Dark Side

Riley 'Precious' Walker is back in Riverdale after 4 years out of town.

A lot of secrets are mixed up, some lies no one knows about and only one mission can explain it all.


2. Chapter 2.

After school, I took my Serpents leather jacket on again. I can finally breathe again. I straighten my tank top with a smile. “I’m back,” I said under my breath. I took my phone back in my jacket pocket and walked outside the school.

Toni, Fangs and Sweet Pea came over to me. “Hey, girl.” Fangs smiled and took an arm on my shoulder. “Hey, you,” I said with a grin.
I love these people! They had always been there for me!
“Are you coming to the Whyte Wyrm tonight? We’re holding a party for you. You’re finally back in town.” Fangs said as we were walking home.
“I don’t know. Jughead is going to be there.” “What has he done to you?” “Nothing for like 4 hours ago.” “What did he do THIS time?” I pull on my shoulder. “Just telling me what to do and not to do.” “What exactly?” “Just that I don’t belong here.” “What?” “Yup… I don’t want to talk about it.” We keep on walking in silence.

We split on the way, I’m not living the same places as the others, I have my own apartment. My neighborhood ’s not for everyone in Riverdale. Not that scary things happened, it’s more than the most of the people who live there is not as rich as the other people.
My apartment ’s not mine fully. My dad’s uncle is owning my apartment, but after he passed away, I got it.

“See you tomorrow.” Toni and Fangs start to walk the other way from Pea and me. “See ya!” We waved bye to each other.

“Will you please come tonight?” I looked up at Sweet Pea. “Are you crazy?” “I want you there! You’re my girlfriend, I want to celebrate that you’re in town again.” He took his arm around my waist.
“Oh hell no.” I looked away from him. “Why? Because of Jughead?” “Sweet Pea.” “No! Don’t Sweet Pea me. I will give Jughead a piece of my mind!” He was starting to raise his voice at me. “Please no. I told Jughead what I want to say. He won’t talk to me anymore. I don’t want to come tonight. I’m sorry.” I looked down. “Then I’ll be with you.” I looked again up at him. “You don’t have to.” “I haven’t seen my girlfriend in 7 months and finally we are together, she will not spend time with her boyfriend?” I grinned. “Of course. Come on in.” I closed the door after him.


My apartment ’s not that big of a deal. My kitchen and the living room is one big room, the kitchen counter it’s the only thing that separates it from each other.
I have a bathroom slash toilet and one bedroom. I have a small garden, not that I take care of it, but I have one.

Sweet Pea sits on the couch while I was in the kitchen. “Do you want anything?” I asked him without an answer.
I walked to the end of the kitchen counter and saw him looking around in my living room. “Do you want anything?” I asked again and got his attention. “No thanks.” He smirked and came out into the kitchen with me.

He was leaned against the fridge while I was cooking some food for us later.
“Why didn’t you say you were in town?” I looked up at him and stopped. “I was embarrassed about it. I didn’t want people to hate me, I didn’t do anything wrong.” “You did kill two people, Riley.” I looked into his deep brown eyes. He is hurt…
“Listen. I’m not the same anymore. I don’t want to kill people. I was corned. I want to change myself. And I need you to help me with that.” He took his hands around my cheeks. “I’m right here. I won’t let you go ever again.” I sighed in relief. “Thanks.”
He gave me a kiss. The first kiss in 7 months.

As I was finished with the meal, I put the food in the fridge for later.
There was a heavy knock on the door; I looked over at Sweet Pea who sat straight up on the couch.
“WHO IS IT?” I yelled. I don’t open doors that knock that heavy. The last time I did it, the police sent me to jail.

