Dark Side

Riley 'Precious' Walker is back in Riverdale after 4 years out of town.

A lot of secrets are mixed up, some lies no one knows about and only one mission can explain it all.


22. Chapter 22.

The day after, I looked at those papers; Sweet Pea gave me the other day. 
I can't believe someone did this and blame it all on ME.

"Wait for a minute..." I said. 
Joey looked up at me. 
"This is not my signature!" I looked closer at the text.

I called Sheriff Keller for him to come and take look at these files for a moment and he should take my files with him.

I opened the door and Joey ran out, I didn't care, he is kind of not my dog, but he would never run off. 
Jughead came over to me. 
"You called Sheriff Keller?" 
I looked out the door and saw Sheriff Keller walked towards my trailer. 
"It looks like it." I smiled.

"Walker. Jones." Sheriff Keller greeted us. Jughead left and Sheriff Keller came up the stairs. 
"Did you intend to surrender and sign yourself?" "Never, but I have something else for you to do.”


We sat on the couch, I gave him the papers.
"As you can see, this is not my signature." Sheriff Keller looked closely at the papers.

"So you're telling me, that this is not your work?" "Yeah! I have nothing to do with this!" He looked me in the eyes.

"We have someone out there who is trying to drag you down and send you out of town?" "Yeah, and I'll keep looking for who it could be." He sighed. Maybe he thinks I’m an idiot, but I know my signature when I see it.

“Give me my files.” He hesitated first but gave them to me.
“See… Not mine.”

Sheriff Keller looked closely at my files and the papers Sweet Pea gave me. “This is not matching anything at all.” “I know! That’s what I’m trying to tell you.”

Sheriff Keller got up with my files. “I’m heading back to my office and looking through all of the files I can if you stay away from the Northside.” I nodded to him and he left my trailer.

“Who has the time to write all of these letters? AND sending it to all in Riverdale?” I took a couple of papers in my hands.
They all look the same, not a single difference.
“Someone has used a copier.”



Sweet Pea came home and took his leather jacket from the chair.
He looked over at me.

“Heading out somewhere?” I asked from the couch.

He shook his head a no.
“No, FP and I are heading up to the mountains.”

I got up and crossed my arms.
“Why are you lying to me?” “Lying to you? Are you crazy?” “Maybe I am… Maybe I should write a letter, send it to all on the Northside and blame it on my girlfriend.” “What are you talking about?” “You want me out of town, I get it. You want me to leave Riverdale… You’re afraid of me. I’m not the perfect sample of a Southside girl, I’m not as popular as Cheryl or any other Northside girl… I’m not as pretty as them… But betray my own family? I’ll never do that, Pea. I’ll never do that.”

He came closer to me.
“You were the one who killed her own brother… Killed two guys spying on you… Now you’re telling me that I’M the one who is betraying my family?” He chuckles. “You’re crazy baby… I think the hormones have gotten into your brain. I’m doing what I can to protect you from the world.” “Why do you keep lying to me?” “Keep lying? Baby, I’m not lying, I’m just protecting you from going crazy. Your act lately has changed. Death threats. Not the Precious I know of. You’ve changed a lot, FP and I are trying to figure out how to help you with that, so if you’ll excuse me, I’m heading the highway with FP. I’m back soon.”

He kissed my cheek and headed out the trailer.


I texted Joaquin to help me, or if he knew anything about this. I never got a text from him.
No one would even answer me, Toni doesn’t even look at me anymore.


I got back to my trailer again after a walk with Joey.
A whole lot of paper hung on my door with one sentence on. Someone had written in red paint over it. "GO TO HELL SERPENT SLUT” with a yarn doll beside it.

I swallowed. What the hell is going on here? Who did that?

I locked up and packed my stuff.
I’m out of here!


I zipped my bag and walked towards Greendale.

If everybody wants me out of Riverdale, I’m out then. I don’t want to be at a place where I don’t even is welcome.
I’ll find Penny and I’m in her gang. No Serpents… Not anymore.



