Dark Side

Riley 'Precious' Walker is back in Riverdale after 4 years out of town.

A lot of secrets are mixed up, some lies no one knows about and only one mission can explain it all.


15. Chapter 15.

I drove over to pops, I want to be alone, and I don’t want to talk to anybody, but my milkshake and my fries.

I walked in and saw Archie and Veronica. I looked back at Pops and smiled.
“Hey, Riley. What can I get you today?” I sat in front of the counter. “A strawberry milkshake and some fries.” He nodded and did some things.

I looked around and saw Archie and Veronica looked over at me. I looked away fast. I won’t talk to them, I don’t know why I don’t have a relationship with them.

“Hey, Riley! Do you want to sit with us?” Veronica asked. I shook my head. “No thanks,” I said and looked away.
After the news about my past and my real name, everyone is starting to call me Riley… I hate that name! It reminds me of my past, of my mom… I don’t want to miss her!

Riley is my real name… I wasn’t born with a middle name, but FP added it in there somewhere and I liked it! I felt like a precious, everybody loved me…
Then my brother came along… He always called me Riley, like… ALWAYS! Every time my mom yelled at me, she called me for Riley, my dad did too, everybody did… Riley was and is a devil inside of me… The second person in me and I can’t control her.
Every time I hear the name, every time somebody calls me by that name, it’s like they’re calling for her… My demon… She is moving Every time… I get these vibrations when someone calls her name… I’m afraid that one day she will wake up and I’ll do stupid stuff again… My brothers’ last word was “Riley…”
I don’t like that person! Sometimes she is answering people without I know about it.
I tried to make people call me for Precious, but everybody knows Riley, the murderer… So only, the Serpents started to call me for Precious.

My phone starts ringing; I took my phone out and saw it was Fangs.

“Precious, It’s Fangs.”
“I know, what do you want?” I looked over at Pops and saw he did my fries done.
“Sweet Pea is gone.” My eyes got wide.
“WHAT!” I yelled and covered my mouth after. “What is happening?” I asked after in a low voice.
“After you left, he talked to Joaquin outside and when he came back he was angry at you. At everything, even FP couldn’t calm him down. He got drunk. I need to tell you that.” I held my breath.
“Where is he now?”
“I don’t know…” I heard voices in the background.
“Give me that!” I heard Toni’s voice.
“Precious. Toni here… Listen, Sweet Pea is out of control, he won’t listen to us, he is after you. You need to cover yourself, he is dangerous.” I looked around, what is wrong with him?
“Why is he angry at me?” I heard many voices in the background.
“Is probably something with the baby, maybe? I tried to talk to him, just what I did with you.“ Pops came with my food. “Thanks.” I looked down at the table.
“He mumbled about your fights earlier or something, he told something about you want this relationship over. He wasn’t very clear about it. Where are you now?”
“I’m at Pops.” I started to eat my fries.
“You need to get out of there.” I put one of the fries down.
“Why? He doesn’t know I’m here.”
“No, but maybe he will show up, come back to the Whyte Wyrm. FP is looking for you too.”
“I’ll eat fast and then I’m gone. I will text you.”
“Just be careful, I don’t want anything to happen to you or the baby.” I smiled.
“I’ll be careful.”


I ate my fries. After 15 minutes, I was halfway done with my milkshake. I was scared that he would find me here. However, he can’t touch me.


The doorbell rang and a door closes after.
I felt a hand on my shoulder. I choked my milkshake and looked behind me to find FP standing there. I sighed in relief.
“Have you talk to Sweet Pea?” He asks; he sat down beside me. He had a scar on his cheek; the blood was still fresh.
“No, only Toni and Fangs.” He sighed and looked down at the table. “He is mad. Like really mad.” He looked up at me again. “Why?” He chuckled. “He is mad over that you left him. He wants this to be something. He is tired of arguing with you. He is not ready to have a baby, but he still wants to be with you.” “Then he should grow up.” “It’s Sweet Pea. He can’t… He is scared of this.” “Don’t you think I am too?” “Sure I do. But we’re talking about Sweet Pea.” “I knew I shouldn’t come back.” I sighed. I draw my straw around in my milkshake.
“Please don’t say that. You have permission to live here now. Don’t leave.” I sighed deeply. “I should go home.” “Do you think this is some ketchup?” He pointed to his cheek. It sure did looks seriously. “Sweet Pea gave it to me. He is no fun. You have woken a beast, Precious. You stepped on a snake; I wouldn’t go home to him.” “I can’t stay here anymore…”

