The Demon's Shadow (BOOK ONE)


1. Author's Piece Of Writing that we normally call a note but wanted to change it up a bit

Hey guys~ 

  So I know normally I stay in the realm of horror fanfictions (Aka any of my Jeff the Killer stories), a sprinkle of Wrestling, and cup of Star Wars, with the occasional dash of Hetalia fanfictions, but I think I might stray from my comfort zone in this novel. Just writing something original, if not I might choose to do an anime fanfic (Most likely K-On! or Yu Yu Hakusho) or else a Fifty Shades of Grey fanfic. This story will eventually figure itself out but for now. It's nothing. It's just mindless writing of thoughts going through my head. 


Thanks for reading, 

     JigglypuffRevolution <3

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