Dark Side

Riley 'Precious' Walker is back in Riverdale after 4 years out of town.

A lot of secrets are mixed up, some lies no one knows about and only one mission can explain it all.


5. Chapter 5.

The night after, we were all together in the Whyte Wyrm. Penny Peabody is back.


After Jughead, cut her tattoo off with a knife and throw her out in Greendale, I met her. We talked about revenge. She is nice to me, she talked about the Jones family, and I knew them, they are my family… However, Penny said I should help her with revenge, but I need to see who Jughead is.

“All Right, order of the Ophidians…” Jughead walked into the Whyte Wyrm with a piece of paper in hand.
Penny was sitting across FP with the Serpents around them. This could be fun.

“Jughead Jones.” Jugheads eyes got wide when he saw Penny sitting with the gang.
“Did you really think you’d seen the last of me?” “What’s the Snake Charmer doing here? Dad?” FP didn’t talk, he was embarrassed over his own son could do that to his own.
“No, I brought her in to help us.” Tall Boy said.
“We don’t Penny’s kind of help.” “You don’t get a say anymore. Not since you broke the Serpents law and hurt one of our own kind. Penny was about to tell your dad. Show them, Penny.”
Penny looked over at FP and she straightens up in the chair.
“Show them all.” She pulled her jacket sleeve up and threw her arm on the table. No tattoo. Only an ugly scar where Jughead had cut it off.
FP straightens up and looks at it.
“That used to be my Serpent tattoo until your son sliced my arm and left me bleeding in a ditch in Greendale. But I’m still willing to help the Serpents. Tall Boy showed me those eviction notices. They’re legit. But, luckily, I can think of about 41 ways to stall the process. And I’m talking years.” “What’s your price, Penny?” She got up and FP looked up at her.
“Blood for blood. An eye for an eye. I want back in with the Serpents, and I want him kicked out.” FP leaned back in the chair.
“Oh yeah, one last thing.” She turned around to Jughead with a smile.
“I want his tattoo carved off. And I want to do it myself. With a dirty knife.” They were looking at each other. There is going to be a fight, I have a feeling.


Jughead went home after they talked about it.
I was standing in the corner with Toni.
“Do you think Jughead will be kicked out?” I asked. She looked up at me. “I don’t know. He might be. I mean. He did some bad stuff.” “You were with him when you left her in Greendale. Weren’t you?” I got some innocent eyes off her. Could see right through her. She can’t run from it. I Have contacts, and here it is Penny who has gossiped. Penny is good enough, but she can talk in codes and get you into things without you aware of it, but I've often worked with her, but have also come out of it again, if you play your cards well enough.
“No, I wasn’t.” Penny walked over to us. She was looking at me with a smile.
“Riley Precious Walker. So we meet again.” She crossed her arms and we were looking at each other. “Penny Peabody.” I straighten up for her.
“What are you doing here? Finally out and doing your mission?” “How do you know about her mission?” Toni asked. She looked down at her and then at me.

“You have to know everything about your own enemies.” “We’re not enemies anymore, Penny, and you know it.” She smiled.
“Whatsoever. We don’t see each other that often, I thought you were one of them. I really think you’ll hurt me too. However, when we talked, you didn’t know about it. So we became friends.” She smiled again.
“I do know about it now. I can’t believe he did that to you.”

Tomorrow night it will be Penny VS Jughead. Which team am I on?


The next day in the Whyte Wyrm, Jughead, Betty, and FP walked through the door. “Stop the damn vote!” FP said loud, we all turned around to them.

FP went over to Tall Boy.
“What the hell were you doing at the dump last week, Tall Boy?” “I don’t know what you’re talking about.” “I’m talking about you cutting the head off the statue and stashing it at the dump where you were seen, dumbass. So start spilling.” The last part he yelled at Tall Boy.
“Why’d you do it?” Jughead asked.
“Someone put you up to this?” He asked again.
“What’s the Northside doing here?” We straighten up as he mentioned Betty who was standing with us.
“This is Serpent business on Serpent land.” “She’s here because she’s one of us.” Jughead looked at her.
“You haven’t answered my son’s question; Why’d you do it?” FP is close to losing his temper.
“I’m tired of seeing the Serpents going soft under your rule.” FP looked at Jughead.
“Then Hiram Lodge came by, wanting to stir up trouble. He said if I took the head, he’d get McCoy and the cops to swarm all over us.” Tall Boy said.
“So, Hiram Lodge asked you to start a mutiny and you helped him? Why?” Jughead asked.
“I figured it would be my chance to get rid of you, sunshine. And if I got rid of him, I could get rid of you, too, FP.” “And then, what, you’d become the leader?” “He and Penny. You’re a Judas, Tall Boy. And an idiot.” “You betrayed your own kind, Tall Boy. You broke the Serpent law.” FP straighten and looks over us.
“What should we do with this lowlife?” “Strip him of his jacket. Exile him.” Jughead said.

“All those in favor?” We all put our hands in the air and looked at Tall Boy.
“Looks like this piece of trash and I got a long ride ahead of us,” FP told Tall Boy.

Later on, FP and Tall Boy drove away from the Whyte Wyrm. No one would never know where to. I’ve been there, not a nice place.


Jughead and Betty drove home; Betty wouldn’t be here anymore, even though she has chosen to be one of us. I don’t like her. She sniffs in all things and will not let one be before she gets an answer. Perhaps that's what people like about her. Maybe.

I was sitting at the bar with Hog Eye. We usually sit here in silence and sometimes talk about things.

“How’s it going with you and Sweet Pea?” He took a sip from his glass. I even looked down at my own glass and nodded. Maybe I was in my own thoughts right there.

I noticed that Hog Eye looked down at me. "Hmm?" He said as he softly pushed me by the shoulder. It made me look up at him.
“Fine, I guess.” I smiled fake to him.
“I can see you’re not fine. What’s wrong Precious?” I sighed and looked down at my glass again.
“His parents have contacted me, I haven’t said anything to him yet, they are not talking and I don’t want to hurt him, but if I keep saving it for him, he’ll be angrier.” I sighed again. “I hate this!” I removed my glass; throw my head on the table with my arms around it.
“Maybe, you should tell him? That way you don’t have to hide anything from him.” I looked up at him. “is it not the meaning of a relationship, not to have any secrets to each other?” Hog Eye looked at Sweet Pea across the room. I looked myself.
“You’re right, like always.” I smiled. “Then go. What’s the worst thing that could happen?” I chuckle and went over to him.

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