I paid Pops and got up.
Just as I was turning around, I bumped into someone.
I looked up and saw Sweet Pea. I gulped and my eyes got wide.
“You’re going with me, NOW!” The last part he yelled; took me by the upper of my arm. FP got up and tried to get him of me. “You stay out of this!” He told FP. “Get your hands off her, Sweet Pea! She is not a toy!” FP snapped at him. Pea took a deep breath and he was still holding me tight. “I can hit you again FP.” “You can hit me as many times you want, but you’re not going to hurt her!” He came close to Pea. “I’m just taking her home.” “You tell me if he hits you!” FP looked down at me. “She is my girlfriend; I can do what I want with her.” He smirked and moved FP’s hand of him. He tightens his grip more, he gave FP the last glance and pushed me with him outside.

“Would you PLEASE get your hands off me?” I yelled at him. He ignored my wish. “SWEET PEA!” I yelled louder than before. He stopped in front of his bike.
“Would you please tell me what is going on?” His eyes were red; with no smile, they were burning into my eyes. He is mad, no doubt.

“We’re not over! We have to talk about this!” He shouted to me. “Not in that voice!” I yelled back at him. He breathed out. “You’re coming with me, NOW!” He took me by my wrist this time. It hurts a lot! “I have my car, I’m not riding that thing with you. You’re drunk!” I said angrily to him. “See you at home.” I started to walk over to my car. “If you’re not home in 5 minutes, I’m gonna find you, and this time I’m not playing the good guy.” He yelled at me. I didn’t look back at him. I was somewhat scared about it.


I parked in front of my house. His bike was right in front of me. I took a deep breath. I saw him standing outside my house waiting for me. He crossed his arms over his chest, his eyes were still red, and his hair was a mess.
I got out of my car and walked up to him slowly.
“Get your ass inside!” I nodded and did as he said.

He slammed the door behind me; I closed my eyes when the sound echoes in the house.
A shiver down my spine was enough for Pea to smile at me.

“So you want to break up with me?” I opened my eyes to meet his in front of me. His voice was raspy, you know; kind of drunk deep voice mixed with an angry jealous voice. “I’ve never said that,” I answered low to him. I looked down to break the tension between us.
“Then why are we keeping doing this?” He lifted my chin; he was holding me tight. “Because, you’re not growing up, Sweet Pea!” I snapped. He took a deep breath and then straighten up. “You don’t think I’m a man enough for you?” He smirked. “You never does! You keep acting like a little child! I want someone who actually wants this baby, want a family with me. I’m tired of this relationship is not going anywhere! I’m tired to see you come home every night drunk and angry over some stupid things Fangs, Toni or Jug had said to you. I’m tired to be that mom who says to all of my friends, that you’re just out to have some fun, but you’re out escaping what is going to happen. Why is it so hard for you to show that you really care about me?” “Hard for me? Do you have any idea how hard it was to wait here for you every day when you were in jail? Do you know how hard it is to see other boys flirting with you? Do you even know how it is to be me?“ “No Pea, I don’t know how it is to be you. You’re not the one who sat every day in jail and cried yourself to sleep, because you did some bad stuff…”
“Everyone who is after you, beat ME up? I’m taking a fucking bullet for you. I’ve been beaten up for your sake, I moved home to you because of my parents. You keep yelling at me, scolds me out every day, every fight you brought up, I’m the one to take the fucking trash. I’m doing the hard work here. So I’m more of a man than any other guy here!” We were just looking at each other.
“I KILLED PEOPLE SWEET PEA! I got in jail for that! I PROTECTED my family! I PROTECTED US! I’m the one who asks you EVERY SINGLE TIME if it’s a good idea you should hit that Ghoulies kid. I’m the one here who take care of us! I can’t do that anymore… I’m sick and tired of it Sweet Pea.” “Then don’t! I can take more on me if that what you want. Just make my life harder!” He snapped.
“So you’re telling me, that you have a hard time? That your life was better before me?” “Yes… I mean no… I mean… I don’t know.” A tear ran down on my cheek. “So it’s not even me who broke this relationship… It’s you.” I stepped back from him.
“Riley… No… Please…” I shook my head and still had tears down my cheeks. “I can’t believe I let you in… Let you do this to my body… Even made me think that we finally had our own place and could start to build our own family… However, I was wrong…” I sighed. “I was right about you… You were a perfect sample of a snake… You never know when you’re gonna attack and even if you do, you’re doing it when you feel threatened by something bigger than yourself.” He disgusted me. His breath has the most disgusting smell, but his words. Even worse.

