Dark Side

Riley 'Precious' Walker is back in Riverdale after 4 years out of town.

A lot of secrets are mixed up, some lies no one knows about and only one mission can explain it all.


12. Chapter 12.

After the week was over. Sweet Pea and I will come back to the school with style. He hated the things Reggie’s friends did to him. He doesn’t like Reggie, not that I can disagree, I hate Reggie too. Now he hated Reggie even more. He wants revenge. He told me that he didn’t want to be nice to him. He wants blood from him. Reggie is going down.

I’m pregnant and my family knows. Cheryl was trying two weeks ago to ruin it for me, but I can take care of that.

Something in me wants to yell aloud to the whole world, that I killed my brother when I was eight. Just get it over with. Every parent in this town knows the story about me. The story has been told differently, none of them is true, but I really want to tell the truth. Actually, the whole story should come out. What I did to my brother, why I did it, where I was in seven years, why I killed two men for my parents.
But then again… I can’t…


I took the helmet off as Pea did too. He looked at me with no smile. I could see the seriousness in his face. He wants to go to this school. It’s better than Southside High, but then again, he hates the most of the people here.

He nodded to me and we walked in.
everyone looked at us. They were moving from us when we walked down the hallway. We have no mercy; we pushed them with our shoulder if they didn’t move away from us.

Cheryl came in front of us; we stopped and looked at her. She wasn’t happy, right now I don’t care about her. She wants something from us, but we didn’t do anything to her.

“Cheryl.” I started, Pea looked down at me and then over to Cheryl. “Riley.” She looked at me with a smile “The other snake Serpent dork.” She didn’t smile to Pea. “What do you want?” I asked her. “I suppose you haven’t read the news?” She crossed her arms in front of herself. “You can’t scare me like that, Cheryl.” “Oh, I didn’t do anything. I was just asking.” She smiled at me. Pea crossed his arms and looked sharp at her. “What did it say? That you’re a creep? You stalk people?” “There is nothing new about me. I’m more popular than you would ever be.” She smiled. “No one likes you, Cheryl. Therefore, you’re not popular. Most people don’t want to be near you anyway.” “What so ever jerk?” We all know she doesn’t like me, I’m fine with that. I don’t like her either.

“The news is about this little girl, who killed her own brother. The little girl reminds me of someone, who could that be. There was a name. Something with Riley Precious Walker. Do you know her? It’s kind of weird, isn’t it? The girl’s name is Riley Precious Walker… But you’re going with the name Precious. Why is that? Is it because of your brother? Are you hiding something from us? You have to be careful snake boy, maybe she is lying to you.” She smiled while her arms were crossed.
I looked up at Pea and then over at Cheryl. “How do you know this?” She chuckles. “Oh, Riley. I know everything about my enemies. It keeps me motivated. You know, like killing people is like a drug to you, ruin my enemies is mine.” I want to hit her. However, I JUST came back; I need to graduate this year!

She walked towards me; she came right up to me. “You’re about to get out of this town, less in a week, like you ever will be welcome here, snake girl. I know my game, maybe you should start to play along.” She whispers to me. She straightened up in front of me with a smile.

Sweet Pea took her wrist; he wants to hit her. Cheryl unraveled out of his grip and walked away from us with a smile.
“Damn I hate her,” I said under my breath.

We looked at Cheryl walking away from us. “Just let her go. I know how to handle this.” I crossed my arms and still looking at her walking away. “This time I will play my cards right and she would cry alone at home wishing she was never born,” I smirked and Pea looked down at me and then over to her. “Just you wait and see.” I smiled.

“Maybe we should see what they have written about you,” Pea said to me. I looked up at him and saw him looking down at me. I nodded and we headed to the corner where the newspaper laid on a table.

“She was only 8 years old when it happened. A happy family in Riverdale ended when this girl, Riley Precious Walker killed her own brother. She couldn’t defend herself and got a kick out of the town…”

I stopped reading the newspaper; I was in shock. Who wrote this? I knew Jughead couldn’t do it, he promised me not to. It could only be a person besides Jughead to the newspaper. Betty…
I close the newspaper and throw it on the table. “IM GONNA KILL HER!” I yelled. Pea took my wrist and tried to calm me.
“We have to talk to Principal Weatherbee!” Sweet Pea said in a calm voice. I tried to unravel my arms out of his strength, but he kept on holding it tighter to him. “Calm down Riley, violence wouldn’t win this fight.” I stopped and looked up at him with a mad face. No smile.

“Win this? No violence? You say this to me. Is it true? You don’t want to use violence to get revenge. What was the hell your opinion a months ago? You want to use revenge on Reggie a week ago, violence on the Southside vs Northside against Archie. No, I’m doing the right thing here! I’m stopping when I have her head in a bucket, and her body parts fed to the snakes in my backyard!” He let go of my wrist and I stormed out to look after Jughead and Betty. She is dead to me!


I saw Betty turned around a corner. I followed her down the hallway. She is dead to me!

“BETTY!” I yelled. She was gone. I walked faster to the classroom she was going into.
I finally got to the doorframe to her office. I saw Jughead in there too. Fantastic!

“Elisabeth Cooper, You’re dead to me!” I snapped when I walked in. Jughead and Betty turned around and looked at me.
Jughead looked suspicious at me and Betty more scared to face me.
I came up in front of Betty. “What the hell Betty! How can you write something like this about me? Did Jughead tell you to write this? Did he tell you my story about my family?” She blinked and looked scared. She should be!
“Riley, I don’t know what you’re talking about.” “Oh, you know exactly what I’m talking about. You wrote about the murderer against my brother, to get revenge on something. I don’t like you, Betty Cooper. I don’t know why you’re in my hair and do stuff like this. I accepted you into the Serpents. You’re one of us, even when I didn’t want you in the Whyte Wyrm in the first place. The only place I could be myself without you Northsider. What is your story then?” Jughead came closer to us.
“I didn’t write anything about you or your brother. Jughead only told me you’re his cousin.” I looked at Jughead. “You two… You’re both dead to me!” I snapped at them.

