Dark Side

Riley 'Precious' Walker is back in Riverdale after 4 years out of town.

A lot of secrets are mixed up, some lies no one knows about and only one mission can explain it all.


4. Chapter 4.

Two days have gone by fast. I didn’t talk to Jughead at all.

As I was walking out the school, Jughead called and wanted to talk to my grandfather about it. To apologize for his article.
I didn’t like it at first, but my grandpa needs his words for it.

“I was angry because the Southside is our home. I’m sick of watching it get dismantled, piece by piece, in front of our eyes. They take our drive-in, then take our school.” “I thought you were apologizing,” I said. “I am.” Jughead looked up at me.
“I shouldn’t have used your story or what happened to the Uktena against the Northside. I had no right…” Jughead sighed. “I had no right.”
He looked over at my grandpa. “I’m sorry.”

My grandpa sighed, he didn’t even look at Jughead, he looked out the window.
“Whatever your reasons were… You opened an old wound.” He looked at Jughead.
“Now something has to be done to heal it.” I looked down at him. “Do you have something in mind, grandpa?” There was a silence in the room.

My phone starts to ring, so I walked away from them at took it.

It’s was finally Pickens Day, so everybody in Riverdale showed up in the Park where the Pickens statue is.
All the Serpents was standing in a group talking and signed the signs. We were standing away from the Northside, we don’t like them, we have a plan.

Sweet Pea gave me the tape and I put it over my mouth. Jughead gave me a sign on which there stood; Honor this country.

I put the sign down and straightened my shirt. Sweet Pea came up to me.
“You ready?” I looked up at him and removed the tape from my mouth. “Yeah. I think so.” He smirked at me. “What?” I asked. “Nothing.” I nodded. “Fine.” Before I could put the tape back on, Sweet Pea gave me a kiss.
Do you remember your first kiss, with the love of your life? I have that feeling Every time I kiss Sweet Pea. Not awkward, we don’t regret it after. I get happier, I get courage, forget the badness in this world. Just like that first kiss. I like those.

The microphone started to make loud noises; we looked over to the stage, where Fred Andrews was standing.
“Hello, Riverdale. Ahem. Happy Pickens Day. On behalf of Lodge Industries and Andrews Construction, we are thrilled to kick things off with a new twist on an old favorite. So, Veronica and the Pussycats.” They all started to cheer when the Pussycats got on stage.

When they started to sing, we went slowly down to them to show them, that we’re here too.
We were standing in front of the stage and Veronica stopped slowly the song.
My grandpa stepped up beside Jughead proud of us.
“Toni? Jughead? What the hell is going on?” Veronica asked. Toni gave me the megaphone; I removed the tape from my mouth.
“We’re here representing the dead and the silenced. Pickens Day is a lie. General Pickens slaughtered the Uktena tribe, my grandfather’s family, and this land, the land that we’re standing on, that will soon give way to a new Southside, was stolen from them. And we can’t bring them back. But we can and we must honor them.”
Hiram Lodge took the microphone and I stopped talking.
“Hey, folks, hi. Uh… I think we can all be proud to live in Riverdale where young people stand up for justice. Where a young woman can defend the honor and legacy of her grandfather. And where we can celebrate the living legacy of the Uktena, who contribute to the rich tapestry that is Riverdale, that is the Southside, and that will be SoDale. So let’s hear a round of applause for that, am I right?” They all cheered for it.
“That’s right. What do you say, people?” They continue cheering.

Jughead removed his tape and stepped forward to Hiram Lodge, but my grandpa took his shoulder to stop him. They were looking at each other. “No.” He sighed and looked around.


Two days have passed. What has happened is that Pickens' head has been cut off and everyone thinks it's The Serpents who have done it. Jughead and FP are been asked several times a day if it was the ones who did. Sheriff Keller also comes a few times here.

Sweet Pea, live with me right now. There were some problems at home and I offered that he could stay with me. On the other hand, he came to me first and I had not the heart to throw him out of here too.