“Precious, I’m not letting you go.” I crossed my arms. “Right… You don’t want this either. I can’t figure out where you are Pea. You don’t want to break up, but still starts these fights!” I yelled at him. “I’m just scared.” He mumbled. “Of what? You cut my uncle, your own leader, you yelled at Fangs and Toni for talking to you… You stood up for Archie and Reggie… You stood up for your own parents because of me… You’re the most handsome, smartest and the most intimidating person I know. How can I or anyone else scare you?” I stood in front of him with a fake smile on my lips.
“You scare me more than anything else in this world…” He chuckles short. “Why can’t you accept that this is happening?” He sighed; he is still drunk, he is still mad… I have to keep it down.
“In the beginning I was happy, you know? I thought that everything was going in the right direction, but then everything starts to hit us. Northside VS Southside, your parents came to town… Then you’re suspended from school… My parents won’t see you or me… I began to realize that maybe I will not be the best dad. But I will try to be the best boyfriend! I want to be there for you, but could never see where you were standing, you have many mood swings entries and I couldn’t get in touch with the right one… I started drinking to get away from the thoughts, but did not mind that went beyond you or our relationship…” He was sad over this… I might have been a little hard against him lately…
“Then tell me what you need right now!” I shouted. I need HIS words right now!
“I need you… I need you to understand that I want this! I want to live here with you!” I crossed my arms and a tear ran down my cheeks. “If you’re going to live here, you’re going to grow up!” He ran his hand through his hair and sighed.
“I can’t live here with a kid…” “Then I don’t want you here anymore… I take this seriously Sweet Pea! I don’t go out and get drunk to forget stuff, to forget to come home to dinner, I want this to work too, but I can’t when you’re not a man enough to see that I having a baby… That I need someone to protect our son and me. I need you to give me the answer…” I said quietly.

He took me by my shoulders. “GET YOUR HANDS OF ME!” I yelled, stepped away from him and looked away. “RILEY!” He yelled. “WHAT?” I yelled back at him. “It’s too hard for me.” “I don’t adopt my child away, just so you can stay with me.” “And I’m not going.” “Then I’m the one leaving.” I looked up at him. “You can’t just leave your apartment.” “Watch me!”

I walked into my bedroom; grab a bag and started to pack some clothes. Sweet Pea was standing in the doorframe watching me.
“You can’t just leave me here, Precious!” “I’m not staying in this apartment five more minutes with you.” “What am I supposed to do while you’re away?” “Start to grow up.” I snapped at him, still packing.

“I can’t watch you packing and leaving me.” I stopped and turned around to him. “And I can’t watch you breaking this relationship apart!” “Where can I find you?” I sighed. “On the road…” I turned around and zipped my bag.
“You can’t live there! You need to stay here with me!” “Not if you don’t want this!” I took my bag and walked to the door, but Pea stops me with both his hands. “You’re not going anywhere!” He said angrily to me.
I tried to get free from his grip, but he is stronger and taller than I am, I can’t win this fight.
“GET OFF ME!” I yelled, but he keeps on holding to me. “LISTEN TO ME RILEY!” He shook me and I looked into his eyes with fear. “In five months, you’re having a baby… We together find someone who wants him and we move back here and start from fresh with each other!” “Over my dead body!” He pressed his teeth together… He is mad now, more than before.
He was silence… He was just looking at me; maybe he was thinking what he’d say next… I’m scared, like really scared of him right now! I’ve never been scared of him before, but this time I’m scared he would hurt me or my son. 

