Dark Side

Riley 'Precious' Walker is back in Riverdale after 4 years out of town.

A lot of secrets are mixed up, some lies no one knows about and only one mission can explain it all.


19. Chapter 19.

I texted FP about the available trailer across his. He will meet us there.

Sweet Pea parked the car outside FP’s trailer; he was standing on the stairs and looking at us with a smile.

We walked over to him. “I guess you guys have talked it out?” He smirked with a little chuckle. “Not quite yet,” I answered. “Let’s see the trailer,” FP said and we walked over to the empty trailer.

The door was open, so we walked in, there was a disgusting smell, old stuff and I wouldn’t move in here at all.
“I’m not moving in here!” I said and poked some old cans of the counter. We looked around. “You just have to give it a shot,” FP said with a concerned smile. “Never!” I crossed my arms and stands at the door.
“Let’s at least give it a chance, Riley,” Pea said and looking at me. FP looked over at me. “I’m NOT giving this dumpster of a trailer a single chance!” I hissed. “Sorry, but at least try to.” “Yeah, I can help, I’m sure the others would help too,” FP said after Sweet Pea. I sighed and looked around again. “Fine… But I’m NOT going to do anything to make this place cool again.” “Deal.” Sweet Pea said fast with a smile.

“I’m calling the others over,” FP said and walked out.
I looked again at Sweet Pea. “Can you at least be happy about this? We’re going to get our own place.” “I have a bad feeling for this place,” I said sadly. He looked over at me. “Just give it time.”

I sighed. “How many rooms are there?” I asked; he looked over at the kitchen. “Let’s see.” He walked away and came back after 2 minutes.
“A bathroom and to rooms.” He clapped his hands together and walked over to me. “There is more than enough space for us here.” He smirked. “If you say so… I still get an odd feeling about this place.” I sighed after


After two weeks has passed, we moved in, in the new trailer across FP. We got a big puppy from Betty and Jughead, so Sweet Pea is happy now. My old apartment it’s for sale and I’m never going to see that place again.
I stood in the kitchen to make us dinner. Sweet Pea was outside with Jughead to make the trailer done.
My phone on the table behind me started to ring. I wiped my fingers on my pants and took the phone.

“Hello,” I answered.
“So you thought you could just move from us?” I heard a manly voice. I’m guessing it’s Zeke.
“Who are you? Why are you after me?”
“Like you don’t know why.” I could hear his chuckles.
“I have killed two of you before, don’t be the next.”
“Don’t act that big, Riley. We have someone in mind for that. We will meet again soon. Very soon.”
“Why are you doing this? How can you live with yourself?”
“I’m fine, thanks for asking. Have you ever ask that to yourself? How can you live with yourself?” He had a deep voice. I started to shiver. I was silence.
“You have something that belongs to us.”
“Say it, I can give it to you, just leave me god damn alone!”
“It’s not that easy, Riley. You have to be passion, just like us.”
“Zeke, I don’t know what you want that is so importing… However, if you keep calling or show up at my apartment, you’re a dead man! I know whom you’re working for! You can’t hide anymore! Just show yourself!” There was a silence on the phone. I could hear someone on the phone; I know he is there.
“Just give it time, Riley. You may know who we are, then you know you shouldn’t mess with us.”
“My mom will never hurt her own family.”
“You’re not her family anymore… You betrayed those 12 years ago, Riley. Time is up.”
“You just tell your boss aka my mom, that if she wants something done, she can do it by herself. I’m not going down because she is too lazy to call me or visit me. You can’t scare me Zeke; I’ve killed more people than you will ever do.”
“I’m not a killer, so of course you win that round, but four people aren’t going to save you.”
“I haven’t killed four people.”
“No, not yet.” He hung up. I stood there in silence. The food started to cook over.

I woke up and turned the heat down.

Jughead came in the trailer with paint all over him, a dishtowel in his hands.
“You got to come out to see this, Sweet Pea has hiding talent.” He smiled. I didn’t turn to him.
“Okay.” I hissed. “It’s there something wrong?” I shook my head a no. “Alright then. We’re outside with the others.” He went outside again.

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