I was down at the lake with Joey. I know Penny would be here somewhere.

Someone came over to me.
“Hey. Aren’t you the little Precious Walker from the Southside?” I looked up at him. I know exactly who this person is.

A leader for the Ghoulies. A dumbass. I hate him, but I didn’t know they were out of jail. He can’t beat me up… I don’t have my Serpents jacket on or with me at all.
He has a chance to make me one of his “bithces”, he doesn’t own one girlfriend, but fuck with all.

I smiled to myself. “Yes, I am. I’m here to see Penny Peabody.” Joey barked at him. “Shut up,” I said to him. He took his tail between his legs.

“Are you alone out here?” He asked me.
We stopped. “No, you are here too…” He touched my hair and smiled down at me. “I know, you fool. I mean, did you came here alone?” “Yeah, why?” I chuckle sarcastically to him.

“We don’t need some of your gang or your friends find you out here.” “They’re not my friends. Not anymore.” I said and took his hand away from my head.

“Leave her alone, Malachai,” Penny said.
She smiled and came over to us.

“Riley. I didn’t know you would come to a place like this, at a time as now.” She crossed her arms.
“I need you, Penny,” I said. “Let me hear you, princess.” She smirked at me.


We sat down on a couch outside with a fire.

Malachai and the Ghoulies were around us and had an eye on me.
I’m a Serpent… They hate us. Especially after what Archie and Jughead did to them.

“Let your heart out.” She started.

I took a deep breath.
“Someone is blaming me for sending the Northside a death threat. They all hate me; they want me out of town.” “What about the Serpents?” “Especially those.” I sighed. She nodded.

“You can always work for me.” She smiled, leaned back and opened her arms to mention the Ghoulies around us.
I looked at them; Malachai didn’t even move his eyes from me. He gives me chills. I really don’t like him!

“I can’t… I just need your help.” “With what?” “Do you know who sent those death threats?” “No, but my fellas here, can help you if you do me a favor first.” “Think of it as done.” I smiled at her and she smiled at me.

“I need someone to distract two guys down at the harbor for me. The Ghoulies and I will take the drugs; it will only take 10 minutes max.” Malachai nodded in the background.

Penny took her hand towards me; I looked down at it in hesitation.
“We could have it all, Precious. You could be my perfect partner, the leader with me, get your revenge to everybody who betrayed you back in Riverdale. We could be the power couple. Everyone will fear us. We will be unstoppable together. You would get your mom proud of you.” I looked up at her.

I sighed. I can’t work with her and the Ghoulies… FP will kill me more now, but what the hell… This is just once in a lifetime chance.

I smiled and she did too. The Ghoulies smiled too. I shook her hand.
“I’m in.”
The Ghoulies toasted and one of them clapped my shoulder.
“I’m happy for your choice, Riley. We will take good care of you.” She smiled. I nodded and looked down.

I’m dead…



After the week was over, I came back to Penny… I was at Andrews… I work for him now, but I don’t know, if I can keep up doing that, I told him today, that my pregnancy took all of my time, I couldn’t even stand up more than 15 minutes straight… My back hurts, he is kicking me all the time and don't get me started on my sleep schedule!

Tonight was the night I was going down to the harbor… I don’t even know HOW I should do this… I’m pregnant, I can’t run.

I bumped into Malachai on the way over to the house.

“You ready for tonight?” He asked with a smile.
I don’t get his make-up, his hair or his attitude… And don’t get me started on his personality.
“As ready as I can be.” I smiled. He took his arm over my shoulders.

“Sweet Pea would’ve killed Malachai for talking to me. He would kill him for flirting with me, for putting his arm around me every day.”


Penny came out to us, with a bat in her hand.
“This is yours, my princess.” She smiled and gave it to me.

It had spines on it, like… Long ones… I don’t like where this is going.

