Dark Side

Riley 'Precious' Walker is back in Riverdale after 4 years out of town.

A lot of secrets are mixed up, some lies no one knows about and only one mission can explain it all.


7. Chapter 7.

The next day I entered the school. Everybody looked at me. I don’t know why. What have I done now?

I turned down one of the side roads, to my locker. Just as I turned, I saw Sweet Pea at my locker alone. He just looked at me. With his turtleneck sweater and vest. I went over to him, but walked around and opened my locker behind him.
“I’m sorry about last night.” I looked at him. I’m still mad at him or not mad at him, but disappointed.
“I’m not breaking up with you. I want this to be something. I want to grow old with you. Start a family.” He took his hands on my tummy, from behind and looked down at me. I looked down at his hand and swallowed.
“I need to go.” I closed the locker and ran out to the toilet.

I threw up again. I think I'm pregnant, but somehow I hope I’m not. I don’t want to be it now. Polly Cooper was, and I don’t want to end up like her.

I used to be the people feared, no one would answer me again. I was alone in the breaks, went home when things did not suit me. Hang always out in the Whyte Wyrm, along with Hog Eye.
I was alone to everything. I want to be like FP. I want to be a leader. Someone people can be proud of, someone people will look up to, if I get pregnant, I'll lose everything. I will be sensitive. People have already started to talk to me. People have just forgotten who I am. It ends now.

I got up and pulled out the toilet.
I went to the mirror that was hanging over the sink. I looked at myself in silence.
“What have I done?”
One of the doors behind me opened and Cheryl came out and looked at me. “Well, isn’t it Riley, the outsider?” She smiled; I really don’t want to talk to her right now.
“What do you want, Cheryl?” “I heard you. What is bothering you, my dear?” I looked down in the sink.
“Nothing.” She crossed her arms.
“Hmm right, and you’re lying.” I turned to her. “What do you want?” She stepped towards me. “I want my power back, and so do you, we can take revenge and rule the school, or you could just do what you do now and never be anything again.” Her head came close to mine. “I know what you were before all of this happened. I know what you go through. I know whom you’re up against. I know what you could be with my help if you just let me explain it to you.” She straightens up with a smile.
“I don’t know Cheryl. Maybe you know my story, but you’re a creep. You listen to everyone’s conversations. You hide out in the bathroom, waiting for an outsider coming over, you can poison. No matter how much it tempts me, I have to say no thanks. Not this time.” I walked around her.

“Fine. I’ll let everyone know, that you’re pregnant and left outside the track.” I stopped and let go of the doorknob. “Are you sure, you’ll let that happened?” I turned to her.
“You know what Cheryl? Everyone will know it anyways. I keep it, my stomach will grow over time, and everyone will notice it anyway. I’m maybe left on the track, everybody knows. It’s not a secret. I’m from the Southside, no one likes me and I’m fine with that. If you want to ruin it for me, Cheryl. Then you can do better than that.”
I walked out of the toilet and walked to my locker again, my class starting soon, I need my books.

I went into Reggie in the hallway. Him who would hit me on my first day of school. “Well Hello, Riley.” He smirked with his arms crossed over his chest.
“Reggie.” I crossed my arms too.
“What are you doing tonight?” He leaned up against the wall beside me. I looked up at him.
“I was thinking of sitting at home, cutting every single little head of yours out of every picture in the yearbook, I stole the other day, from the library. How does that sound to you?” He chuckles.
“That’s funny because I was thinking exactly the same thought. Cutting your pretty little head off every picture of you from the newspaper, picture the police have and in every magazine you’re in.” I smiled at him. “Oh Reggie, you think I’m pretty?” “What can I say? When a pretty girl is near me, I have to use my charm.” I grinned at him. “What is so funny?” I looked up at him again. “You, Reggie. Don’t you know what you’re doing right now?” “I’m flirting with you?” “Noo, you’re trying to flirt with me. Nothing is going to happen between us. I have a boyfriend.” He chuckles. “Riley. Nothing can stop me. Not even your little boyfriend of yours.”
“Keep your filthy hands of my girlfriend!” Sweet Pea said behind Reggie. He turned to him.
“What?” “You heard me. Keep. Your. Filthy. Hands. Of my girlfriend.” Sweet Pea is mad. “Now!” “I haven’t even touched her yet, relax dude.” “I don’t care. Just keep away from her.” Reggie stepped closer to Sweet Pea.
“Or what? The whole snake gang coming after me?” He chuckles. “Or you will come after me?” He didn’t answer him. He frowned his forehead.
“I’m not afraid of you. Sweet Princess.” Reggie laughed in Pea’s head. That’s when the fight begins. Sweet Pea hit Reggie in the face. Reggie fell to the floor; Pea took hold of his collar of his shirt, leaned over him and continued to beat him.

People started to circle around us. Cheer for him. I don’t know what to do… Get help. Stop it.

“SWEET PEA STOP IT!” I yelled at him. “STOP IT!” I tried to get Sweet Pea away from Reggie, but he is bigger than I am, it’s not that easy.

I tried to push him by his shoulders nothing helps.
“WHAT’s going on here?” Mr. Weatherbee said aloud.
People moved from us and ran to class. Sweet Pea stopped and looked up at Weatherbee.
“Get up.” Reggie tried to stand up. He slowly took a hold of the wall and pulled himself up from the floor.
“Come with me. All three of you. NOW!” Mr. Weatherbee walked and we moved with him.

We sat on the chairs and waited to be called in.
“Why did you have to beat him up? Now we get suspended!” I whispered to Sweet Pea. He was still mad.
“I did it because I love you.” I looked up at him. He has never said that to me. Never.
“Quiet over there!” Said the secretary.
“I didn’t want to say it this way.” “I said quiet!” She said again. We chuckle.

