Dark Side

Riley 'Precious' Walker is back in Riverdale after 4 years out of town.

A lot of secrets are mixed up, some lies no one knows about and only one mission can explain it all.


3. Chapter 3.

2 days had passed and Jughead had not come back yet. It’s his problem. I was talking to Sweet Pea and Toni in the student lounge.

Jugheads voice gave echo in the room we were in.
"What the hell? Guys?” We looked over at him. Toni sighed, Sweet Pea crossed his arms and we went to him.

"Weatherbee gave them to us. Said he understood that not every Southside student had the means to purchase Riverdale High-Acceptable Clothing. He thinks this will help us fit in." Toni started. "Where's Fogarty?" "He would not wear it. So, they suspended him.” Reply Sweet Pea. “So our choices are conforming or be cast out." "Yeah." Nodded Toni to Jughead.

He looked at us all three.

"What about you? I did not think you'd bend down on this kind of things.” Jughead looked at me. "Like I said, Jughead, I'm not the same anymore. I'm new, if you touch me, your father will know.” I crossed my arms.
"I'm not scared of you." "You should be." Answered Sweet Pea. Jughead looked up at him. "It's none of your business, Sweet Pea. Riley, what can you do there will be so bad?” I went to him and walked slowly around him.
"First…" I drove my hand around his neck. "I'll cut your tattoo over." I drove my hand up at his arm.
"Then…" Stuck up behind him and led my head close to him and whispered; "Then I will show you to my dearest friends, who always want to play a game." "I do not believe you! Liar!” Jughead stepped away from me; I crossed my arms again and looked at him with a smile.
"Okay then… Ask your dad. He knows them.” I stepped closer to him. "He knows my parents. He knows how bad my parents can hurt people." "My father is the leader of The Serpents." I chuckle. "True, but there is something your dad is afraid of. Nooo, not losing you or Jellybean. It's my parents. So if I were you. I'd shut my mouth and keep on going, just far enough to be out of my sight." I smiled and went out of the room for my next class.


The day after Jughead called us to a meeting. He even had a Riverdale High shirt, Fangs has returned and I honestly do not know what we are doing here.

I sat down next to Sweet Pea. Jughead leaned up by the teacher's table.

"Welcome to the inaugural meeting of the Swords and Serpents Club." He started. "Which is what, exactly?" Asked Toni. "Like I told Fogarty to lure him back… We are a gaming group, sanctioned by Mr. Weatherbee, himself. Where like-minded students an meet and concoct world-building, role-playing scenarios, inhabiting fantastical heroes and dispatching mythological creatures." He chuckles. "No, but really. It’s a club. For us. A safe haven where we can be Serpents, in school hours, under everyone’s noses. We won’t shed our skins." He looked over at me. "We are lying low, in the grass."
I rolled my eyes, typical him.

I have not really become friends with him. Not after, he wants to beat my boyfriend or me.

After we talked back and forth, I left the room, with Sweet Pea after me. "Where are you going?" I turned to him. "Out of there." He came over to me.
"You've to talk to Jughead about it." I got over to him, put my finger on his chest and looked up at him.
"You don’t have to tell me, what to do and not to do. Weatherbee already told me to wear this or I'm suspended. I don’t think I have to talk to Jughead about almost hit you.” Sweet Pea took my hand away from him.
"He almost hit you." "Don’t you know I already know that? I was there. He thinks he is bigger than I am.” “No, he does not.” “I'm not in that club. Not anymore.” “You have to tell Jughead.” “I'm not telling it to him. I'm not going back in there.” I took my hand back.
"See you later on." I turned and went the other way.


I started at the school a week ago and it’s official General Augustus Pickens Day.

“Mr. Jones. Eyes up front.” Mrs. Haggly said. “Thank you, Mrs. Haggly.” Cheryl smiles and continues her presentation.
She sighed. “As I was saying, each year, we honor the memory of General Pickens. Yet few know the truth.” She clicked on a remote control.
“That it was my great-great-great grandpappy, Colonel Barnabas B. Blossom, who bankrolled General Pickens’ settlement of… (Click) an Eden along the river of Sweetwater, where maple trees grow taller than the steeples of Europe’s grandest cathedrals, which is why, every year, I petition the mayor’s office to rename Pickens Day…” The school bell starts to ring. Cheryl sighed and everybody started to move out.
“Thank you for that, Cheryl.” Cheryl turned it off and walked away.
“Mr. Jones, we look forward to your oral history report next week.” Said Mrs. Haggly to Jughead. I looked over at him before I left the classroom. He didn’t want to do it.

We stood in my grandfather's living room; we sat on the couch with him. Jughead would talk to him about General Pickens day. Initially, I was very much against it, but he has not kept his mouth shut about it, I let him come home to him. That's what's annoying with The Serpents law. We have to back each other up. Help each other.

“Thanks again for meeting with me.” Jughead straightens up on the couch. “Riley told me that you’re one of the founding members of the Serpents.” He looked over at Thomas. “Yes. The snake, the laws, all based on Uktena tradition.” Jughead started to take notes.
“Who were the Uktena?” Jughead asked. “Uktena is a Serpent, a horned serpent or water serpent. Before there was Riverdale, all this land belonged to the Uktena.” “How’d the Uktena evolve into Serpents?” My grandpa laughed.
“The Uktena, we didn’t evolve. We were all slaughtered. When my grandpa was a baby, there was a raid. And it was led by your hero there, General Pickens, in a battle, if you wanna call it that. Only lasted for 12 minutes. But the slaughter was total and savage.” My grandpa told. “The General Pickens? Whose statue stands proudly in Pickens Park?” Jughead asked.
“Yes. And every year the Northside honors this man who massacred children. When my grandpa died, we formed the Serpents as a way to keep the family together.” “How do people not know about this?” “Ah, some do, but…” My grandfather waved his hand.
“It’s called the whitewashing of history, Jones,” I answered Jughead. He was just staring at me. “What, did you think Jason Blossom was the first person to be murdered in Riverdale?” Jughead looked at my grandpa. “Thanks, I gotta go.” Jughead got up, took his stuff and left.


The day after, I read an article that looked very much, about what Jughead talked to my grandpa about; I have to talk to him.
I went around the school to find him and found him with Archie and Veronica. "Can we talk about this?" I showed him the newspaper and we stepped into one of the classrooms.

I need to get this straight! Why did he write about my grandpa?

“General Pickens was a murderer, and ripples from his gruesome acts continue to be felt today. Descendants of the victims are still being displaced. So, I challenge the Northside, instead of honoring men like General Pickens and Hiram Lodge, hold them accountable. Reparations must be paid to men like Thomas Walker, who is too old and beaten down to fight back for themselves?” I shut the paper and looked up at Jughead.
“This town is messed up, and it needs to own up to its history.” “My grandfather isn’t some broken-down victim, okay? Or some prop for your insane vendetta against the Northside.” I’m angry now, but also sad at the same time.
“No, of course not.” I took a deep breath.
“Look. I get it. You hate the Northside. You hate that instead of inviting you to a party, they asked you to work it. It triggers your rage about being born on the wrong side of the tracks. But this?” I pressed the paper to his chest and stepped away from him.
“This wasn’t your story to tell.” He sighed and I walked out of the classroom.

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