know how the media is!" Scooter exclaimed.
"I'm sorry Scooter, I just got caught up in the moment." Justin apologized.
Scooter sighed in frustration.
"So what's the deal between you two?" 
"Nothing." Justin lied. "I'm just dating around." 
"Well you're gonna have to deny any rumors if the press asks you. Now that we're back in LA, there's going to be paparazzi everywhere."
"I know." Justin said.
This is Justin's first time dealing with things like this since he's become famous. He really isn't sure how to handle this kind of situation, which is what he was trying to avoid until he was ready and was able to talk to Allie and Scooter about it. He likes Allie a lot, but isn't sure what the media and fans reactions would be to them getting together since he has this flirty heartthrob image he has to keep up.  

Allie was hanging in her in bunk in the tour bus scrolling through Twitter. She had noted she had gained about 30,000 new followers since that article of her and Justin had came out.
As she was scrolling through she noticed she had a ton of notifications for new mentions. She clicked on the mention tab and began reading through the tweets.

'Looks like that Allie girl wasn't that special, Justin's already moved on to Jessica Jarrell lmao'

'Omg Justin and Jessica Jarrell were spotted out together!'

'That back up dancer must of been a one time fling lol Justin's already hanging out with Jessica Jarrell.'

Allie furrowed her eyebrows. 
'What the hell?She thought.
She continued to scroll through her mentions and came across pictures of Jessica and Justin laughing and walking around LA together, apparently they had lunch and then walked through the park. 
Allie felt a surge of jealously shoot through her veins. They looked like they were having a great time. 
She finally closed Twitter after reading a few more ugly comments from Justin's fans. She had seen enough and couldn't help but feel extremely hurt.
Knowing that the article of her and Justin had came out early that morning and not even 24 hours later, he's already hanging around another girl made Allie feel completely humiliated. 
'I knew I shouldn't of let my guard down for him. The moment a guy gets what he wants, he goes off and finds the next.' Allie thought shaking her head in disappointment.

"Hey guys, can we talk?" Allie asked walking into Jasmine's dressing room.
"What's up lovie?" Jasmine asked.
Allie took a deep breath.
"It's Justin! How could I be so stupid you guys! I told you I had a bad feeling about him since the beginning, but no one listens to me!" Allie cried.
"Wait, what's going on Allie!? What did he do?" Jasmine asked.
"He played me." Allie said flatly.
Jasmine and Olivia exchanged confused glances. 
"Played you? How!?" Olivia asked.
"He goes and kisses me and makes me like him, then it gets out into the media, and then goes off with Jessica Jarrell!" 
"What?!" Jasmine exclaimed.
"Why did I fall his stupid games. I'm tired of this shit happening to me!" Allie said burying her head in her hands. 
"I'm so sorry Allie, maybe it's some misunderstanding. I'm sure they're just friends." Jasmine said trying to comfort Allie. 
"Yeah Allie you should talk to him and figure out what's going on."
"No, I'm done falling for his games. I should of seen this coming. I'm so embarrassed and it's worse because it's all over social media!" 
Jasmine and Olivia merely gave each other worried glances. 
Allie was planning on ignoring Justin for the rest of the tour. Which is going to be hard considering that they still have 4 months to go.

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