Dark Side

Riley 'Precious' Walker is back in Riverdale after 4 years out of town.

A lot of secrets are mixed up, some lies no one knows about and only one mission can explain it all.


8. Chapter 8.

I opened the front door to my apartment. No one is here. I need to call him.

“Hello? Sweet Pea?” I said to his answering machine.
“Please talk to me. I’m worried about you. Please come home to me, so we can talk.” I was silence for a minute. I hung up. I just want to fix this relationship between us.

I started to clean up the house and began to wash the dishes when the door opens. I turned around and saw Sweet Pea stepped in and closed the door.
He has been in a fight again today. He got a black eye. Who is it this time?

I ran over to him, he holds around me and lay all his weight on me. He is completely out of it.
“Sweet Pea?” I tried to make him stands on his own, but couldn’t get him straight up. He is gone.
I helped him over to the couch. “I’m gonna lay you down now,” I said to him. He laid down on his back with his arm over his head. I quickly went into the kitchen for something cold, but I only had a cold cloth, I made it a little wet and went back to him.

He lay still as before. Did not move at all.
I sat quietly down beside him and lifted his arm. He had his eyes closed. He is in pain; I can see it on his face. They creep together occasionally.
"Keep your eyes closed, this is going to be cold." I slowly put the cloth on his eye. He held his own hand on me over his eye.
He opened the other and looked up at me. "What happened to you?" He straightened up a little more, so he sat up on the couch.
“I was at home to get the rest of my stuff when my parents would talk to me about you, school and the Serpents, but after a little discussion, my dad hit me.” “Your dad hit you?” I was surprised. It has never happened at home before.
“Yeah, don’t step into it. I’ve already talked to Hog Eye; they’re going to get my stuff for me.” I lifted the cloth and looked at his eye.
“Does it hurt?” “Let me give you a black eye, and then you can find out.” We both laughed at it. “No thanks.” He smiled at me.
I laid it on his eye again. “Do you want anything? Some food. Something to drink.” “Water, please.” I smiled and gave him the cloth and got some water to him.

After he drank out, I took his glass, but were seated and looked down at it. It made me think of Reggie… I cannot see him tonight, but I have to, or he will not let us be alone, and it will be my fault.

“What’s wrong?” I looked over at him. “Nothing…” He took my hand in his. “Please tell me.” I swallowed. “If you promise not to tell anyone at all!” He nodded. He was still holding the cloth to his eye; it makes him charming in one way or another.
“Reggie… He wants something from me.” I started. “What does he want?” I could hear his jealousy in his voice. “I don’t know yet. I have to see him at seven.” “Why? WH… Why do… Why do you have to meet him at seven?” He is jealous. He doesn’t like Reggie or Archie… On the other hand, anyone from the Bulldogs.

“He doesn’t want to leave us Serpents alone if I’m not showing up tonight. He wants everyone from the Southside out of town. I have to hear him out tonight.” He sighed. “Fine. I’ll go with you.” “Please no! I have to come alone.” “Are you insane? I’m not letting that happened!” “For god sake! I have to!” He sighed again. “Fine… Fine…”
I sat the class on the table. I looked over at him. “Do it.” I took the cloth from him. “Are you sure? You really need me here.” “Don’t you understand? If we’re not in the inner circle, we will never win.” “What?” I didn’t understand him. Did he hit his head harder than I thought?
“Are you going insane?” “No of course not. I’m telling you, if you’re going out with him, he may tell you some good stuff.” I chuckle. “What do you need that for? I’m not going out with him more than this time!” I took the cloth and did it wet again from the kitchen and gave it back to him.

“Fine, I’ll do it, but don’t say it to anybody at all!” “I won’t, I promise you!” I gave him a kiss on the lips. “Thanks.” I smiled at him.



I stood by the door and looked over at Sweet Pea. He was still watching TV. “I’m heading out now. Try to get some sleep, while I’m away.” I smiled at him. “I will.” He raised one hand and smiled at me.
“Should I take something home for you?” He looked over at me again. “Just a sandwich, Pops know which one.” I nodded, waved goodbye to him and went to Pops.


The doorbell rang when I took the handle. There were not many people, but Reggie has not even appeared.
I looked around. Nope. No Reggie. Is he trying to cheat me?
“Hello, Riley.” Pops smiled at me. I walked over to the counter to Pops.
“Have you seen Reggie today?” He shook his head no. “No, not yet.” I turned and leaned up against the counter.
“Please no fight here, Riley. I can’t hold it anymore.” I turned my head to him. “No fighting. Not anymore.” I smiled. He sighed in relief.
“Can I get a sandwich to go? It’s for Sweet Pea.” He nodded and started to make the sandwich.

I went to the booth and sat down in the corner to keep an eye on him. Maybe I should just sit here for 10 minutes and then go home.

I saw FP came out with orders to those who were sitting further along. After he put their food down, he saw me. He went straight up to me.
“What are you doing here? Where is Sweet Pea?” I looked up at him. “At home. I’m waiting for someone.” He leaned over the table. He looked down, sighed and looked at me again. “You’re not cheating on him, are you?” “Oh hell no.” He sighed in relief.
He straightens up. “Will you please be in the shop, the whole time?” “I’m working here, so yeah.” He chuckles. “Right. Well… Just in case. Have an eye on me the whole time, okay?” “I will.”
FP went back to work. I leaned back in my seat. Where is he?

