My World

What happens when you get the opportunity to tour around North America with Justin Bieber? Allie Marie Gomez is an ordinary girl with a passion for dance, who is also a back up dancer for Jasmine Villages. While on tour, she soon finds herself falling for Justin. But there's one problem, he's not allowed to have a girlfriend. Fame, secrets, and lies seem to take over their relationship. Is their feelings enough to keep the relationship afloat?
"I promise you, I'm not gonna let my job come between us."


1. Just Give Him A Chance

"5, 6, 7, 8, and 1." Jasmine Villegas counted as she and her two backup dancers finished their routine to "All These Boys."

"Great job ladies that's a wrap on rehearsal!" Jasmine called out.
"I'm so excited next week we'll be officially on tour!" Allie Marie Gomez exclaimed hugging Jasmine and the other back up dancer Olivia 'Liv' Martinez.
"I know I'm so excited too! I can't wait for next week!" Olivia said happily.

As the three girls broke apart, Allie walked up the to mirrored wall and began adjusting her long brown hair back into a high ponytail getting it out of her face.

"Ew I look like a hot mess." Allie stated.
"Girl please, you're one of the prettiest girls I know." Jasmine said to Allie. 
"But really Allie." Olivia said giving Allie an unconvinced look. 
Allie smiled and rolled her eyes and began to gather her things.

Allie and Jasmine grew up together and met during dancing classes at the age of 5 in San Jose, California, but Allie had moved a year ago with her mom Mandy and sister Cara to Dallas, Texas. Her mom recently got an amazing offer at Baylor University Medical Center as an surgical trauma intensive care nurse. Mandy has been a single mother since Allie was 1 year old and Cara was 3 years old. Their father had an affair with a much younger woman, got her pregnant then slowly made his way out of their lives. Allie hated him for doing that to her mom because her mom is her rock, her best friend, and the most strongest person she knows. She couldn't believe anyone could treat her mom in that way.

Jasmine and Allie promised each other they would keep in touch no matter what and a few months after Allie had moved Jasmine was asked to join Justin Bieber's My World Tour as an opening act. Of course she had to call up her best friend Allie to join, she knew she would be perfect for then job and Allie immediately accepted. Allie would have to be homeschooled for her junior year but she didn't care she wasn't going to pass up this opportunity for the world.

Olivia is from Los Angeles and she practically lives for dancing. She heard about an audition for dancers for an opening act on a 6 month tour, auditioned for it, and got the call back. Olivia is 17 and has dark long brown hair and chocolate eyes. Her skin is more golden toned due to her Hispanic ethnicity.

"Are you guys ready to go on tour next week!?" Jasmine asked excitingly. 
"Yes! I've been waiting for this for months. I can't believe the first show is next week already!" Allie cried. 
"Girl you know we're gonna kill it!" Olivia said high-fiving Jasmine.
"Are you ready to meet Justin Bieber though?" Jasmine asked smiling. 
"I'm so nervous! I've never met a celebrity before. I was even nervous to meet you Jas!" Olivia said. 
Jasmine laughed. "What about you Allie? Ready to meet Justin?" 
"Um I guess." She said in a dry tone. 
Jasmine and Olivia gave her confused looks. 
"What?" Allie asked.
"That didn't sound very exciting at all." Jasmine said to Allie.
"How could you not be excited? It's Justin Bieber!" Olivia cried. 
" I don't know. I'm just not really a fan, it's kinda whatever. Besides I already kind of met him once and it didn't go well. So I'm not looking forward to hanging around bratty, conceited asshole. I'm just simply here to dance and enjoy this amazing experience." Allie stated.
"Oh right you did meet Justin I had totally forgot about that." Jasmine said. 
"When did you meet Justin?" Olivia asked Allie. 
"Back in March for his 16th birthday. Jasmine invited me and offered to pay for my plane ticket so I just went and she introduced me to him, but he was too busy socializing with a bunch of wanna be models. He barely even acknowledged me." Allie said shrugging.
"Oh gotcha. Well maybe this time around he'll be a different person." Olivia said. 
"Yeah Allie, I'm sure he was just caught up in the party and the attention that night. He can act a little conceited at times, but he's a really nice guy." Jasmine stated.
"Yeah well, we'll see." Allie muttered. 

Allie landed in Hartford, Connecticut and loaded up her belongings in the taxi that was taking her to the venue. Tomorrow night was the first show of the My World Tour and the beginning of a new experience that she hopes she will remember for the rest of her life. She promised herself no drama or stress, just to enjoy these 6 months of doing what she loves and traveling across US with her best friend Jasmine and new friend Olivia making memories and most importantly having fun.

When the taxi pulled up to the venue Jasmine and Olivia were waiting to help Allie unload all of her belongings and show her the tour bus and the venue.

