Dark Side

Riley 'Precious' Walker is back in Riverdale after 4 years out of town.

A lot of secrets are mixed up, some lies no one knows about and only one mission can explain it all.


9. Chapter 9.

I felt his hand squeezing mine. I looked at him in surprise.

“Pre--… Precious?...” He turned his head to me. His eyes opened and he is still the most handsome person I’ve ever seen.
I stood up and got closer to him.
“I’m right here, I’m not going anywhere!” I took his hand up to me and still looked down at him.
“Something you need babe?” He looked into my eyes and almost smiled at me.
“I need… I need help…” He stunned.
I let go of his hand and ran out the door to find someone who could help him.

“Anyone I need help!” I yelled in the hallway.
A nurse came running to me. “What happens?” She asked. “My boyfriend need help!” I panicked; I don’t want to lose him!

We ran in and we got close to him. He looked up at me. Still so harmless.
“Mr. Woren. What do you need help too?” The nurse asked him.
He didn’t even look at her. Just at me.
“Babe, what do you need help too?” He lifted his arm up to me; I took it and rested it on my cheek.
“I want up.” Was the only thing he stunned. The nurse looked over at me.
“On three we lift him up and you take the pillow up against the wall.” I nodded and looked back at Sweet Pea.

“One… Two… Three…!” We lifted him up at the wall and I took the pillow with him.
The nurse did some stuff and left us alone.
“You… You look beautiful…” He stunned to me. He reached out to me and smiled.
“Pea I’m sorry.” He sighed.
“You know what?” He asked. I looked again up at him.
“I love you too.” He listened to me. I took a step closer to him.
“I need to tell you this. It’s really important.” He nodded and kept smiling at me.

“I’m pregnant…” He kept on smiling at me. He ran his thumb over my cheek. “I’m happy.” He whispered to me. “Are you sure?” He nodded slowly. “Yeah. I’m going to be the best father there ever been!” I smiled and a tear came running down my cheek. Pea swiped it away.
“Come here.” I leaned over him and we kissed. His lip still ripped, the taste of blood in my mouth didn’t matter to me. He is mine, and he is strong like hell! I’m still sorry that Reggie’s friends beat him up, but I’ll get my revenge. Just you wait.


I got my car back from Fred Andrews, so I took back to the hospital to get Sweet Pea home. I smiled to myself because I knew I had four days with him alone!

I knocked on the door and entered. He smiled at me. “You ready to come home?” He nodded and tried to get out of bed. “Yeah. Let’s go.” I helped him to walk out the room and out to our car.

On the way out, we have to check out. It took 5 minutes and we drove home after.


We got home and I took him to the house.
We stood in the bedroom together, very silent.
I looked up at him with a little smile on my lips, still no words.

I took his jacket and shirt off and looked at his body in silence. All the scars… All the pain he is going through right now. I hate it.
I touched his heart slowly with my cold hands on his hearted body.
I looked up at his face, he didn’t tell me, but I could see the pain in him is killing him slowly.
His hearted body wants this, but I don’t.
He touched me, put my hair back my ears and still not smiling or saying anything.
He wants this.
He wants to protect me. He didn’t want me to see his weaknesses in his eyes. He wants to be strong and confident. Show me no mercy…
He wants this… He wants me…


There was a knock on the door, I woke up and looked around.
At home. Pea besides me sleeping.
The knock came again louder. I groan and got up.

I took one of Pea's big shirts on, found my underwear and shorts and headed out to the door.
I opened it and Jughead stood there. I opened the door more.
“Jughead? What are you doing here?” My eyes still tired from the nap.
“Riley. Can we talk?” We looked at each other. “Sure! Come on in.” I took a step aside, Jughead walked into my living room.
“You want anything. Coffee? Tea? Water? Soda?” “Soda.” He smiled and sat down on the couch.

“I only have Coke. But I hope that’s alright.” I smiled and sat it down in front of him. “It’s fine.” I sat down on my chair across for Jughead.

“I talked to my dad about you.” He started. I breathed deeply. “What do you know about me?” I hold my own hands in front of me.
“My dad is your uncle… I’m your cousin! How could I never known about this?” I looked at him. “Jughead…” I sighed. “We can talk about it.” He nodded and gave me a little smile.
“FP, your father is my mom’s older brother… He was very protective over for her. He was the oldest; he should keep an eye on her. Then my mom got a boyfriend. My father… She got pregnant with me… Your father got angry and couldn’t protect her anymore… The fights and my mom moved out. You know about your own father’s history. My mom was the first to get a baby in the family. It’s should have been a big thing, but my mom didn’t want any of the family to know me from the start. I was born, your father was there when that happened, and he knew I was something special, I was his favorite for a couple of years… Then he got you, Jughead… Everything change between my mom and your father.” I breathed out.
“We were best friends when we were kids Jug. You were special to me. You loved to be alone sometimes. Your father wants me to keep our friendship alive, and I tried, then a lot happened.” I smiled at him. He returned it to me.

“I didn’t know we were friends back then, I can’t remember much.” “I know. Sometimes I want to forget my childhood.” We chuckle together when we hear a door open and close again.

I look back and see Pea in his sweatpants and a Riverdale High tank top.
“What are you two girls talking about?” He asks us with a yawn. I smiled and Jughead smirked. “We were talked about our past,” Jughead answered him. Pea sat down beside him on the couch. “Alright. Update me.” I looked at Jughead. “Uhm… Jug just found out that we’re cousins.” Pea’s eyes got big and looked both of us. “Are you serious?” I smiled. “Yeah. I’m not lying.” “So after all the fights between you two is over? Isn’t it awkward that you both almost hit each other?” We looked at each other.
I had never thought about that… Of course, I knew he was my cousin from the start, but awkward? Nah… Maybe a little.

“I don’t know… I knew it for years.” “It’s a little awkward for me, we scolded a lot at first, but I hope we can stay friends from now on.” “Of course! I stand by my family, you’re part of it. Still… Stay away from me in school.” He lost his smile. “Why?” “I still want my reputation in shape. I still want people not like me.” He chuckles. “We can make a deal?” “I’m listing.” I smiled and looked serious over at him. “I can make people hate you-“ “Not hate me, frighten me it’s cool.” “I can work with that.” He smirked at me.

Pea looked at him suspiciously. “What it’s your tale?” He asks Jughead. Jug looks at him. “Nothing, I’ll talk to Betty to write something about her that maybe will keep them from her.” “Oh hell no. Don’t you dare write something about me! You already ruined my grandpa and got the Northside after us, I don’t want anybody after me! The whole Riverdale would read that newspaper; anybody could come here and kill me. No Jug. Don’t write ANYTHING about me in that!” “Relax, I won’t. Why are you so tense about it?” “It’s just…” I looked down and lean back in the chair. “It’s nothing…” I mumbled. They looked at each other incurious.
“There has to be something,” Jug asked me. I looked over at Pea, he wasn’t smiling, I know I shouldn’t do this… I can’t lie anymore… Now he knows we’re a family, we stand by each other. No one will know. No one should know about this in the first place.

“If you don’t know me, like the real me. No one will know. I don’t want anything in that newspaper about me. I just joked about it.” I said. “I promise I don’t write anything in that newspaper!” He just smiled at me. I have trust in him now. I know he can be a pain in the ass, but he has some guts to do stuff. He rather wants friends and family, but he rather wants to be a loner too.

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