Dark Side

Riley 'Precious' Walker is back in Riverdale after 4 years out of town.

A lot of secrets are mixed up, some lies no one knows about and only one mission can explain it all.


20. Chapter 20.

After a couple of days, Archie shows up at my trailer with a paper in his hands. I stood in the doorframe and looked at him walked over to me.

“Hey, Archie,” I said with a concerned smile. “You have to stop doing this, Riley!” He showed me the paper.
“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” “I’m talking about that you sent me and my dad this piece of paper and threaten us. I’m here to stop you to threaten my family and keep your ass away from the Northside.” He looked mad at me.
I don’t know what he is talking about…

“First of Archie… I don’t like you Northsider… If I would threaten your family, I wouldn’t send that to your family. I will do it face to face… You see, I’m a grown-up, Archie. I keep my nose out of others business, I have my own business to take care of. Second of all… I’m expelled from the Northside, I’ll never come back, why would I threaten you? I don’t even like you, Archie.” I smiled.

“It can only be you. You’ve been after my father and me from the first day you saw me. You hate us for what I did, you been after me because the Red Circle, tell me the truth!” “Yes I hate you Archie, but I didn’t send you that! You threaten my boyfriend and my friends! You threaten them with a gun, Archie! In our territory!” “I already said I’m sorry about that. Your boyfriend and I already finished that fight.” “But you never finished it with me. I still think you should leave, before someone other than my boyfriend sees you threaten me on our territory.” “I’m not leaving your trailer before you’re telling me why you keep stepping between me and my dad.” I rolled my eyes at him. He is so an ass!

“Archie for the last time, I don’t want to have anything with your family! I’m not the black hood, I’m not the one who sent that to you, I’m not the one who is stepping between you two! I have my own life. I’m fine without you. You just go back to the Northside and leave me alone!”
I laid my hands on my stomach. I could feel the baby moving inside of me.

“I’m not leaving just yet.” “I think you should, Archie. Sweet Pea is coming home anytime soon, I don’t want to be the one who kicks you out of the Southside.” He looked around.
“I’m not scared of your boyfriend!” “It’s not only him you should be scared of. I have the whole gang here, Archie. You’re on the wrong track here. You stepped on a snake and you woke me up. You need to go before it gets worse for you.” “You’re pregnant, Riley. You can’t do much.” A shiver came through my body… I heard an inside voice. Riley is awake…

“Leave… Now…” My voice got seriously and little deeper than normal.

“What is happening?” He stepped down a step. I took a deep breath. “Keep away from my trailer! You’re no good here! Be safe. Be silent, when you get home.” “I’m not going! It’s your handwriting on this paper!” I looked down at him.
“I’m not the right one, Archie. Just go.” I turned around to close the door, but he stopped the door before it shut.

“You’ve been after the Lodge family in years! Now that you have the Red Circle against me, you’re trying to sabotage my family apart! You’re trying to do something with us and I’m here to stop you from that! My dad is not working with Hiram Lodge anymore; you can stop your gang and keep your hands off me! We can be friends now.” “I’m gonna stop you right there Archie. Maybe your dad and my uncle are friends, doesn’t mean that we’re friends. Your death threats paper is not my business and the Northside? I don’t give a fuck about those!”

“Is everything alright here, Precious?” I saw Toni and Fangs walked over to us.
“Everything is fine. I was just telling Archie here, that I didn’t send him or his dad death threats.” I smiled at them. “You need to go, dude… If FP or Sweet Pea sees you, you’re a dead person.” Toni told him. “I’m not leaving before I get the truth!” “The truth of what? I just told you I’m not the black hood. I’m not the one who sent you those!” I started to get mad again.
“Dude, I think you should leave, Precious doesn’t like visitors from the Northside and today is not a good day. You need to leave immediately.” Fangs said.
Archie nodded and stepped down the stairs. “I’ll come back.” He pointed to me and went to his car.

“HEY!” Someone yelled at Archie.
FP went over to his car and leaned over the side window of his car. I couldn’t hear what they were saying, but I think it’s no good.

After Archie left our territory, FP went over to me.
“WHAT is going on here?” I swallowed. “He said that I gave him and his dad death threats.” “You crossed the line here, Precious. Death threats are a serious thing! I didn’t think you would send stuff like that.” “I DIDN’T DO IT!” I yelled. “THE HELL IT WAS!” He yelled in my face. I looked down. “How could you? I taught you to behave yourself! Death threats? Not the Precious I know of.” He was disappointed by me, no doubt.
“But it wasn’t me,” I mumbled low. He turned to me again.
“I heard you, young lady. Don’t mess around on the Northside!” “I haven’t been on the Northside since I left it for months ago.” “Don’t talk back at me, Precious. I’m mad at you.” He stepped down on the ground.
“You’re not a SHIT better than mom!” I shouted to him.
He turned around and pointed at me. “The hell I am! Your mom didn’t love you. I was the one who took care of you. You haven’t changed a bit, Precious!” We looked at each other. “Why are you on their sides then? What have I done to you? I moved down in this pile of shit to be closer to you. Closer to my family, but did I get something for it? NOT EVEN A BIT! I need you FP! I fucking need you! Joaquin is gone… You’re the only one back.” He stopped up the front of me. “You told about Joaquin, didn’t you? The ONE thing you shouldn’t do, you did.” “WHAT? No, I didn’t!” “Archie knows about it… You told Jughead about he is in danger. Joaquin trusted you. THAT’S why he left you. You couldn’t keep a damn secret of your own brother! You told Fangs and Toni about him. Why did you, Precious? You KNEW that was a bad idea.” “I needed help, okay? I needed someone to tell me it's all will be all right. I wish he didn’t tell me the secret. I wish he were here with me. Wish for him that my mom doesn’t have him or worse… Killed him.” “She wouldn’t… But you broke a promise, Precious. You broke your brother.” I cried… Joaquin is not my biological brother, but we have been there for each other a lot, he is like my brother.
“How long did you know about this?” “The whole time…” He took a deep breath. “Jughead told me, we’re family by blood… No Serpents stands alone. However Precious… This is your fight. No one can help you here.” I cried more.
“You need to help me. I don’t know what I should do.”
“You could start with not tell more people about Joaquin… Your friends will be in danger too if she knows about it.” “We need to get him home.” “NO!” He stopped me. “Your mom already decided.” “Decided for what?” “I don’t know.” He took a deep breath.
“You keep your fat ass from the Northside. Do you understand?” “If you act like that from now on, I’m not keeping my ‘fat ass’ from them.” He rolled his eyes.
“You just do as I say to you, young lady!” He hissed at me.

Sweet Pea came over to us with Joey (Our dog).
“I’m leaving; I have a shift at Pops in a minute.” FP left our trailer and drove over to Pops.
Pea came up to me, Joey ran in the trailer.
“What where all of this about?” I shook my head a no. “Nothing. Nothing that should concern you.”
“I saw Archie leave the Southside, what where he’s doing here?” I looked up at him. “It was something about his dad running for Mayor if we were supporting him.” I lied to him. If he knew the truth, I don’t know if there will be a new Northside VS Southside fight in this town…
“What did you say?” “That I don’t want to do anything about his business.” Pea kissed my hair and went inside.

I sighed and went inside with him.

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