“Would you just relax? We haven’t done anything to you! You can’t just storm in here and yell at us for nothing.” “I know one of you did it! You both work on the newspaper! It can only be one of you two.” “We didn’t write anything yet.” I looked over at Betty again. “Yet? Where you gonna write some shit about me? I know none of you likes me, but write that in the newspaper, it’s lame of you. I trusted you Jughead. I thought we were a family here.”
“WHAT is going on in here?” I turned around to see Principal Weatherbee in the doorframe looking at us. I smiled and stepped towards him.
“Those two have written about my brother in their newspaper.” Principal Weatherbee looked over at them and then at me. “Miss Walker, my office. NOW!” He stepped aside and my eyes got wide. “But I didn’t do anything.” I walked over to him “Yet.” I said under my breath. “Now, Miss Walker.” Without a hesitation, I pushed their paper on the floor and got out of the room.

We walked down the hallway. I looked at the people moved for us. Everything was in slow motion for me.
Cheryl standing by her locker smiling at me. I gave her a glance.
Cheryl, so it was she. How?

I saw Sweet Pea, Toni and Fangs together; they were looking over at Principal Weatherbee and me. Toni looked sad at first, but I know she is on Cheryl’s side. They know each other; I hate it.


We ended at Principal Weatherbee’s office. His secretary gave me a glance on the way in.
I sat down in front of him. Sheriff Keller was standing behind him.
“Miss Walker, we need to talk about this newspaper.” Principal Weatherbee started. “Are you kicking me out?” “This is serious Riley.” Sheriff Keller answered. “The hell it is. I don’t want to stand responsible for it. It is in the past. You can’t just kick me out of town!” I was beginning to get angry now.
“We can’t have a murderer in our town.” “So after 12 years, you still want me out of town? I was away from everything in 7 years. I haven’t done anything since then.” “You killed two men for 4 years ago.” Sheriff Keller looked at some paper in his hands. “So this is it? You both want me out of town for something I did for 4 years ago. This is so typical! I've been in jail for both murders, what do you want from me? I have not done anything for years. You cannot just throw me out. I stop anyway at the school this year. Then you will never see me again.” “Even if you saved puppies out of the lake yesterday, you still have to go out of town.” “I have learned a lot about this shit. I’m not gonna kill more people, so what is the problem?”
Before someone could answer me, FP Jones came stormed through the door.
“No one talk now! Precious is coming with me now!” I got up from my seat.
“Mr. Jones. Miss. Walker here is suspended from school from now on.” Principal Weatherbee said. “You’re earning money to have kids at this school. Precious is a good student. She needs this. This is the only thing she has left. I was giving a chance after Jason’s dead. You got the wrong person, but I learned my falls. Precious is not harming anyone here!“ “That’s not the problem.” Sheriff Keller said.
“We got a phone call from an anonym person, which Riley is on time limit to kill someone again.” “You got to be kidding me.” I rolled my eyes. “This is serious business, Miss Walker! I don’t want students like you here. You can pack your stuff the end of the month and you’re out.” Principal Weatherbee said with a straight face.
“Can I do something to prove that I’m not a killer or I’m not going to hurt more people?” “What for an example?” “Help the janitor? Be a mentor? Walk kids home from school. Anything. I’m graduating this year, for god sake. I can’t go now!” Weatherbee looked up at Sheriff Keller, over at FP and then over to me.
“I’ll like to talk to your parents about this. I need some witnesses.” “Her parents don’t care about her, I’m her uncle, and I would like to take full responsibility for this kid.” He laid a hand on my shoulder.
“Fine. I would like to talk to Mr. Jones about this. So if you would like to wait outside for a moment, please Miss Walker.” I nodded and got up slowly. I looked at FP who is smiling at me.
“I got this.” He whispered to me so only I could hear.

I was walking around in circles in the waiting room. I rather want to graduate; on the other hand, I don’t want to go here… You can’t trust anybody here apparently…

Fangs, Sweet Pea and Toni came in and I stopped. “Have you suspended again?” Toni asks. I gave her a glance. “Maybe… You can thank your new girlfriend for that.” She looked confused at me and crossed her arms. “We’re not dating Riley.” “Oh, and I like Cheryl.” I snapped at her and began again to walk around in circles.
“Calm down Riley.” Fangs stop me. “I’m just nervous, you know.” “I know, but we’re here to support you.” I nodded.

The door opened to Weatherbee’s office. We all looked over to FP who walked out with a sad face.
I came up to him. “Well?” I asked him. He looked over at the others and then me. “You have this month left here…” He started. “Then you’re suspended…” “Will I graduate?” “Yes, but you must have homeschooling.” I sighed. “Mr. Weatherbee will send you homework and you have to make a presentation for him once a month. That's the only thing he expects from you.” I sighed deeply. “Fine… If that makes him happy.” FP nodded.

The door opened again and Sheriff Keller came out. “Riley, I expect that your uncle had told you the suspended?” I nodded. “Yes. I’m fine with it. I can make it.” “Good. We keep an eye on you.” He looked into my eyes. “Don’t arrest me before I do something.” I smiled. He did not… Maybe he is not the one to make fun of, FP chuckles. “Just keep your school, Miss Walker.” Said Weatherbee behind Sheriff Keller. I shut my mouth and nodded once.

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