Dark Side

Riley 'Precious' Walker is back in Riverdale after 4 years out of town.

A lot of secrets are mixed up, some lies no one knows about and only one mission can explain it all.


13. Chapter 13.

Today I have to make a presentation for Weatherbee. I was suspended last month, so right now I’m walking down the hallway to Weatherbee’s office.

After a half of hour, I came out and found Sweet Pea sitting and waiting for me. He got up when the door opened.
“How did it go?” “Good, I think… Not too hard for me doing this. He is just happy that I’m doing my things and keep my hands away from his school and his students…” Pea smiled, put his arm around me and kissed my top head. “I’m just proud of you.” I smiled. “I have something for you and your friends. Call Jughead, Fangs, and Toni and meet me in the history class.” I left him to get my cupcakes.

I lived with pain, love and so much more with Sweet Pea. It is finally time to announce the sex of the baby in my tummy.

I already know it for a while, but Sweet Pea doesn’t.

I closed my locker and went down to history class… I’m still suspended but I still have a locker, but I don’t have anything in it or wait I do. Some pictures of me and my friends.
I knew that cupcakes could make Pea happy, so I cooked some last night while he was in the Whyte Wyrm without me. I made only one for him; the rest of the cupcakes is normal ones. Therefore, I brought Toni, Jughead, and Fangs some too.

After I got my cupcakes, I met Sweet Pea, Jughead, Fangs, and Toni in the history classroom.
“As you know, I’m pregnant…“ They look at me with a smile. “And now in front of me, I have cupcakes to you guys.” They looked at them and then at me. “One of them is a color and that one is for Sweet Pea.” I looked at him and smiled. “So here.” I took the only one with a color in it and gave it to him. The rest of them took one after.

“Please take a bite.” I watched them eat their cupcake.
I looked at Sweet Pea, who has the whole cupcake in his mouth. “What is the color?” Toni Asked and they also looked at him. He didn’t answer in the first place until I came over to him. “Did you see the color?” He shook his head. “What?” “I ate it all in one bite. It tasted really delicious.” He smirked. “You idiot, I baked those for one reason, I’m not baking another!” I playfully punched him on the shoulder.
“I’m sorry, babe!” He kissed me on the head and took me into a hug. “It’s not okay,” I said playfully. “Can you just tell us already what it’s gonna be?” Jughead said. “No, that’s not funny. But this is either!” I looked angrily at Sweet Pea. “I already said I’m sorry.” He grins.

“I’ll tell it in another way then.” I smiled at them. “Can you tell us it without Sweet Pea knows it?” Toni asked. “No. I want everyone to know it at once.” Toni nods.



Later that day at the Whyte Wyrm, when all was there, plus Betty. I don’t know why she’s here. However, she is. I walked up on stage, took the microphone in my hands, and looks over them all.
In my right hand, I had a balloon hanging over me on a leash. They started to quiet down and looked up at me, I didn’t say anything… Yet…

“Hey everybody.” They quiet down and everybody looked at me. I’m nervous now. “In my hands, I have the answer everybody is burning to know. At least the most of you. I need someone up here, and I can see him from here.” I looked over at Sweet Pea, there was at the back of the room at the pool tables with the others.
“Sweet Pea, would you please come up here for a moment?” He was neither angry nor happy to come up here. He's not for attention like this, but it's fun. For me!

We were facing each other on the stage. “Here, take this.” I gave him the balloon.
“Here we have the answer. Inside this balloon is the color will prove what gender it will be.” Sweet Pea sighed. He wants to know it now.
“Here goes nothing…” I mumbled to myself.

I took out a needle and popped the balloon over his head.
Blue confetti flew over him; everyone clapped, cheered and probably toasted it. He looked down at me. “It’s a boy,” I said quietly to him. He hugged me and kissed me on the hair.


FP came over to us with a smile. “Congratulations kid.” He laid his hand on Sweet Pea’s shoulder. “Thanks, FP.” Pea smiled.

Something is not right here. Sweet Pea is not happy, as I had hoped. He has behaved differently lately. I want to know what it is! I got over where he was.
“We need to talk. Now!” He looked around confused but then followed me outside the Whyte Wyrm.

“What it is?” He asked me. “There is something you want to tell me?” He smirked and chuckles after. “No, why is that?” “Are you even happy about this?” “Of course I am! Why do you sound like Sheriff Keller all of sudden?” “Because you’re hiding something from me, Sweet Pea! And I don’t like it!” I’m mad at him now. He chuckles again.
“What is it that's so funny?” “Nothing… Just you.” “Me? Why am I so funny?” “You want me to tell you something I don’t know about. I’m not cheating on you. I’m not mad over it’s a boy. I’m not keeping anything from you.” “What is it then?” “Nothing! I just told you!” “I know there is something!” “FINE! There is something…” “I knew it.” He sighs.
“What it is then?” I asked him. “I don’t know if I’m really ready for this… Every day we came close to that baby. Every day is a nightmare to me. I’m going to be a dad… I don’t even like my own dad, how do you think my own son would like me?” “Will you just shut up please?” He just looked at me with confused eyes. “Your son will love you because you’re not your own dad. You’re going to be an amazing dad! If you just for once in your lifetime don’t go into more fights with the Northside, then it will be fine!” “I can’t promise that! There is a lot going on right now.” “Then you can keep on your nightmares. I can’t help here then. I’m going to have a baby, Pea. Our baby! I’m taking responsibility here. I can do this on my own. But promise one thing, Pea.” I breathed in. “Think before you act.” “Don’t you think I do that? I chose you; I would choose you over for whoever stands in the way. I don’t know if I’m ready for a baby. I still have school.” “Do you even care about me Pea?” He shut his mouth and straightened up. I knew it. He didn’t answer me.

I chuckled and rolled my eyes. “I knew this. Why did I even came back to you? You’re just a boy.” He came a foot closer to me. “If that what you think of me, then I’m done here. I don’t want you to turn down on me. I'm done arguing with you.” “Fine.” I went back inside.

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