Dark Side

Riley 'Precious' Walker is back in Riverdale after 4 years out of town.

A lot of secrets are mixed up, some lies no one knows about and only one mission can explain it all.


21. Chapter 21.

The day after, Sweet Pea shut the door with a bang, I sat up on the couch.
“What the hell?” I asked and got up.
“You lied to me about Archie. How could you?” “Lied to you? What are you talking about?” “That he was here yesterday… He was here because you sent him a death threat?” “How… How did you know about this?” “Archie yelled at me today about you being a jerk towards his family. Tell me this Precious. When did you start to send death threats to the Northside? Everybody got one. You really are threats to them. Tell me why.” I crossed my arms.
“So you think I did it?” I asked.
“You’re so naive, Pea… Do you really think I would have time to send stuff like that? Maybe I don’t like the half of the Northside, but threaten them, won’t help me. I didn’t do it.” “Everybody told me you did it.” “You don’t have any proof it’s was me.” “It’s your handwritten all over it, Precious.” “How do you know what my handwritten looks like?” “LIKE THIS!” He threw the papers at me.
All the papers flew around me; I looked around at them all. Sweet Pea stood still and looked at me.
“I… I don’t know what to say.” I took one of the papers… “This is not me.”
I looked up at Pea. “If Sheriff Keller was right about you would kill someone soon, then I don’t want to be here when you do it. You disappoint me.” He left… He fucking left me!

I opened the door and saw he was walking towards his bike.
“HEY!” I yelled at him.
He stopped and looked over at me. “YOU'RE NOT GOING ANYWHERE!” I yelled at him.
“I can’t deal with you, right now. You never know when you will do something stupid again, which will hurt your nearest.” He said on his way over to me.
“You know what.” I took a deep breath. “We can keep pretending that everything is fine between us, that we are the bad ones here, that everyone fears us, but nobody knows how you are behind closed doors. You go behind my back, not supporting me like a real boyfriend should do. No one likes me, Pea, like AT ALL. But be the outsider of this town… Be pointed and yelled at on a normal day? Be accused of murdering someone you don’t know anything about. Have your own family after you AND your boyfriend’s parents. If you think that everything is not fine and not normal, then leave, go out and drink it away, I don’t care. My mom is out there making a plan to kill me or make me kill someone, Pea. If you leave me, right now. You can go out there pretending that you’re single, drinking and making out with girls you can sleep with, but if you just have a little tiny brain inside of that pretty head of yours… You will see that I’m trying to make this work. I’m trying to stop my mom to control Joaquin around. Right now, it’s you vs. me and I don’t want that. I don’t want you leaving me again, Sweet Pea… I can’t do this on my own. I need you. I need you to understand that if you’re leaving me, you’ll never see me again. I gave you a second chance because I love you because I trust you... Do you really want to waste that chance?” Tears felt down… I stood in the doorframe in my pajamas… Sweet Pea stood down in front of the stairs looking down.

“I can't take that you send out death threats to the Northside when you promised me not to do it. You promised not to let Riley control you. That you will see a therapist. What happened to that Precious I fell in love with?” “I’m still me, Pea. I’m still that girl you fell in love with. I didn’t send those papers out. You have to trust me.” “I really want to, but right now… I don’t know if I’m talking to Riley or Precious.”

He left… He sat on his bike, gave me the last glance and drove away from me.

I need my revenge!
I furrowed my eyebrows. “This is war,” I said in a deep dark voice.
Riley is out… And, she wants to play.




I put my leather jacket on, it still fits me, I sat my hair in a ponytail and walked out of my trailer.
Riley is back in town… Riley wants to play along with Archie. He wants a fight… Now he gets one.

Sweet Pea is back with me… He was away for a few hours… But I don't know if we're friends again…
What I’m about to do, it’s a secret for everyone!
Archie wants a fight with me, now he gets one… Him vs. me.


I went to the school to find Archie. To tell him that I’m not the one with the papers, so if he wants a real death threat, he will now get one.

