Dark Side

Riley 'Precious' Walker is back in Riverdale after 4 years out of town.

A lot of secrets are mixed up, some lies no one knows about and only one mission can explain it all.


17. Chapter 17.

A week went by fast for me… I did some laundry today, now I will check if Weatherbee has sent me anything. He does that daily. It’s kind of boring to stay home, but I have to make someone happy and now it’s Joaquin and Weatherbee.

Joaquin is out to do some stuff with my mom; I still can’t believe that he is working for her! He didn’t tell me anything about it! He is supposed to be a best friend, but then again… I understand him; he is doing it to protect him and me.

I got a text message; I found my phone on the table. A text message from Sweet Pea… Not what I hoped.
The last text I got from him was; I miss you, Precious.
Maybe I just need to move on… I have his baby, but I can make it on my own, you know. Joaquin will take care of us; I know that!

I opened the text message. What is your room number again? I’m here.
I totally forgot I told him I was living in a hotel room… What am I going to do?
I’m not there… I texted back. The first message I’ve sent to him since two weeks ago.
What the fuck, Riley? Why are you lying to me like that? We’re supposed to contact each other If something happens! I need you to understand that I’m still in love with you, we need to at least talk about it! Where are you? I didn’t want to answer that. I don’t want to fight him again! I don’t want to see him yet… In 3 weeks I have to go to school to talk to Weatherbee, I can’t see him, I just can’t…

I opened my laptop to do my homework for today. I don’t want to, but it’s the only thing I can do around here. I really want to go to the Whyte Wyrm! I miss Hog Eye and the others! Maybe I should go there after I finish this.


After I finished my daily homework, I packed my purse and started to walk to the Whyte Wyrm.
Since it school day and it’s the middle of the day, nobody is here, not them I normally talk to.

Hog Eye was standing behind the counter.
He smiled at me when I entered the bar. I sat in front of him. “Long time, no see.” He grinned. “Yeah… A lot happened at home.” “I know; I helped your uncle with Sweet Pea. How it’s going between you two?” “No good. I haven’t seen him since.” “You want something?” “Can I get a glass of water with a citron?” He nodded and did my drink or my water.

The door to the bar opened and closed again. I looked over my shoulder and saw Sweet Pea. Shit!

He came over to me with a mad face. “What the heck are you doing here?” He said loudly to me. “I can ask the same to you. Shouldn’t you be in school?” “I wanted to talk to you!” I took a deep breath. “Fine, then talk.”
He sat down beside me. “When did we start to lie to each other?” “The day that you said it was fine to have a family with me. That you were happy for this.” He sighed. “That’s totally different!” “That even worse Pea! I lied because I didn’t want you to come and find me.” “What will happen if I did?” “THIS Pea!” I yelled and got up. “You keep looking for me; you don’t let me be alone.” “Of course not! You’re my girlfriend!” “Maybe we should stop being that.” He got up and stands before me.
“Riley… Think about this. Come move back to the apartment with me.” “I don’t want to live with a psychopath.” “Is that what you’re thinking about me?” I nodded. “Right now I do.”

The door to the bar opened and closed again and Joaquin came standing between Sweet Pea and me.
“Are you guys fighting again?” We both looked at him. “We’re not going to fight again.” Sweet Pea said. I looked up at him. “Are you sure about that? It sounds like you would like that.” I said and crossed my arms. “I just want you home with me.” “I can’t live with you if you don’t want the baby I’m having.” “I want it!” He shouted.
Everybody in the bar quiets down to hear us. Sweet Pea can have a loud voice.
“What?” I asked. I heard him, it’s not that. I just want him to repeat it and really mean it.
He sighed. “I want you home, okay. I want to spend the rest of my life with you. That boy who is growing inside of you… I will teach him to take care of you when I'm not home to do it. I want to teach him to defend himself. I want him to become something! And I can’t do all of that if you’re not there.” “How can I trust you again? You’ve already lost me…” He removed some of my hair behind my ear.
I let him do it. His touch was soft; I missed him touching me, holding me through the night, talking the whole night, but I can’t just forget what he did to me, did to my uncle.

