Dark Side

Riley 'Precious' Walker is back in Riverdale after 4 years out of town.

A lot of secrets are mixed up, some lies no one knows about and only one mission can explain it all.


11. Chapter 11.

There was a heavy knock on the door. I turned the sound down and groaned as I got up and walked to the door.

I opened the door to my surprise.
“Mom… Dad?” My eyes got wide. How did they know I lived here? I saw FP and Jughead behind them. I’m going to kill those guys!
“What are you guys doing here?” “We will like to see how our little Riley is doing on her own.” My mom smiled and they just step right past me and into my house.
I looked at FP with mad eyes. He didn’t even look at me after.
You probably think “I thought your name was Precious. It’s not… My real name is Riley Precious Walker… FP added Precious because I’m his precious! My mom hates that name, but I don’t care. It’s actually only FP, Hog Eye, Joaquin and sometimes Sweet Pea who calls me for Precious. Everybody else calls me Riley.”

“No mom, what ARE you really doing here?” She sighs. “Your father and I heard that you’re in town again. How come?” She smiled sarcastically at me. My father doesn’t talk much when my mom is angry. On the other hand, tipsy, or latterly never when my mom is in the same room as him.

“Because this is my town.” “How is it to be back from jail?” She said, not even looking at me. “Good? I guess?” She took a seat on the couch, my father sat beside her.
“Do you want anything?” “Do you have any alcohol?” She looks around in her seat. “No mom. I’m not drinking anymore.” “Disappointed. I thought we were in my daughter’s house and not on the Northside…” I just looked at her.
FP took my wrist and took me into the kitchen.
“Relax; they won’t be here for long. Just don’t get angry, count to ten and they’re out.” He looked into my eyes. “Why did you drag them here? I was fine without them.” “I didn’t drag them here. They dragged me and I took Jughead with me, which will maybe get them to a normal conversation with you. Just be nice.” I sighed. “How can you betray me like this?” He took me by the collar of my shirt. “I don’t want to talk that loud about your own parents if I were you, Miss. Maybe you already forgot what they did to you?” I grab his hand away from me and looks at him disgusted. “Alright. But I’m warning you FP…” I pointed at him. “Just get in there kid.” He playfully pushed me into the living room again.

I took a seat on the chair.
“How is it to live here in Riverdale again?” I looked quickly at FP and then breathe out. I looked at my mom. “Fine, I guess. I don’t live here alone after all.” “You don’t?” “No, Sweet Pea is living here too.” I tried to smile. She looked around again. “He is not home right now,” I said before she will ask after him. My parents know about him and me. She doesn’t like Sweet Pea. Never asked why, and I don’t give a fuck. I love him and that matters the most.

There was an awkward silence between us. I looked at my mom and dad. My dad has so much to say, but cannot. Do not dare.
My mother was more absorbed in the lamp I have standing on the shelf next to me. It's an ugly lamp according to others. However, found it when I was little.

“Mom is there a reason, why you’re all here?” My mom looks down at me and then to my father. “Yes. We wanted to talk about that time you murdered the two guys for us.” I swallowed.
I was in shock. Murderer people is not funny. It’s not a hobby for me and no matter if you’re a bad or a good guy, murderer people is not good for you. I closed my mouth and looked over at her. “They’re dead. There is no more to add.” I crossed my arms.

“It was still not okay that you killed them. You’re our daughter, Riley. You could have been hurt! It was our mission and not yours. You must not meddle in what we are doing or whom we have business with. You just have to take care of your own things.” Said my mother strictly to me. “I know! But I thought you guys needed my help. I was just trying to help you.” “Next time, don’t.” “Next time? I hope there is no more time.” FP interrupted. “Forsythe you’re staying out of this too.” FP got up. “NO! No more of this business! This town has enough of that. We already got the fight between Northside and Southside. Penny is in the picture too. We can’t have more of this. I got far away from my family because of this. Precious was lucky this time, however… There won’t be the next time, not on my watch! The police already have an eye on our trailers! We don’t want more of your business here. Everyone is already after us, Serpent, it doesn’t help you come and make it worse!” He looked mad at my mom and dad. My mom got up and looked at FP. Not in a happy way.

