The Demon's Shadow (BOOK ONE)


2. Who are you?

This story starts not with a demon, not with a guy or a girl that can disappear into the shadows or any other things that the title can give away, rather with a girl. This girl is in her bedroom hoping and praying for the nightmare of life to be over. Her dad was wasting away, slowly dying. 

"Daddy, are you going to leave me like mommy did?" The 6 year old girl asked with tears in her eyes, choking up. Her dad took her hand and stroked it, looking directly into her eyes. 

"Anya, don't worry about me, now is the time to worry about yourself. Take as much as you can and go-- leave me!"

"But daddy--"

"NOW Anya. Quickly, before they come for me." She backed off slowly, before turning and running away with her bag in hand. She quickly gathered as much as she could including clothes, weaponry, and the essentials. She then heard a loud SCREEEEEEEEE from behind her and began to run. She ran for miles before she reached the next town. 

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