There was a heavy knock on the door again; I walked over to the door with Sweet Pea behind me. “Who is it?” I asked again. “FP JONES!” The person yelled back.
I opened the door to see FP standing on my stairs before me.
“What are you doing here?” I asked him. He looked at us, not happy to see me apparently.
“Jughead told me about you being in town.” I crossed my arms over my chest. “So what?” “Why haven’t you told me?” “Told you? Why didn’t you told me about your son? Jughead doesn’t know anything about me.” “What do you mean?” “He thought he was so big in his mouth to tell me to leave his friends at peace.” “What did you do to his friends?” “Nothing!” Sweet Pea interrupted. I sighed with my eyes closed. Why does he have to interrupt me?
“I did not ask you about your opinion, Sweet Pea. By the way. What are you doing here anyway?” “It’s none of your business,” I answered. “Jughead don’t know the laws. Maybe you should teach him it again.” FP came up close to me.
“Have you lost your mind? He is my son. He knows the rules. In addition, if something happens to him, you will be the first one in our minds; you just have to let him be. If Jughead says something to you, it’s probably true.” “He told me that I don’t belong here. Perhaps it might be your new topic to talk about.” I smirked at him. He took a deep breath. “Jughead is new in this game.” “It does not allow you to let him talk like that to me. He may not know my story correctly.” FP didn’t move at all. He is mad at someone and he doesn’t know who.
“Prison has not done much to us two. We are very similar to that point. What does Jughead say about it?” He stepped back from me, to give me some respect.
“Just as I thought.” He pointed to us both. “You… You two.” “If you talk to your son, I’ll let them go of my sight. If he threatens or talks down to me again, I will not answer the consensus.” He was quiet.
“Do you understand that?” He looked at both of us, and then he nodded. “I understand. I’ll talk to him about it but watch your back young lady. Maybe someday, you’ll come back to jail.”

FP turned around, walked away from my apartment and drove home.



Sweet Pea persuaded me to take with him to the Whyte Wyrm. Toni and Fangs wants a party, now they get one!

FP got up on stage and took the microphone and everyone looked up at him. "Welcome everybody!" He looked around and smiled. "Tonight we have a special guess with us." I got eye contact with him. "Precious is back in town!" Everyone cheered and Hog Eye patted me a simple clap on my shoulder and I smiled while I shook my head.
"Come up here and show yourself." They all clapped and FP stood beside me in front of the microphone.

The last time I was here, I had to say goodbye to them. Say the truth. Say I never came back as the one they knew. That I will be someone else, but the truth is not right. I'm still the same. That they thought they got rid of is still alive. The person they feared there would be the leader, is still alive. They thought I was dead, but here I am. Alive and still want my revenge.

"Hello everybody." They toasted. "I'm back in business guys!" I smiled and clinked glasses with them. Could see Jughead in the corner sulking. Refused to toast with us. He was just looking at me.

"No more kills. No more of the old Riley. Precious is back and I'm ready to get my revenge!" They cheered and toasted again.
My eyes fell on Sweet Pea. Our relationship has been a secret to everyone for almost 5 years. At first, people knew about it well, but they didn’t care about us. Now I want to make it official.
"I have some good news." It got quiet.
I looked at Sweet Pea. He shook his head. "Sweet Pea and I are dating. We have been dating for 5 years." People applauded.
I saw Jughead straightened up and looked wide-eyed at Sweet Pea and me. Jughead went over to Sweet Pea. Oh no, that can easily get into a fight.

I got down from the stage and ran to Sweet Pea and Jughead. “Give it up for Precious,” FP said into the microphone.

“You think you’re so much better than us, but you’re just a noob in this game!” Sweet Pea said to Jughead.
“HEY!” I standing between them to keep them from each other. Don’t fight just because I’m back in the club.

They looked down at me. “No fighting here! And you know it.” I looked up at Sweet Pea. “And you should know them too Jughead. You’re new here; the laws should be big to your head right now.”
Jughead took his hand up in the air, he wants to hit me, so do it then. I don’t care. Sweet Pea took his hand behind his back, to protect me.
I came up close to Jughead. “You’re messing with the wrong snake, Jug. If you keep doing this, you’re out of the picture.” I snapped at him.
Sweet Pea let go of him and Jughead it’s mad now. “I think I’m done here tonight.” I smiled and got home again.

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