I took his hand in mine; we looked at each other and smiled at each other.
“Miss. Walker, Mr. Woren.” Weatherbee said to us. We both got up and saw Reggie walked out from his office.

We went into his office and sat down in front of Weatherbee.
“Miss. Walker and Mr. Woren. I strongly believed that you wouldn’t bring up fights at my school. However, I was wrong. I thought we had a deal.” He looked at me. “I can explain!” I said while I got up. He took his hand up and I closed my mouth and sat down again.
“You Mr. Woren. Is suspended. In the next four days. “FOUR DAYS!” I yelled. “Miss. Walker, you can have four days too, if you’re not quiet now.” “But I.” “Four days from Monday.” “Can we just talk about it?” Mr. Weatherbee got up.
“Mr. Mantle is going home for today. Four days for him too. There is no right to beat other people.” “He was flirting with my girlfriend.” Sweet Pea said from the sideline. “Your relationship doesn’t concern me Mr. Woren. What you did was not acceptable. I’ll send a note to your parents and I hope things like this never going to happen again.” We look at each other.
“Do you understand?” “Yes, Mr. Weatherbee.” We said in choir.
“Fine, now get the hell out of my office and go to class.” We got up and went outside the office.

We stand in the hallway.
“I guess we’re suspended.” Sweet Pea started. I nodded to him. “I guess so. Will you please never do that again?” “Do what? Hit people?” “Yes. Pea, we’re finally in a school that accepts us. We don’t have to win a spot here.” “Don’t you get it?” “No, I don’t. I was coming back, hoping I would fit in, but, beat people for nothing? I… I don’t understand that.” “Says the one who was in jail for killing people. We are the Serpents. We don’t go down for anybody. I’m in because I thought I was something.” “You are something without the Serpents.” “Am I Riley? Am I really?” “Yeah. You’re so much more than that.” “What am I then?” He was silent for a minute.
“I thought so.” He walked around me. “Sweet Pea.” He was gone… I couldn’t reach him. I didn’t see him the rest of the day.


After the class, I went to my locker, put my leather jacket on, closed the locker and went outside.

Fang was standing with some boys and girls I didn’t know that well. He saw me and waved me over. I ignored him and walked away from him. He was lying to me. Not only Sweet Pea but also Fangs. I don’t understand why they're lying to me.

I walked away from the school. It’s weekend.
I came back to Riverdale for Sweet Pea; now he is mad at me, he lied to me. I need to fix this!

“Well isn’t it the special Riley Precious Walker?” I looked up and saw Reggie with his Bulldogs. “What do you want, Reggie? You got what you want. You got Sweet Pea and I suspended for four days.” “That was not what I wanted.” I stepped closer to him. “What do you want? A price? Win a game?” He came close to my face. “I want something from you.” I crossed my arms. “What’s that, if I may ask?” “Him out of the picture.” I straighten up took a deep breath.
“One by one, it’s going down… How many times do we need to do this?” I lifted one of my eyebrows.
“What the hell are you talking about?” “First you, then your leader, then your little girlfriend of yours. We almost got Jughead. Now I heard the tall one is gone too. Who is next? I was just making it easy for you guys. Making your little boyfriend of yours out of the town. You have to move out of town. Never seeing you again. No more Southside here in Riverdale.” “Making Sweet Pea leave the town, will not do anything for you. We’re staying, nobody can make us move. Never. So stop what you’re doing and grow up Reggie. You have done nothing more than to talk down to me since I started. I have done nothing wrong. I’m just trying to fit in.” He straightens up; smirked at me.
“I’m not stopping before every single piece of your gang is out of this town.” “We have lived here longer than you. You’ll just regret it. Stop before you get hurt.” He chuckles again. “You’re the only one here, we’re 7… It wouldn’t be fear for you.” “You wouldn’t have thought to beat a girl?” “Never… That’s why you have to do something for me.” “I’m almost down for whatever your little brain has to offer, but for god sake, leave us Serpents alone!” He looked at his friends and then down at me.
“Two milkshakes, one time, one place and I’ll never talk to your gang again.” He smirked at me.

I took my hands down in my pockets. I need to tell Sweet Pea about this somehow. If anyone sees me with Reggie, I’m dead!

“When do you want that milkshake?” “Tonight at Pops.” “I… I can’t… I have…” “No one is going to know about this. If you’re quiet about it, I am too.” He came closer to me. “If you’re telling anybody, especially your boyfriend, I don’t say the consequences.” I swallowed.
“I don’t say anything to anyone.” I smiled. “Then it’s a date!” He smiled at me. “Don’t ever say that ever again. It’s not a date. I’m doing it for my family. Not for you.” “Whatever. Just show up at seven at Pops. Or I’ll find you.”

They all went around me, with their annoying smile. I looked back at them. Archie came toward me. He looked very strange at the others and went straight over to me.
I turned and started walking home.

“Riley,” Archie shouted out to me. He got up beside me. “What did they want from you?” I sighed. Not that he asks, but the idea of keeping this secret, drink a milkshake with Reggie ... That's not something I wanted, don’t even think about it!
“He just… Nothing, I can’t say it to you.” “Why not? Are they bothering you?” “What will you do? Hit them. Make a video to scare them. Threaten them. Tell Mr. Weatherbee about it?” “I didn’t want to hurt you or them, but they can’t just manipulate you like that!” “Archie. We’re not friends. You can’t save me from this. You don’t have to protect me from them. I can do this by myself.” He stopped walking and I walked home.
I have to find Sweet Pea. I can’t let this happen. If he sees me with Reggie, or if somebody else saw me with him, everyone is going to bothering me. I should be the tough one. The one all fears. Not her who is hanging out with the enemy. FP is going to kill me…
“I’m a dead person,” I said under my breath.

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