“We do not want to mix you into anything! She was even guilty of jail! We're just trying to get her to stay away from us. Everyone in our area knows the story. Know us and know our daughter. She is wanted. We just want to know if she was going to come back or not so, we don’t do any business when she's there. You do not make it easier for us if you continue to do illegal things with Riley! If you have to keep an eye on her, do it better this time!” This got intense!

Jughead looked at FP and my mom and then over to me. I looked at him without a smile on my face. I knew about this. These two always fighting over me being a pain in the ass for my mom and her business.
FP looks down at me, and sigh. “Fine. I’ll take good care of her again.” “Again?” Sweet Pea stepped in and looked over at us.
I got up and stood in front of him. “What are you guys talking about?” They all looking at Sweet Pea and me. “My mom is here. Please just go to the kitchen, and get back, when you’re ready.” I tried to smile at him. He looks confused and I understand that. However, not right now!

I sat on Pea’s lap and Jughead took the chair. “Did you tell them about us?” Pea looks up at me and my eyes got wide in shock. No, I haven’t Sweet Pea!
“No, I haven’t,” I whispered to him. “Told us what?” My mom asked curiously. I looked over at her. “Nothing. Just nothing.” I smiled. “We’re pregnant.” Sweet Pea tells her. If my eyes could get any wider than this, it is.
“You’re what?” My mom’s voice got louder and angrier. I gulped. “Mom… Relax… I’m just pregnant…-“ "JUST pregnant? Have you any idea how hard it is to be a mom? So much to do, no sleep, always get early up in the morning. Moreover, what about it's too early to get pregnant?” “Mom, I’m not 15 anymore. I’m 20 and I want this!” She looks at Sweet Pea. “And you. How the hell could you do that to our daughter?” “MOM!” I yelled at her. She stopped and looks at me for a second.
“We have already talked about it. I’m not giving it away. I’m keeping it.” Pea looks at me and then at my mom. “I’m happy for you two. But promise one thing, dear.” I nodded. “Please be a better mom than I ever was over for you and your brother.” I sighed.

My brother is dead. Of course, she will mention him. Of course, she would use him on me.
FP looked at me when she mentioned him. He knows the story about him. It was me… Everybody knows, THAT is what I’m running from.

“Of course I’ll be a better mom.” I tried to smile. She did it too.
“Your brother? You had a brother?” Jughead asked. FP smacked him in the neck. “What?” He asked. “No don’t FP. He is new to this. I’ll tell him about it.” “I want to know it too.” Sweet Pea interrupted. I sighed deeply.

“I had a little brother when I was 5 or so. We were a happy family, no business, and no kills. When my brother and I got older. He got more attention than I got. I became jealous. He became more and more annoying to me. I did not like to see my parents complain about him. He was the most annoying kid you could ever meet. Always crying. Always screaming and shouting. He loved the attention so much that if my mother gave me something, he began to scream and throw things.” I sigh deeply again.
“One day my brother and I fight and it got overhanded that I ended up killing him.” Everyone was silent. No one said anything. They were just staring at me.
“I know. Everybody in the whole town knows about this. They called me a murderer in weeks. Back then, I was not welcome in this town. That I could go back my mother and father’s back and kill my little brother.” Sweet Pea drove his hand over my back.

“It’s traumatic, I got sent out of town and lived alone in a dead end. No food and no water. I looked more and more like Gollum and felt what he felt. Many places are thrown me out. No one wants an outsider.” I looked at FP. We both know something no one else knows.

