Dark Side

Riley 'Precious' Walker is back in Riverdale after 4 years out of town.

A lot of secrets are mixed up, some lies no one knows about and only one mission can explain it all.


18. Chapter 18.

It was the end of the month, I’m starting to get back pain, but it’s okay, I’m carrying my baby!

Weatherbee called me earlier to remind me to show up at school to my presentation. I’m all ready and Joaquin is laying on the couch and watching TV.

I haven’t heard from Sweet Pea since the time in the Whyte Wyrm… FP called the day after that and asked why Sweet Pea had Hotdog I explained why and he laughed at it, why is it so funny to stand up for something? I want Sweet Pea back, I really do, but he has to show me some respect and take responsibility for something other than himself and me.

I waved a goodbye to Joaquin and headed to the school.

I entered the school with my serpent jacket on, sweatpants and my hair in a messy bun, not too messy, I’m wearing it with style, you know.
I walked down towards Weatherbee’s office. I still have 30 minutes to kill here, why am I here too early? I’m already hungry… This is no good!

I sat across the secretary counter and tapped on my lap, I could have reached to Pops and back before I should talk with Weatherbee. Now it’s too late…
A knock on the open door echo in my head and Jughead entered after the knock.
“I have the newspaper ready to public… Riley?” He looked down at me. “Jughead…” I said without a smile. He is the reason why I’m here… He started it.
“Who did you write about this time to ruin their day?” I smiled fake to him. He rolled his eyes at me. “For the last time, Riley! It wasn’t us.” “You’re the only one who has permission to write in the newspaper, but enough of your lies, I'm happy not to go here. Then I can’t look at all the drama you create around you” “You know nothing about me.” “I know exactly everything about you Jughead. You’re my cousin, we share the same blood, we are alike in many ways, but I don’t public the shame from my family to the rest of Riverdale.” I got up.
“I thought the family had each other’s back, but I was wrong about you,” I said close to his face. He just stood there mad. I walked to the door.
“You betrayed your own family to kill one of your own, Riley.” I turned around to look at him.
“And I can do it again.” I blinked, put my hands in my jacket pocket and walked out.
Now Riley is out… I need to go!

I know Serpents jacket is illegal here, but I’m not a student, what will they do? Suspend me. I’m already suspended. I smiled as I walked down the hallways.
I spotted Fangs, I stopped and thought that I maybe shouldn’t go that way, but Fangs saw me before I could get away. I’m not that fast anymore, I’m pregnant...
I turned my way in the student lounge, to the machine, I’m hungry.
“Is it the time of the month?” I clicked on the machine. “If you mean by the end of the month that I have an appointment with Weatherbee, then you’re totally right, otherwise you’re wrong,” I answered Fangs.
I turned around after I got my candy bar and saw Fangs alone.
“Long time, no see.” He smiled at me. “Yeah, let’s keep it at that.” I started to walk over to the other exit of the room. “What do you mean by that?” “I can’t see you guys anymore.” He walked beside me. “Come at least to my trailer, I’m having a party tonight!” He nudges my shoulder with his. “If you hadn’t noticed it, I’m pregnant, I can’t drink, and I can’t be in the same room as Sweet Pea… So I’m saying a big no to that invitation.” “He is not coming; he got Hotdog to take care of. He ate some of his pillows, so he has a long day with him.” “He takes Hotdog assignment very serious.” “More than anything else! He is doing his homework and is on time in school. Whatever you said to him, he took it seriously. He has changed… He is not the Sweet Pea I knew.” I nodded at what Fangs told me.
Maybe I should visit him later… Maybe we can talk about it now.
“Where is Pea now?” “In the History class. He said something about an essay. Never thought he would write a whole essay by himself, but I didn’t ask the question.” I nodded and thought I should go talk to him.
“I have to go now, I’m sorry about the party, but I’ll text you later!” I turned away from him and walked to History class.

I was standing before the closed door to History class. I could see Sweet Pea sitting alone writing something on paper. Fangs are not lying! He is doing his essay!
I opened the door without a hesitation and Sweet Pea looked over at me in surprise.
“What are you doing here?” He asked. “Fangs told me you were doing an essay. Alone…” I leaned against the table in front of his. “I’m not… I threw the assignment out after the class was done.” “Then why are you sitting in the History class all by yourself?” “I’m doing some serious stuff here.” He started to write again, but after 2 minutes, he bangs his fist on the table and throws the paper towards the trashcan.

“What are you writing about?” I asked after he threw the paper. “It’s private.” He hissed… There was a silence in the room.
He sighed after I didn’t leave him alone.
“It’s a letter to you… After our break up, I thought we were never going to see each other, so I started to write a letter to you since you don’t want to listen to me.” “I’m here now, why keep writing?” “I want you to see I’m serious about our relationship.” He looked up at me. “I listen to you Pea. I want you to take some responsibility; I don’t need your letters… I only want some proof that you can take care of someone else than you and me.” I smiled at him. He looked down at his paper and sighed. “I want to be a man.” He mumbled. I heard him and it makes me smile even more.
“Then you don’t have to write me a letter! Be a man to do some other stuff.” I walked over to him and sat beside him.
“How is it going with Hotdog?” I asked. “Like hell… He is splitting the whole apartment… I really hate that dog!” He chuckles, I did too.
“Maybe we can do it some other way.” He looked at me. “Maybe we can figure it out again,” I said.
We sat in silence and looked down at his letters.
“I need to go now, Weatherbee needs me, and I can’t be late. I’ll catch you later?” He nodded and I got up.
“Let me come over after school and we can talk about this, without a fight! I don’t want that anymore.” I said and looked back at him as he was looking at me.
“Me either! Let us take this seriously.” He smiled. Fangs are right! He has changed!