“Take it, babe,” Malachai said to me. I swallowed and took it from Penny. “This is your weapon now. If anything happens to you, use it. You can’t run, but you can defend yourself with that bad boy.” She grinned.

I lifted it and looked at it; I’m not into that, like at all.
I don’t even know, if I’m going to use it, I hate this weapon!


“Ahh, FP Jones,” Penny said, and looked behind me.

I looked over my shoulder and saw the Serpents standing there.

“We are just here to take what belongs to us and leaving,” FP said.
I turned to them and FP saw my weapon in my hands.

“You’re one of them now, huh?” FP asked me.

Penny came up beside me.
“She is just doing me a favor. You know. An eye for an eye, business.” She crossed her arms and smiled.

“What is your deal with her?” FP looked back at me. “Trust,” I said. “Trust? You trust that woman? That piece of shit? You put that weapon down and coming with us now.” I shook my head a no.
“I’m not going with you. I’m not welcome in the Serpents anymore.” I turned my weapon in my hands.

“You don’t need that weapon, Precious. You’re a good person; you have a family that loves you.” “WHICH FAMILY? Toni doesn’t even want to look at me, Fangs don’t even talk to me, Joaquin doesn’t answer my text. Jughead ignores me, Sweet Pea and you are turning your back to me when I needed you the most. I don’t want to go back with you guys. You banned me like you did with Penny.” FP stepped a foot closer, Malachai tightened his grip on his weapon.

“We hadn’t banned you, we want you back.” “You all turned your back to me; I’m not going with you guys.” I took a deep breath and FP sighed.

“If I were you, I’ll go back to the Southside, don’t come here anymore,” I said to him. He pointed to me without a word.

“Just leave, FP. The girl has spoken.” Penny said to him.
FP straightened up and went over to his group. “You’re making a big mistake here, Precious.” He said out loud while they were leaving us.

I sighed and looked down.


The night after the mission, I sat outside alone with Joey on my side.

I kind of miss Sweet Pea, but on the other hand, I don’t. They don’t want me there, I can’t just go back, can I?


Robert came out to me and sat down on the other couch across of me.

 “So, you’re one of Malachai’s bitches now?” He asked me. I looked up at him. “What are you talking about? I’m not dating him. I have a boyfriend.” “Who turned his back to you, and wanted you out of town?” He laughed at it. I shook my head.
“I know he still loves me. I’m not leaving him.” “Why are you here then?”
“I need help with this. I need your help to find the person who blamed me for sending death threats to the Northside.” “But you’re now one of us.” He smiled and took a stick up and draw circles on the ground.
“Or half a Ghoulies.” He added. “I’m not a Ghoulies. I’ll never be a Ghoulies; I don’t want to be one of your gang.” He turned his head towards me. “Just when you gave Penny a handshake, you started to be one of us. No turning back.” “I’m only in, so you guys would help me to find the person who blamed me for things. That’s all.” “This should be fun, then.” He laughed.

It faded away and the only sound was the fire in front of us.


“What is going on here?” I heard a familiar voice.
We turned to the Serpents kids with knives in their hands.

We both got up and faced them.
“What are you doing here with them?” Sweet Pea asked me.

I took a deep breath and stepped a foot towards him.

“This is not your business, Serpent boy,” Robert said to him. “Keep your stupid ass out of this, Bald Guy.” Sweet Pea said back at Robert.

“She is one of us now.” “What is going on here?” Malachai came out and walked over to us. I looked back at him. “This is business talk. You guys just keep your fat ass mouth shut, and don’t move.” I hissed at them.

“Riley, are you one of them now?” “I don’t know what I am. I’m not a Serpent, am I?” I asked. “You’re more than that. You’re my girlfriend, soon a mom, a leader, a fighter and a fantastic lover.” “I made a deal with Penny; I’m not coming back before the guy is founded. Alive or dead, I don’t care.” I crossed my arms.

“You don’t need to give that job to the Ghoulies. I’m the one with the papers… I did it…” My eyes widened.

