Dark Side

Riley 'Precious' Walker is back in Riverdale after 4 years out of town.

A lot of secrets are mixed up, some lies no one knows about and only one mission can explain it all.


6. Chapter 6.

Sweet Pea looked over at me as I was walking towards him. He straightens; looked down at me. “We need to talk.” He looked at the other Serpent.

“Can I just play this done? I’m about to win.” I nodded and leaned up against the wall.

While I was looking from the sidelines, I suddenly felt really bad in the stomach. I don’t know if that's because there has been so much lately, that I've felt it, but right now it hurts.

I ran towards the toilet, with Sweet Pea and Toni after me.
I threw up in the toilet. With the door open. It's not my fault, but Toni and Sweet Peas fault.
“Are you alright, Riley?” Asked Toni after I pulled out. I looked up at her.
“I’m fine; I need to go home now.” Sweet Pea helps me to get up.
I looked up at him. “You can just stay, I’ll just go home.” We went to the bar again.
I got a glass of water by Hog Eye and I sat down with them.
“Thanks.” I took a sip. “No, I’m going home with you.” I gave him a little smile.

The door to the Whyte Wyrm opened and FP walked in alone. He looked over at me.
“I’m going now. Joining me, it’s your choice.” I got up and went to the door.
FP stopped me before I could get far.
“I usually don’t do this, but I have talked to your parents about Tall Boy. It has been arranged. No question, thanks.” He whispered to me. We looked at each other.
“I won’t say a word to anyone about it.” He smiled.
“I would like to thank you for your efforts here at the Serpents. But you don’t have to act so much here anymore.” I was confused.
“What do you mean?” “Look at you. You’re sick. I can see it in your eyes. Go home and rest. We have your back.” He smiled at me.
“Thanks. Talk to you later.” I hugged him. Normally I don’t do things like that, but if you knew my story, FP has deserved it.

“Your dad misses you, by the way,” FP said after we separated our hug.
“How is he?” I asked.
“He’s fine. Your mom takes good care of him.” “Yeah, I know. I have a good family.” He was holding one of his hands on my shoulder. “I know. I’m a part of it.” He chuckles and I smiled at him.

Sweet Pea came up to us and FP moved from me. “You two get home. It’s late.” Sweet Pea nodded and took his arm around my waist.
FP told something to Sweet Pea I couldn’t hear. FP is protective when it’s come to me, has he always been.


We walked home together, my car is not working and right now, it’s standing at Fred Andrews house, he promised me to make it. So right now, we have to walk home.

“What did FP tell you?” I looked up at Sweet Pea who was looking on the road.
“Nothing, just that…” He sighed. “Just nothing.” He looked down at me with a smile. I didn’t answer, I don’t want to mix in what he talks to FP about.
“Listen, I have something I need to tell you.” I started. “Your parents called me the other day. They want you home.” I looked up at him. Not a look from him. He is hurt, it’s easy to see. He wants to be strong and brave, but family problems are serious.

“Sweet Pea.” He didn’t answer me. He is mad at them and I understand that, but can we at least talk about it?
“I don’t want to talk about it.” I stopped up the front of him. He stopped and looked down at me.
“Why Sweet Pea? Why?” “Because I don’t want to see them anymore!” He yelled at me, he walked around me and I turned around and looked at him.
“Why do you hate them so much? It’s your own parents.” He turned to me.
“Do you want to know why I left them?” I went over to him. “Yes, please. I’m your girlfriend, I’m worried about you. You have not contacted them since you moved. You’ve changed since that day. I want to know what’s bothering you.” I answered loudly.

It’s not normally that two young people standing here and yelling at each other. However, I'm worried about him.
“They’re talking shit about you. They hate you and trying to stop me from dating you. I won’t go back there.” He yelled at me again. “Why didn’t you tell me that to the beginning with?” “Do you think this is funny?” He is mad. Like a lot.

“No Pea! Of course not, I don’t think it’s funny. Your parents are worried about their son. They miss you. I just want to know what’s happening between you two.” He pointed at me.
“It’s none of your business!” He yelled louder to me.
“It is Sweet Pea! They’re talking about me.” “It’s not your fight or your parents. I’ll be fine. You just stay out of my problems.” I swallowed.

He may be the most annoying person, but I love him. Maybe it's the words he needs to hear. We have never said that to each other. We're just together…

“I’m not going anywhere! You’re part of my family Pea. Serpents never stand alone, that’s the law. If anything happens to you, I cannot forgive myself ever again. Serpents take care of their own. And you’re my boyfriend. I want to help you through this! Just as much as you try to make me and Jughead friends.” He was still looking at me.
“Riley… Stay out of this.” He turned and walked away from me.

I was standing where he left me. I'm really sorry. It's not often that happens. I kicked an empty can that was laying at the edge of the lawn, next to me.
I sat on a box that was up by a wall. I thought of what I could do here. I want so much to help him, but when he's so mad at me, I do not know where I have him. I'm scared.