“You just have to.” “I can’t just do that… It’s like accepting a snake in my house.” “I’ll do whatever it takes to get you back.” I sighed. What is wrong with him? Now he wants the baby. For a little over a week ago, he wouldn’t have one, what's he up to?
“What is your tale?” “Nothing. Can a man fight for his girlfriend?” “Maybe… What made you change your mind?” He straightens up, looking around and then down at me.
“I met someone… A friend of yours. She told me about kids. The beauty of it.” “I can’t believe you went to my mother for advice about our baby.” “I didn’t. It was Toni.” “Why her? What does she know about kids?” “Polly got twins, so Cheryl was with Toni and they told me all about it. Normally I don’t like Cheryl, but Toni was there, so I was only listening to her…” “You just can’t come here and change your mind like that. I want proof of it.” He smiled. “Call Toni. Come and live with me again and I can prove it.” “I need some time,” I said quietly to him.
Joaquin hit my arm lightly. “Let’s go.” He said to me. “I want to drink my water before I leave. I owe at least that to Hog Eye.”
I walked over to the counter, sat down and drank my glass.
“How can I get your trust?” Sweet Pea asked me, he sat down beside me. I sighed in my drink. “Take some responsibility first.” “Of what? I don’t have anything… You were the only thing in my life.” I looked over at him. “Yeah, and how did that go?” I snapped at him.
“You can take Hotdog home.” Hog Eye said behind the counter. We looked at him. “That will maybe change my mind,” I smirked to Sweet Pea.
I could tell that Sweet Pea didn’t like that… Not that Hotdog is a bad dog… He has his charm… However, Sweet Pea doesn’t like him. Like AT ALL… He loves dogs, but not Hotdog tho.
Hotdog the third is a dog… a furry friend with four legs. He can make trouble, but he is wonderful at times.

“Isn’t there anything else? I don’t want Hotdog home with me. And Hotdog is not a baby, how can I show you that I can take responsibility for a baby with a dog?“ I set my glass down on the counter. “Show me you can go for walks with him, feed him, keep him alive, and train him,” I answered. “You're so full of ideas, huh.” “Is this some kind of a joke to you? Course I’m giving you a second chance here.” “No, not at all! – But Hotdog? You can’t be serious! Anything than that stupid dog!” “I take this quite seriously Sweet Pea! Do it or you’re out.”

I emptied my glass and I paid Hog Eye, he smiled at me, Joaquin took an arm around my waist, and we walked out to his car.
“You never leave home again without telling me first!” He said in a strange voice. “I can’t just stay at home forever Joaquin!” “Time like this, yeah you can.” I sighed and he drove us home.

The whole tour was silence, not a word. Joaquin is quite angry with me for leaving home… There is someone out there who is after me, I have to be careful, but it’s boring at home!
I was looking out the window the whole tour home. What should I say? I know!

“What were you doing at the Whyte Wyrm?” I looked over at him. He didn’t give me a single look. “Looking for you.” He said angrily. Something is bothering him! I know I shouldn’t have left home, but it can’t only be that…
“Just looking for me?” I asked, still looking at him. “Yeah.” I nodded to myself and looked forward.

“However it’s strange that I JUST told you last week who is after you, that you CAN’T visit the Whyte Wyrm, and the first thing you’re doing is do the exact opposite of what I said to you.” Joaquin started, his voice was different and creepy.
“I’m tired of being home, doing nothing but my homework.” “There is a killer out there, Precious! Moreover, being home is something you have to go through! When the baby is born you have to be home for months.” “Then I have a reason to be home Joaquin! Right now… I have nothing!” He stopped the car. Just like that.
We looked at each other. “Your own mom is after you! Right now, it’s serious! She is moving forward. She is close to her victim.” I gulped. “What is it she wants from me?” I asked.
There was a silence in the car. Joaquin starts to drive again. No words at all.

“Revenge.” He then said out of nowhere.

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