“Did you hear that, boys? We found the betrayer! Do you need him alive or dead, my princess?” Malachai asked and came up beside me.

I hold a hand in front of his chest, still looking at Sweet Pea.
“You… You did it. Why?” He took a deep breath.
“When we were on a break, I was mad at you, mad at everybody. You took everything from me, I wanted revenge on Reggie and Archie, you weren’t there to support me, I freaked out and sent those death threats… It takes two people to break a relationship, but I wrote my anger at Archie and Reggie, but I didn’t write it to the rest of Riverdale. I wasn’t the one with the red painting on our trailer…”

“This became awkward,” Robert said. “Oh, shut up Rob,” I said to him.

“I made a deal with Penny. I wanted her to help me to find the guy who sent those threats, dead or alive.” I said to Sweet Pea.

“I’m the one… What will you do to me?”

Malachai gave me my weapon, Sweet Pea swallowed, he was afraid… I could see it on them all.

“Knock him dead…” I said while I turned my weapon in my hands slowly. “Don’t do it, Riley… Think of all the times the Serpents have been there for you. You don’t want this.” He stepped back with the Serpents.

“I made a deal with Penny.” “I wasn’t the one who sent it to the rest of Riverdale, you have to trust me.” I chuckled.
“Trust… Ah, I remembered when it meant something…” “Don’t…” “Remember I asked you to trust me when I told you I wasn’t the one with the threats, and you didn’t? I do.” “Don’t do it, Riley.”

I stepped closer as he stepped backward.

“I trusted you with all of my heart!” I yelled and swung my weapon and knocked a barrel down.

The Serpents kids stepped more back in fear.

“I trusted ALL OF YOU!” I yelled. I laid my weapon on my shoulder. “You’ve been here far too long, Riley.” I chuckled.

“I need the guy, who sent those threats… I need my revenge.”


I looked down at my weapon, then over at Sweet Pea and the others. “Let’s play a game.” I smiled big. “Let’s see who can stay alive.”

“You’re crazy, you know that?” Toni said behind Sweet Pea. “You brought a girl to fight with you.” I laughed with the Ghoulies. “You’re pregnant; you’re not even a shit better than me,” Toni said to me.

“I’ll lose anything, to get my revenge!” I smiled at her.

“Hit me.” Jughead came in front of Sweet Pea.
I chuckled.
“Jughead… It’s nice to see you again.” “You’re going crazy, Riley.” “I'm the one I've always been, no need to pep talk me, Jug.”

“You’ve joined the dark side… You used to be Precious, our Precious… Riley had taken over you; you really need to come with us.” Jughead said to me.

He stepped a foot towards me.
I swung my weapon in front of me and he took his hands up in defends. “No need to get violent towards me, Precious.”

“Keep away from me!” I yelled.

“Put your weapon down, Precious,” Jughead said and came closer. “You can’t tell me what to do.”


Someone took me onto them from behind, arms around my neck and a knife on my throat.
“Put that weapon down. Now.” The man told me.
I groaned and smashed the weapon on the ground.

I saw Sheriff Keller, Archie, Kevin, and Betty came up beside Jughead and the others Serpents.

“You’re messing with the wrong Jones, Precious. It’s me you’re after, not Jughead.” I heard him say.

“Move that knife.” “Not before you say goodbye to Riley.” “Never.” I hissed at him. He pressed the knife harder against my throat, I could feel the plug, it didn’t hurt, but I'd like to see him do it.

“Dad, stop… Let her go.” Jughead said to him.
“No, Jug… Let your old dad teach you a lesson.” I said. He tightened his grip on me.

“Show them how is done. Show your son how to kill your own family blood.” I whispered to FP. “Show them, that you’re the leader.” He tightened his arms around my throat, he strangled me, and I couldn’t get any air.


“DAD, STOP!” Jughead came over and removed FP from me. I was breathless, I tried to get some air…
I looked at FP; he looked back at me with Jughead holding him.