I smirked at the thought that I almost can taste the blood of an Andrew kid. He will scream, he will beg for mercy.
No one will help him; no one can save him now.

I saw Archie standing alone by his locker looking down in his book.
I closed his locker in front of him and he looked up at me.
“Hey.” He said in shock. “What are you doing here? You cannot be here.” He said after.
“I’m here to get my revenge.”

I took him by his jaw and pushed him up against the locker.
It reminds me of my first day of school… That I gave Jughead a lesson to not mess with me. Now it’s Archie’s turn.
“Listen here, redhead.” I came closer to him.
“If you didn’t hear me yesterday, you need to keep up now. I’m not the one who send you those papers! I’m not working like that. If you want to keep going like this, I have to end your silly, boring and annoying life right now, right here. You see… I’m not ashamed of who I am, Archie… I’m proud of this. Your dad had helped me and my family through a lot, send him death threats, it’s the last thing I’ll do in my life. If you think… Just a little bit, that I’m that stupid and suborn to send those letters, this is going to be your last day in school.” I squeezed his jaw and his eyes got mad. He wants to fight me, he really wants to.

“You can’t run from this, Riley. Everyone knows it was you. Everyone is planning to get you out of town. You have 10 days before you have to leave.” I squeezed his jaw harder; I pressed him harder against the locker.
“I’m not going anywhere! Riverdale it’s my home, just like yours. I’m a part of this town, just as much as you are! You want a death threat, a threat you can talk to Sheriff Keller about. Here you get one.” I took a deep breath.
“If you step a single foot on my land, on my territory, touch my boyfriend or my family, you will wish the Black Hood got you and not your father. I’m not the Black Hood. I’m not working with him, but if I did, I’ve told him to get you first. Betty is working with him, right? Maybe I should talk to her to get the Black Hood after you.” I hissed at him with a smile. 
"Betty would never go with that! She is my best friend!" "She has dug you down before she can do it again, just with a little help." I smiled and whispered to him.
I looked into his eyes.

“If you have anything to say to me, say it now. I don’t want to waste my time in this school anymore. It’s disgust, my baby.”
He looked around me. No one helps him… No one stops me from pressing him up against the locker. No one cares… They can’t win anyway.

“You’ll regret this, Riley.” “You will regret to come here and threats me. No one will ever be on your side in this. Not even your uncle-“ I slammed his head against the locker.
“My uncle is always on my side… I have a whole gang on my side. They stand by me, back me up, that's the law. You will lose, Red. You will lose big time. You had a fight with my boyfriend before, but never one with me… Let’s see how that will go.” I smiled at him.
“This time… Your little girlfriend of yours will not make it.” “Your snake friends won’t support you this time. FP already told me he is disappointed in you. You have lost the trust around here. No more Serpents. No more Riley.” He tried to get away from my grip, but I pushed him back to the locker.
“If you’re trying to escape from me, you can give up now, Red. You will never win over me or the Serpents.” He looked behind me and then at me. “We will see about that.”

A pair of hands took me away from Archie.
I got pushed up against the locker across Archie.

I saw Fangs and Toni in front of me.
“You let Archie alone.” Fangs said. “You’re on his side now?” I asked with a lifted eyebrow.
“No, but you had to stop threaten others!” “I’m just doing my job.” “This is not who you are. You used to be that kind silly girl who laughed with us… Fight with us, said the right things. Now…” Toni sighed. “Now we can’t even recognize you. You have changed.” Toni left us.

Fangs walked after her, looking back at me with a sad face. He wants to say things, but I think Toni told it all.

I looked back at Archie.
“This fight is only started, Red. I’m not done with you.” “Oh, I think you are, Precious.” I looked to my right and saw FP.
“You’re coming with me, now!” I followed him out of the school.