Later that day I pulled the car up to my old house. I took my phone out and texted that I was here. I walked up to the door and knocked on the door. I know it’s silly of me, but I don’t live there anymore I can’t just walk in, even my stuff is still there.

Sweet Pea opened the door and I could hear Hotdog barked at me. I smiled at him. “Do you have time to talk?” I asked. “Yeah, always!” He smiled for the first time.
He opened the door and I walked in and sat on the couch in the living room.
Hotdog came running to me and jumped on me. I laughed, got him down and he is so fluffy!
Hotdog jumped back up and laid his head on my lap and Pea sat on the chair.

“As you can see, I haven’t done anything here… The house misses you, I miss you, Precious.” He started. I sighed and leaned back on the couch. “I’m in danger Sweet Pea, I can’t live here alone,” I said and ran my hands in my face. “Let me stay here with you! I can protect you!” “No, you can’t! That's exactly what you can’t! Nobody can help me; I’m all alone in this.” I hissed at him. “Let me at least stay here with you.” I sighed and ran my hands over Hotdog head. “If I’m moving back, everything is going to changes.” “Everything for you.” “The baby is staying.” I looked at him. “Sure!” He nodded and clapped his hands together.
“You’re NOT going out and drinking every day!” “I can work with that!” “And you’re NOT saying ANY words about I’m in danger!” I pointed at him. He nodded and leaned back in the chair.

“You’re telling me if you see something strange or suspicious.” “Every little detail.” He answered. He wants this to work, he is not raising his voice or yelling at me or fighting me. I like him more, but I miss the old Sweet Pea, perhaps it was what I fell in love with…
I looked around in the living room… My thoughts were all over the place… I don’t know what I should do… Joaquin said I should, but move closer to FP and him, because Zeke and my mom is after me. There is a Trailer available across for FP’s trailer, maybe we can move in there.

I looked over at Pea who is starring at Hotdog sleeping on my lap.
“I have an idea,” I said and he looked up at me. “There is a trailer across FP. We can move in there together.” He looked confused at me. “Why would you move? You have an apartment here.” “Joaquin want me to move closer to him or FP.” “So you’re doing what Joaquin is telling you? When did that happen?” He is starting to get jealous now. He had always been jealous on Joaquin, even when Joaquin is gay. On the other hand, Joaquin is bi, but still.
“No, I’m not Sweet Pea! I’m doing it because SOMEONE is after me! They’re moving closer to me, I can’t live miles away from the Serpents, from protection!” I said angrily to him. “Who is after you and why?” “I can’t tell you. It’s a secret from Joaquin. He is on a thin leash and if someone knows about it, he is dead. Therefore you CAN’T say anything about this!” “What about your uncle?” “Keep him out of this!” “Fine. We’re moving.” He sighed. Not quite satisfied with it.


“Thanks. It means a lot to me.” I said to him. He mumbled and walked out to the kitchen.
“Let us at least look at it Sweet Pea,” I shouted to him to hear.
He came back with a bone to Hotdog, but he didn’t look at him.
“Then let us move.” He said and came over to me.
Hotdog started growled at him. “Shut up, stupid dog,” Pea said. He will take him from me and help me up off the couch. I’m starting to be a big girl, my stomach is big and heavy, get up from a couch is not easy anymore.
Hotdog started to make small bark at him. He thought Sweet Pea was going to touch me. Dogs know when a woman is pregnant, Hotdog had always loved me.
“Just get down Hotdog, we’re leaving.” Sweet Pea stretched out his arm to him and Hotdog bite out after him.
“GET THE HELL AWAY!” He scolded at Hotdog and he barked at him.
“Just like kids. Just let me get him down.” I said. “Please do.” “Why do you want him off me all of sudden?” “I want to be a man. I want to take responsibility and help you to get up off the couch, so we can look at the trailer.” I smiled and took the bone from Pea.

“Here you go.” I gave the bone to Hotdog, but he was still looking at Sweet Pea. “Let’s move,” I said and got slowly up and Hotdog walked around me all the way to the door. Hotdog didn’t like Sweet Pea too close to me. “He is not going to hurt me.” I laughed to Hotdog. God, I miss that dog. I haven’t laughed so much since the last time I had him.

“Can we keep him?” I asked as Sweet Pea found his Serpent jacket. “Never! I don’t want that dog in the house after you’re moving in.” He said and opened the door. “Please!” “Not on my watch! Get your ass in the car.” He chuckles and pushed me gently out of the house.

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