After 10 minutes, Reggie came through the door. He looked around and smiled when he saw me. He went straight over to me and sat down.
“You’re late,” I said with a mad voice. “I’m sorry, the game took some little extra time, but here I am.” He smiled.

Pops came over to us with my sandwich. “Anything I can help with?” We looked up at him. “Yeah. Two milkshakes, please.” Reggie said to him. Pops smiled and left.

I looked over at Reggie, with my arms on the table.
“Well, Reggie. Is this what you want? A milkshake with me?” He chuckles. “No.” “What else? You do know that you got me AND Sweet Pea suspended, right?” We smiled at each other.
“I know, but I’m not done.” “I guess not.” I lose my smile.
“You know Sweet Pea.” “Yeah, I’m dating him.” “Yeah, I want him out of the picture.” “I’ve already told you. You’re not gonna kick anybody out of this town!” FP came with our milkshakes.
“Thanks,” Reggie said to FP and he left. He turned his head to me and gave me a strange look.

“What if I don’t kick anybody out of town?” I leaned on my hands on the table and took a sip at my milkshake. “I’m listening.” “If you break up with.” “Hold up, hold up. Oh hell no.” “It’s already too late.” “Too late, to what?” He chuckles. “Nothing. Just that, I knew you wouldn’t say yes today, so I already trying to get him out of the picture.” “You’re doing WHAT?” The others in the diner looked back at us.
“Yeah. I’ve sent a present to him.” He smirked at me.
I got up and went to him, took him by his collar of his shirt and came up close to him. “Listen, you little psychopath. Now you say to your friends, that you keep your filthy hands of him, or you’re a dead man. I will love to be the one who does it. I will gladly take the consequences.” I hissed at him. No one touches my man! No one.

“HEY! NO FIGHTING HERE!” Pops shouted to us. “HEY!” FP yelled. He took me away from Reggie. “What is going on here?” Reggie straightens his shirt. “She tries to kill me,” Reggie said and got up. “Your friends have beaten up my boyfriend right now. I’m not letting you go from that!” “Is that true?” FP asked and stands between us. “Maybe.” “You JUST told me they are.” “You come with me!” FP grabbed a hold of his shirt at the neck and pulled him away.

I ran up to Pops by the counter. “Here.” I paid for the milkshakes and the sandwich to Sweet Pea. “See ya!” I said and ran out the door and home.


I saw the police in front of my house. I ran up to Sheriff Keller who was standing by the door.
“What’s happening here?” I maybe sound out of breath, but I’m really scared and that is not happening that often.
“Someone came and beat up your boyfriend.” “What?” I went to the door. “He is in the hospital now. Do you know who it could be?” I breathed out. “Maybe… I think I have an idea.” He looked more curious at me. “Who could it be” “I talked to Reggie earlier. Maybe and just maybe, it’s his friends. I don’t know.” He nodded.
“I’ll… I’ll talk to them.” “How did you know about this?” He looked at me again. “Your neighbor called and complained about some young people making loud noises and they thought they attacked you, or they thought it was you.” “Oh, but I gotta go to see Sweet Pea. I’m sorry, I need to go!” “Have you seen your apartment?” “No?” We went inside the house. The half of my living room messed up; my couch was upside down, my table was it too, and everything was messed.
“I… I… I need to see Sweet Pea!” I walked over to the door. “Sheriff Keller, you need to go. I can’t let the house stay open while I’m away.” He nodded and walked out the door.
“I can give you a ride to the hospital if you want?” “Thank you. Yes please.” I smiled at him and we drove to the hospital.


I went as fast as I could through the door and over to the counter. “Hello.” The woman behind said to me. “Hello. My name is Precious Walker. I want to see my boyfriend, Sweet Pea Woren.” “Yes, is down the hallway, then turn to left and it’s second door to your right.” I smiled. “Thank you.” As I turned to the hallway, then she said to me. “He is not fully awake yet, but keep it down.” I nodded with a smile and went to his room.

I opened the door to his room. I took my leather jacket off. I have respect for hospitals; I know it’s my Serpents jacket. My skin, but I want to be Precious Walker and not Riley Walker.


I ran up to the bed, where he’s was sleeping.

“Pea! Can you hear me?” I said in a relaxing voice.
He didn’t move… His eyes still closed, I took his hand in mine and looked down at him.
“Pea I know I should’ve told you about it, but I thought that Reggie wasn’t doing anything to you! I’m sorry, babe!” I kissed his hand; there was still blood on him.

I took the chair and sat down beside him and just looked at him sleeping.
“Do you remember when we first meet? That awkward day? You were playing with Fangs at the pool table. We were terrible at flirting.” I giggled.
“Remember when you hit me with your fist? I do. I was mad at you for weeks. You came up to me and apologized for it. You gave me this teddy bear as a symbol of your friendship. I laughed at you because I was still mad at you. I was stupid back then, but after 3 months, I came up to you, back in the Whyte Wyrm with the teddy bear in my hands and you smiled at me, we talked all night long about our flirt back then. Toni told me you liked me; I blushed and didn’t believe her. (Chuckles) Until one day, you just asked me, and now we’re together.” He was just breathing slowly.

I took his hand again.
“There something I need to tell you.” I swallowed and took a deep breath.
“I love you Pea. I am so glad you’re still alive! You mean the world to me! I have never been able to tell you this, but I think you should know!” I kissed his hand again.

Maybe I should tell him about the pregnancy… He would kill me, but I’ll keep it, so he can take care of us or not.

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