He turned me around fast.
“What the hell was your tale in all this? Do you think to threaten Archie would help to stop all this?” “Sitting home and watch all is after me, blame it all on me, it’s SO MUCH better. I see that. The whole TOWN is after me.” “What you did today was not acceptable, Precious! You know better!” “You just be happy it didn’t end in blood.” “You want blood? Do you want to kill someone? You want your hands dirty? Then wait until your mom finds you. No matter how many you kill, she will never be satisfied! She has someone in mind for you. You just keep your hands off the Northside!”

He drove me home… I don’t like this! I want my fight with Archie… I want his blood… I want his head… My list is not done without the Andrew kid dead.



I knocked on the red door.
I took a deep breath and drove a hand through my hair.
You can do this,” I whispered to myself.

The door opened before me. I smiled at him.
“Riley. What are you doing here? Archie is not home.” He smiled at me.
“Fred Andrews… I’m here because of you.” “Come on in.” He opened the door more for me.

I stepped inside and he closed the door.
“How did you come here? I thought FP took the car from you.” “Don’t bother… I walked over here.” I smiled and we were standing in the kitchen.
“Something I can get you? You came a long way.” “No thanks… I need to talk to you.” He turned to me with his glass in his hand.
“Let’s talk in the living room.” He led me to the living room and we sat down at the table.

“I want to talk about the papers you got the other day.”
He sighed. “Archie is mad at you, you know. He has a lot to take care of. Get those paper got it worse… He hasn’t slept in days… I can hear him walking around in the house… Running of the weirdest time of the night with Spot. I’m concerned about him.” He sighed.
“But I didn’t know you would come around and apologize, Riley.” “I’m not here to say sorry.” “And why not? You walking around on the Northside to scare them with death threats…” “I didn’t write those papers! You have to believe me! No one believes me in this town… You’re the last one to talk to.” “I’m not the right one to talk about trust… I lost Archie to the Lodge family… I lost the bond between my son and me. He doesn’t care about his old dad.” “The first thing he cares about is if you’re alright… He is afraid that I’m after you… He doesn’t care about Betty or Veronica… He cares about YOU… Maybe he is not saying it that often, but I know deep down that he really cares about that old dad.” We chuckle.
“You’re a good kid, Riley… I didn’t know you had a soft side of you.” “Everybody has a soft side of us.”

“Fred… I need you to trust me…” “I don’t know you that well… I only know the things people had told me in this town…” “So it’s a no?” “It’s a maybe… People have their own opinions.” I nodded. “All right… I have to work my way up for you.” I smiled at him.

“Is there anything I can help you with here? I mean… I want your trust.”
“What if you start working for me? I can use one to take notes, keep track of the numbers, take requests and keep an eye on Archie and the Lodge family.” He smiled at me.
“You really think I can do that?” “You’re pregnant… You can’t do much, but helping me is more than enough to get my trust.” He smiled and took a sip of his water.

The door opened and Spot came running in and the door closed again.
“Dad, I’m home!” Archie shouted from the door.

He came to us and we looked over at him.
“Hey, Archie.” I smiled at him.
“What is the Snake Queen doing here?” “I would take that as a compliment.” I smiled. “Is she threaten you again?” “Not at all… We are having a normal conversation; she is working for me now.” Fred smiles at Archie.
“You let that snake inside our house? Let her work for you, just like that? Dad, don’t you know what she did to you?” “I’m aware of that! But right now I’m not concerned for her, I’m concerned for you. You’re slipping away from me to the Lodge family, I need someone to work with me, I thought you would take the construction business after me, but I’m losing you to Hiram Lodge. I can’t wait for you any longer, Archie.” “Yeah, but let her in?” “It’s my choice, Archie. Not yours.” Fred got up and went to the kitchen.

Archie looked down at me.
“This is not over, Riley. You think you just can come in here and mess around with my dad.” He whispered to me. “I’m friends with your dad. I won’t do any harm to him. You just shut your mouth, Red.” I whispered back to him.

I went to the kitchen to Fred.

“You can start working on Monday, a new week, a new start.” He smiled. “Then I’m off now.”

I went to the door when Fred stopped me.
“Let me take you home, Riley.” “Please, call me Precious,” I said with a smile.

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