“I’m not letting you go like this, Riley! I’d never let you! You’re my girlfriend and we’re staying together!” “This time? I’m not so sure!”

I came free from his grip and walked to the door.
He yelled at me again, I stopped and we just yelled at each other… Words I didn’t know how to explain… Words I knew we both would regret tomorrow! I can’t stand in this relationship if he doesn’t want a baby! I know it’s too soon, this was not my choice either! But when I think about it… A son, a baby, be a mom is maybe what I need. You know… Something is missing; maybe a son could help me with that.

I saw he clenched his fist, and growled at me. If he is going to hit me, I’m out!
He came closer to me, we were still yelling at each other, but his action was in slow motion for me. I covered myself with my arms; he stopped his actions and looked shocked at me. “What is matter with you?” He yelled. I looked over at him again. “I thought you were going to hit me,” I said quietly. He sighed and came over to me. “What is wrong with you? Of course, I won’t hit you, are you insane?” He said loudly to me. Does he think we’re in a bar? There is no music; he doesn’t have to shout off me.

“I’M INSANE? You think I’M INSANE?” I yelled. “Do you know how many times I have thought, that if anyone hits you, I wouldn’t forgive myself! If anything happens to you, I’ll kill those bastards!” “Then stop yelling at me! I can clearly hear you without you yelling at me!” I said.
“YOU THOUGHT THAT I WILL HIT YOU!” He hits the wall just beside me, I screamed and a tear fell down my cheek.

The door opened with a bang and I felt hands took me away from Sweet Pea. We yelled and I saw Fangs, Jughead and FP took Pea up against the wall. Everyone yelled at each other, voices got louder; he tried to hit them or at least push them away from him. Not even three men can hold him back… He yelled at them and the others took me outside. I cried aloud… Toni embraced me.
“There… There… Take it easy… We’re here!” She said low to me. She hugged me tightly.
“We’re taking it from here! Did he hurt you?” We separated our hugs, she looked me up and down. I shook my head and tried to remove the tears from my cheek.
I saw Betty standing beside Toni. “We heard you were screaming, so we moved in fast,” Betty said. I took a deep breath and nodded. “Did he hurt you?” She asked concerned. “No… We yelled a lot and I thought he would hit me, but he didn’t, but hit the wall beside me and then I screamed…” Toni took me into a hug again. “The boys will talk to him. You just pack your stuff and you’re staying at my house.” Toni said. “No, he will find her there! You can stay with me.” Betty said with a smile. We separated our hugs. “Thanks, but no… I will find a place to stay…” I said quietly.

I looked back at the house. I don’t know where I should stay… It’s my house, but I can’t stay there as long Sweet Pea is there.

FP came out to us. “Get your stuff and I will drive you to a hotel.” FP said and laid a hand on my shoulder. “Thanks.”

I walked in and saw Sweet Pea on the couch with Jughead and Fangs beside him.
They all looked over to me when I entered the living room. “I’m just picking up my stuff,” I said low and walked over to my bag.
“Where are you staying?” I heard Sweet Pea asked from the living room. I stood in the doorframe and looked over at him. “At a hotel,” I answered without starting a fight again. He nodded and looked down at his hands in front of him. “I don’t know how long I’m staying there, but if you would like to contact me, do it over the phone. I don’t want to see you right now.” He nodded again. “I’m sorry that I scared you…” He mumbled. “See you.” I took a deep breath and smiled at the others.

Jughead came over to me. “I’ll text you later when we’re leaving him.” He said in a quiet voice only I could hear. “Thanks, Jug.” I smiled.

I walked out to Toni, Betty, and FP. “You’re ready?” FP asked. I looked back at the house the last time before we drove away.
“Let’s get out of here.”

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