"Allie!" Jasmine shouted while running up and giving Allie a hug. 
"Hey Jas! Hey Olivia!" Allie said smiling. 
"Hey girl! How was your flight?" Olivia asked.
"Ugh long. I was so anxious to get here already." Allied replied.
"Cmon! Let's go put your stuff up. I'll show you our badass tour bus we'll be staying in." Jasmine said grabbing some of Allie's bags. 
Allie smiled and followed Jasmine and Olivia to their "new home" for the next 6 months. 
"Wow this is amazing!" Allie said looking around the tour bus.
"Badass huh?" Jasmine smiled at Allie. 
"Uh yeah! This is so cool Jas!" Allied cried.
"These are the bunks, pick whatever bed you want." Jasmine said to Allie. 
Allie put a few of her things on the small bunk and smiled with excitement. 
"Okay guys we're about to start rehearsing here in a half hour. Let's get back to the venue. Me and Liv will show you around Allie." Jasmine stated.
"Okay!" Allie replied.

The three girls headed back to the venue. Jasmine and Olivia gave Allie the grand tour showing her where the dressing rooms were and how to get to the stage. Once they wrapped up rehearsal they all went backstage and hung out in their dressing room. The three girls were sitting on the couch talking and laughing when someone knocked on the door.
"Who could that be?" Olivia asked.
"Lemme go see." Jasmine got up from the couch and walked to the door. She opened it and she heard a raspy voice.
"Hey Jasmine!" Justin Bieber said. 
"Hey Justin!" Jasmine pulled Justin in for a hug. 
"Hey Ryan and Chaz! Come in guys!" Jasmine gave both Ryan Butler and Chaz Somers a hug before they stepped inside the dressing room. 
"Guys this is Justin Bieber." Jasmine said with excitement. 
"Hey pretty ladies." Justin said flirtatious and flicking his hair. 
Olivia stood up and walked over towards Justin shaking.
"Hi I'm Olivia. Or Liv. Whatever you prefer." She said nervously.
"Hi Olivia, you're very beautiful. It's nice to meet you." Justin said smiling. 
Olivia blushed. Justin averted his gaze to Allie who was still over by the couch. He made his way over to her and introduced himself.
"I'm Justin. What's your name gorgeous?" He said smiling at Allie and holding his hand out to shake hers.
"Allie." She said shaking his hand. 
"It's nice to meet you Allie. You're beautiful as well." Justin flirted.
"Thanks." Allie said trying not to roll her eyes.
Justin stared at Allie for a while. She looked very familiar, but he couldn't figure out if he had met her previously. Her name didn't sound familiar, but her appearance did. Allie couldn't help but notice his perfect features. She looked into his caramel brown eyes and a slight blush came across her cheeks. 
"Ahem!" Chaz interrupted. 
Allie immediately broke her gaze with Justin trying to hide the fact that she was blushing. 
"Oh guys this is Chaz Somers and Ryan Butler. Justin's best friends." Jasmine said to Allie and Olivia.
"Ryan, Chaz this is Allie and Olivia." 
They all exchanged waves. The vibe in the room was a little awkward. Justin of course broke the silence.
"Hey so tomorrow night after the show, there's gonna be an after party. I don't have the details yet, Scooter's working on setting it up right now. Just wanted to give you a heads up." 
"A party!?" Olivia exclaimed.
"We're so down!" Jasmine cried.
Allie merely stood there slightly annoyed with Justin's presence. She doesn't know why she feels so bitter. She just can't help but shake this vibe she gets off of Justin and his obnoxious friends. 
"Are you gonna be there beautiful?" Justin asked looking over at Allie. 
Everyone turned and looked at Allie.
"Um I guess so." Allie muttered.
"Good shawty. I'll see you guys tomorrow." Justin said winking and walking out the door with Ryan and Chaz.

"Oh my god I can't believe I just met Justin Bieber!" Olivia cried.
Allie let out a sarcastic laugh.
"Cmon Allie, you just saw how nice he was to you." Jasmine said.
"Nice? I think you mean overly cocky." Allie replied. 
"Hey were gonna be hanging out with them for the next 6 months Allie. You're my best friend he's my friend. We all have to get along." Jasmine stated.
Allie sighed. 
"Yeah girl. I'm sure once you get to know him. Your opinion will change. He was really nice. Just give him a chance." Olivia said.
Allie sighed again. "Okay guys, I'll TRY, just for y'all." 
"Y'all?" Jasmine said snickering. "I'm guessing you caught on to that Texas lingo already." 
Allied laughed. "Shut up Jas." She said teasingly.
The three girls sat back down resumed their conversation. Allie on the other hand, couldn't help but wonder how the next 6 months were gonna go.


Authors Note: Thank you so much for reading my first chapter! This story is originally posted on Wattpad, but I decided to expand it to other sites as well. Please give me feedback on the story! I would love to hear from you!

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