We were sitting in the kitchen when there was a knock on the door.
Sweet Pea got up and opened and Sheriff Keller stepped in.
“Sheriff Keller, what a surprise,” I said, he smiled at me and Sweet Pea sighed. “Sweet Pea. Riley. Sorry to bother you, it’s uh.” “We do not have General Pickens’ head. And we do not know who stole it.” I answered. “Same as the last four times you asked us and our neighbors.” Sweet Pea told Sheriff Keller.
Sheriff Keller nodded and looked over at me. “You know Sheriff; these are starting to feel a lot like harassment. There’s absolutely no evidence, zero proof whatsoever pointing to any particular group of suspects.” “That’s funny, because, after your little friend, Jughead wrote about Pickens Day, your little group of friends looked by the statue and talked about how wrong the whole day is.” I got up.
“Maybe you should talk to those who need to hear your lies. We don’t have that stupid head. And if we had, you’ll never know where it is.” He looked at both of us.
“I’m coming back later on.” He walked to the door.
“We’re not at home later on.” Sweet Pea said. He stopped and looked up at him. “What are you two doing later that is more importing than talking about a crime?” “Everything else,” I answered him.
“I see… Have a good day.” He left the house and Sweet Pea sat down at the table again.


Later that day, we were standing in the hallway in the break. We were chitchatting at our lockers.
A microphone began making noise over the loudspeakers and Weatherbee’s voice came out.
“Jughead Jones and Betty Cooper, please report to the principal’s office. Jughead Jones and Betty Cooper to the principal’s office.”

I looked up at Sweet Pea, somewhat confused. “Is it still that newspaper?” “Yeah, I think so. Maybe we should listen to Jughead, what this is about.”



Fangs texted earlier that Sheriff Keller is in the neighborhood. Therefore, we rushed down to the trailers where Toni, Jughead, and Fangs lived.

We saw Jughead came from the other side of his trailer. Sheriff Keller came down the stairs and walked over to Jughead.
Sweet Pea and I stepped closer to them. We didn’t hear the start of the conversation.

“You, your dad, pretty much everyone in this place, you all gotta clear out.” Sheriff Keller told Jughead.
“What? Don’t tell me this is because of that statue. For the millionth time, Sheriff, we did not decapitate General Pickens. And you can’t use that as some trumped-up excuse to try evicting all of us.”
“Look, I’m just the messenger, alright. This order comes from the Mayor office. There’s a lot of back rent owed here.” Sheriff Keller sighed after.
“You have 14 days to vacate. Perhaps while you’re packing, you might come across that head. Calm the waters a little.” The sheriff walked away from Jughead and went out.
Jughead didn’t seem to be happy about the news. We walked over to him.
“What sup? What is going on here?” Jughead looked at me. “All the Serpents have to leave, because of that statue.” I was shaking. Who did it? And why?

I looked up at Sweet Pea who looked down at me. “We will find him, and beat the shit out of him!”


We all went down to Whyte Wyrm and FP stepped up on stage and got our attention.
“We all got the eviction notices, but I swear to you, no one is going anywhere. The heat has been on us since Pickens Day, and they are using that damn statue as an excuse to turn it up. But if we’re gonna fix this, I gotta ask: Is anyone in this room responsible for cutting off Pickens’ head?” He looked around. “Why don’t you ask your son what he has to say?” FP looked over at Tall Boy who made it through the crowd.
“What is your problem with me, Tall Boy?” “You wrote the article that started this mess. You and your posse fired the opening shot at Pickens Day.” The others and I straighten up. We stepped towards Tall Boy.
“It was a peaceful protest,” Toni said. “That accomplished nothing. What’s to say you and your little boyfriend didn’t go back that night with a ladder and hacksaw?” “HEY, we didn’t do it. Hell, Tall Boy… You’re the tallest. You wouldn’t even need a ladder.” Jughead interrupted.
FP took Jughead by his shoulder.
“Jughead, Tall Boy, the last thing we need right now is to turn on each other.” They looked at each other.
“Hey, we’ll find a way out of this.” Jughead didn’t respond. He turned and went outside.
I looked up at Tall Boy… Something is going on with him, and I need to look at that.

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