“You’re leaving Riley here; Precious is going with us home.” “ARE YOU CRAZY?” I yelled at FP. “Choke me, won’t help you here.” “Just get her home, Sweet Pea,” FP said to Pea.

I went over to my weapon and straighten up.

I looked over at Sheriff Keller.
“Who did it, Keller? SAY IT!” I shouted to him.

“SAY IT!” I yelled louder when no one said anything. I swung my weapon and knocked the barrel down with the fire in it.

“Put your weapon down and we can talk about it.” Sheriff Keller said calmly to me. “TELL ME!” I yelled again.

“Precious, no need to use violent on us.” Archie stepped up and said. I looked at him. “It was you, wasn’t it?” I straighten up again and turned my bat in my hands.

“It was you and your stupid little gang who sent those threats to the rest of Riverdale, to get me out, isn’t it right, Jughead?” I looked over at Jughead, who furrowed his eyebrows.

“You don’t know what you’re talking about.” “I know exactly what I’m talking about. After I killed my own brother, everyone had tried to get me down like some sick animal… None of you didn’t even know him! He was a pain in the ass to my family; I was just making it easier for my mom.” “You broke a Serpent law.” Fangs told me.

“I wasn’t even IN the Serpent, when I killed him, so shut up Fogarty!”

“I did it,” Archie claimed with a hand in the air. I looked over at him again. “I sent those death threats. I would have that Riverdale is a safe place for everyone. I couldn’t let you walking around Riverdale and not doing anything about it, I needed to send you out of town, I should have had done it earlier. It was not Sweet Pea who sent them ... It was I.”

“You make it SO much easier for me to choose whom I’m gonna kill next.” I licked my lip and walked over to him.

I swung my bat at him, but he dodged it, it makes me angrier.

“You think you can do that again, Redhead?” I smiled and did it again and he dodged it again and ran over to the others.

“Running like a coward.” I laughed.

As I walked towards them, an arrow came flying in front of me and hit the tree beside me. “Do it again, dwarf and I will hit your pretty head.” I saw Cheryl ready with a new arrow.

FP took me from behind and I threw my bat on the ground again.
“Now you listen to me, Riley.” The first time FP is calling me that.
“You let go of Precious and forget everything that happens in the past. Precious is a wonderful woman, with a heart of gold. You let go of her now.” I lick my lips again, I could feel her inside of me, she is mad, she wants blood, and she wants revenge.

“You’ll never get rid of me. I’m being stronger for each day.” I smiled and licked my lips again. I could somehow taste blood on my lips, I don’t know how or why.

“She is bleeding… Out of her mouth?” Betty said. “She is leaving her,” FP said. His head came closer to my ear. “Listen, Riley, I’ve done this before, don’t get me to do it again.” I coughed and FP lets go of me.

Blood was coming up and FP stroked my back.
“We need her to a hospital, now,” FP said to Sheriff Keller.



After three days in the hospital, I came home to Sweet Pea again.

I hated myself for what I did, that I betrayed the Serpents and joined Penny and the Ghoulies who ran from me when Sheriff Keller showed up.

I hated my body because I couldn’t do what I wanted… I couldn’t drink with my friends, I couldn’t show up at work, I couldn’t show up at school and got another year.

I hated that Riley got me, which got me blacked out, I couldn’t remember after FP got me the first time.
He told me I was outta control. It wasn’t the first time he tried to stop me, but I was only nine the first time it happens.


I was lying in my bed and looking up at the ceiling… I couldn’t get myself to get out of bed. How did I end up here? How did I end hurting my own family?

A knock echoes in the bedroom.
The door opened and I didn’t even wanna look who it was.

“I know you haven’t been out of bed in three days, but I was thinking if you wanna join the rest of the Serpents tonight outside?” Sweet Pea asked.
I looked over at him. “If you promise not to mention my past.” He smiled at me. “I’ll let the others know.” He disappeared again.

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