Dark Side

Riley 'Precious' Walker is back in Riverdale after 4 years out of town.

A lot of secrets are mixed up, some lies no one knows about and only one mission can explain it all.


14. Chapter 14.

I sat down at the bar. Toni stood in front of me with a glass in her hand and a smile on her face. “Something you want?” I looked up at her with a sad face. “The usual.” She nodded and gave me a glass.

“Something is bothering you, I can see it.” She smiled at me. I nodded quietly. “What it is? Is it Sweet Pea?” I put my glass on the table again. “He said that the baby is going to be a nightmare for him. He thinks he is going to be just like his own dad. That his son doesn’t gonna love him.” Toni smirked. “He doesn’t know what he is talking about. Sweet Pea is only 20 years old. He doesn’t know anything better than fights, bad family problems. We’re talking about Sweet Pea here. His son is going to love him to bits! I know it for sure!” “What is it that he doesn’t tell me?” “I don’t know. Maybe it’s cold feet.” “It’s already too late to get that. I’m having a baby in 5 months; there is no turning back here.” I smiled. “Talk to him about it.” “Toni, you know us. We can’t talk about things… We’re not that kind of couple.” “You have to do something.” “Yeah, but what? He is a perfect sample of a snake. You never know when he is going to attack you.” Toni giggled at it. “You’re so stupid sometimes. It’s Sweet Pea. He is a puppy. You can easily get him to tell the truth.” I sighed. “I’m not so sure anymore…” I lost my smile. She smiled at me. “You can’t do this alone Riley! You need him!” She said seriously.

I looked over at the pool tables where Pea was. He was talking to Fangs and two other people. I don’t know if he even cares about me anymore. Like I was just a girl to be with. I don’t know if he really wants this to happen? He told me that he wants a different family from his own, but can I trust that? FP is going to kill him if he hurt me, but if we broke up, FP is not going to touch him. It’s our choice.

I gave Toni my empty class and smiled at her. “See ya.” I smiled a fake smile; I got up and walked over to Pea and the others. They stop talking and gave me a glance.
“Pea. I don’t know what is going on in your stupid little head of yours, and if I should be honest, I don’t give a fuck. However, if you don’t want ‘this’ to happened. You shouldn’t do it in the first place. I’m heading out now. If you DO care about me, I’m not so easy to satisfy. Just don’t try too hard, I know how much you hate to do stuff. I can do this by myself. Just get out of my hair, if you don’t want the responsibility of this kid. I’m out.” I turned around on my heels and headed for the door.

I waved to Toni on the way and got outside the Whyte Wyrm.


I walked over to my car when I suddenly saw a familiar figure walking along the wall away from the Whyte Wyrm. I tried so hard to see who it was, but I couldn’t. He was gone. Gone by the corner. I followed him. I want to see who it was. Normally I don’t do that, but this guy… I have seen him before.

I turned around the corner and bumped into him. “I’m so sorry, I didn’t see-“ He looked up at me. “Precious?” He said.   
“Joaquin? Wh… What are you doing here in Riverdale?” I asked him. He smiled. “Your boyfriend called me.” My eyes got wide. “Sweet Pea? My Sweet Pea, my boyfriend? Why did he call you?” I grinned sarcastically at him. “Actually he called a week ago, but I couldn’t come before now.” I chuckle and rolled my eyes with a smile. “Why haven’t I heard from you in months?” “I would have called, but I didn’t want any contact with this town.” “You’re a Serpent! You can’t run away from us.” “After what happened with Jason Blossom, and Mustang, I couldn’t stay here, I heard what has happened here, and Sweet Pea wants me here with you.”

I’m gonna kill that kid! Joaquin is my best friend, haven’t seen him in 3 years. He knows the story too.

“What are you doing back in Riverdale?” I chuckle, looked down and then up at him. “I missed this. I missed you. Missed Sweet Pea.” The last part I said low. “How is it going with you two?” He crossed his arms with a smile. “Fine, I guess.” I didn’t know what to say. He is killing me right now.
“Last I talked to Sweet Pea, you guys were on the edge on a breakup.” I chuckle in a sarcastic way. Pea has to be careful.
“We were, but right now, I don’t know where we’re standing…” “I see you’re pregnant or you have gained a lot of weight.” He grinned; I smiled. “Yeah.” “Sweet Pea must be very happy about it.” I looked back to the Whyte Wyrm and then down.
“It’s something wrong?” He asks. I sniffled.
“Hey…” Joaquin said he took his hands under my chin and lifted it; I looked into his deep blue eyes. “What’s wrong?” I run my hands over my cheeks and then looked at him again. He removed his hand away.
“Pea doesn’t want this baby anymore. I’m not sure if he even wants me anymore…” I sniffled again. “Sweet Pea is just a teenager, he still wants to party, drink alcohol and has a lot of fights. He is a kid. He needs you right now. Now is your opportunity, to take responsibility for a child.” I chuckled. “He is a kid. Prove him that you chose the right person to have a kid with. Talk to him about it. Don’t yell at him, ask him correctly and don’t get mad at him, he hates that. I know that he loves you. You can’t let him down now. Prove that you’ll be a perfect mom. He will love you to bits.” “I can’t… I need to go.” A tear was running down my cheek.

I walked over to my car. I closed the door and looked over at Joaquin. He was just standing there… Didn’t move, he was just looking at me…
I saw Sweet Pea walked out from the Whyte Wyrm. He went straight to Joaquin. As if he knew, he was there.
I looked over at them to see what they were doing. I could see Joaquin’s face, he wasn’t happy, had a serious face, kind of angry. I’m nervous… I wonder what they’re talked about, maybe me. Maybe something else?

Sweet Pea looked over his shoulder and found me. We locked eyes, his eyes burned inside of me, no smile. I was crying, but I had a serious face when I looked at them.
He looked back at Joaquin and he looked over at me quickly, then back at Pea, and nodded.

Pea turned around and walked over to the Whyte Wyrm, he was looking at me again. He wants something, but I don’t know what that is.
Joaquin looked over at me with no smile, he looked a little sad. I could see Pea said some good stuff. Joaquin turned around and was gone.

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