After I had been sitting here for 15 minutes or something, I got up and went home. I want to talk to him about this. I would not want him to run away from me. There I know where I have him.


I locked up the front door, here was dark. "Sweet Pea?" I shouted, but there was no one answered me.
I turned on the light and it all looked the same as we left it. I closed the door and went through the whole house for him. "Pea?" Still, no one answered me.

I sat on the couch with my phone. He didn’t answer me, I called him, but still no answer. “Where are you?”
I called Toni.
“Toni?” I sniffled.
“Riley? What’s wrong?” I wiped away a tear, but a new one came back.
“Sweet Pea is gone.” There was a silence in a short moment.
“Where did you last saw him?”
“On the street on the way home. We got into a fight and he left me there.”
“Why didn’t you go after him?”
“Toni, do you want to help me or not?”
“Of course. I’m coming over.”
“No, get outside to look after him. I’ll go over to his parents.” She didn’t answer me.
“Talk to you later.”


I went straight to his parents. There is under a mile to walk, but it is worth it for him.
I called Hog Eye, to hear about Sweet Pea had gone back to the Whyte Wyrm, or if he had seen him, but he had not. The last was when we left.

In all, no one has seen him.

I finally reached his parents' house. The light was still on. Good! I step up to the porch, knocked on the door and breathe deeply.

Sweet Pea’s dad opened the door before me.
“Mr. Woren.” I started to introduce myself. He looked me up and down.
“What are you doing here Miss. Walker?” I nodded a single time and remembered what Sweet Pea told me about them not liking me.
“Is Sweet Pea here?” “No, he moved out two weeks ago.” My eyes got wide.
“Two weeks ago? He has only lived with me for five days.” “Do you think I’m lying?” “No, no! Where did he move to?” He sighed.
“I don’t know. I thought you could tell me. He only talked about you.” I smiled inside.
“He didn’t say anything about a favorite place?” “He did talk about this place; I don’t know what the name was. Pops or something.” I smiled at him.
“Thank you, and sorry for the interrupting.” I walked away and went to Pops.

I walked as fast as I could, what would he do there. The drive-in cinema isn’t there anymore, there is no place where we can hang out at…

My phone starts ringing, I took my phone up and saw it was FP. “Fuck,” I said breathless but took it anyway.
“Precious. Where are you?” I heard FP said.
“I’m on my way to Pops, why?”
“Sweet Pea is here with me.” I stopped walking and breathed out in relief.
“Where are you guys?”
“At Pops. Go home; I’ll drive him home to you.”
“What are you doing there?” I turned and went home.
“I had some stuff here with Pops. I saw Sweet Pea go in alone and knew you went together earlier, so I followed him. He told me you guys were in a fight. Is that right?” I took a deep breath.
“Can we talk about it later? I just want him home safe.”
“He is safe with me. He can’t escape.”
“Thanks. See ya later.”


When I got home, I heard a motorcycle out front. I got up and opened the door and saw Sweet Pea jump of FP's motorcycle. I went down to them immediately.

“What the hell is wrong with you?” I yelled at Sweet Pea. FP took his helmet off and came over to Sweet Pea.
“It’s not your business what happened to my parents.” A tear ran down my cheek.
“Are your parents okay?” FP asked concerned. “It’s none of any of your business!” He yelled at FP.
FP grabbed his collar on the jacket. “Precious is worried about you running of your problems. She just wants to talk about it. If anything happens. I will know about it.” He let go of him.
He straightens his shirt. “It’s just that I don’t want to be like them when I grow up. I want a family, where we’re there for each other, just like the Serpents are.” “Your dad told me, you moved out two weeks ago.” We both looked at Sweet Pea.
“I told my mom that you were in town, and she didn’t like it. For last time you were here, bad things happened. And she didn’t want me in it.” I wiped the tear away from my cheek.
“I told them I moved out, so I asked Fangs if I could live there.” “Why didn’t you come to me?” “I thought about it after a week. If my parents knew I was with you, I don’t know what they will do to me or you.” “You lied to me?” More tears ran down my cheeks.
“Riley I…” “No don’t. You lied to me!” I took his hand away from me.
“I tried to tell you, but every time, something came in the way.” I moved some of my hair behind my ear.
“How could you?” He sighed. “I tried okay? Isn’t that enough for you?” I looked up at him again.
“Enough for me? Pea, I’m here for YOU! I’m back in town for you. Sweet Pea, we have to stick together in this. You’re my everything!” FP stepped back from us.
“You stay FP. I want someone to take him home safely.” I took a deep breath. “I don’t care who you drive him to.”

I walked towards my house.
“Riley! Wait!” Sweet Pea shouted out to me, he came up to me. “It’s over Sweet Pea. You lied to me. After everything, I’ve done to you. Go home.” I opened the door, looked back at him and then closed the door.

I looked out the window and saw he kicked to my garbage bags. FP tried to talk some sense to him.
I don’t want to end our relationship. I just want him to realize that you should not lie to me. I came back to Riverdale for his sake.

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