“How did you come back? You were away in years.” I looked at Jughead. “One day, the police found me and drove me to jail. They were looking for me.” FP knows that day. He was devastated for days. I was gone… Out of reach for food from him. He is my uncle, his favorite…

“After 7 years away from all you know and loves. I would have thought that people would forget me, forget what I did to my family. However, I was wrong. I came back to everyone still remember it. After 7 years. No one likes me; I couldn’t play with their kids anymore. But I came back stronger than ever. I joined the Serpent. My parents didn’t like it, but I didn’t care. I found them again, they didn’t forgive me and I was alone in Riverdale. I lived with FP, back then… Every time I saw my parents, my mom told me to keep myself from their businesses.” I sighed deeply again.
“A year after I came back in town, I found Sweet Pea, the love of my life. My true love.-” I looked down at him, smiling. “Then I heard about my parents business with terrible people. I didn’t know what I should have done… They threatened me… I was scared, so I killed them after 6 months of business that I know about.”

My mom was in shock, I know it’s a lot to take in. Jughead didn’t say anything. The only one that knows the true story is FP… Because he is my uncle, we tell each other many things. We love each other a lot! He is my favorite too.
No one knows that he came with food to me back then, he was the only one that cared about me, and he never hated me. He forgives me quickly, he understands me every time.

“Why didn’t you go to your parents? Why did you have to kill them?” I looked at Jughead.
“Jug… They came to me. They knew who I was. What I did to my brother. They knew I was the daughter of the most dangerous people in town. I was alone and I couldn’t do anything. They’re monsters with a weapon and a black hood. They asked me about some things I don’t know anything about. They scared me. I could not do anything resistance. I killed them as they were heading out of the house.” “Why didn’t you just let them be? They were escaping anyway.” “I couldn’t let them in again. I couldn’t let them know that I was there, they would be had come back. I couldn’t let that happened.” I breathed out.
“Sometimes it might have been the answer. You made it worse for yourself.” My mom interrupted. I looked at her.
“She did what was best for you,” FP said for me. “Did she paid you to be like that? Does she have something on you?“ “She has nothing on me and you know that. I’m just being that family member she needs. I was there for her when no one else was.” “I’m her mother for god sake.” “Then start to be one.” He yelled back to her. Jughead had never seen this. I saw it the first 5 years of my life. I know how he feels.
“You've never changed, have you? You suck up to her. Always protecting her from us. You've always had something for her. Don’t you have enough in Jughead and Jellybean? Why should you take Riley from us?“ “I have enough of your complaining Margaret! Precious is a special person, it's your first born in our family. I don’t have anything for her! I’m her favorite family member, now I understand why!” My mom got silence for a moment.
“I do what I do.-” “You suspended your own child from the town, with no food. No place to go. Not even, stand up for her. You’re her mother.-” “Forsythe Pendleton!” Her voice got high and strong now. “You can’t just take her under your wings like that. She is my daughter! I do what is best for her!“ “Kick her out isn’t doing your best! You know better than that! You’re being old now… You don’t know how to be a kid, do you? Precious needs us right now. She needs a mom that can help her with pregnancy and be a mom.” I looked at FP; I actually don’t want my mom here anymore.
“Dad kicked you out, didn’t he?” “Don’t blame dad for this! This is about Precious.” “No, this is about you being a suck up to her and take her from me.” “I’m not taking anybody from you.” “Yes, you do! Right now.” “Margaret, Precious is her own person. She is pregnant and needs your help, right now you’re being a terrible mom. You always have been.” “You stay out of this Forsythe! She is my daughter!” “STOP!” I stand up. They quiet down and looks at me.
“Both of you! Yes, I’m my own person and no, I don’t WANT my mom here AT ALL!” I looked at FP. “I don’t need any of your help if you guys can’t even being in the same room! My kid shouldn’t be in this family if everything must be about my past. I know my past. You don’t have to make it worse.” I breathed out. “Yes, I’m back in town. No, I DON’T want to kill people! I don’t want to be a murder and I differently DON’T want to be in your stupid business, mom. Everything happened for a reason. I’m starting my own family. I don’t need your pity! The Serpents is my family now. Yes, FP is my favorite; no one else was there for me. Hog Eye is right. You have never change mom. You’re still that shitty mom that shouldn’t be a mom. I don’t want you here.” I crossed my arms and looked at her.
She got up and stands before me. “If that your wish, I’ll go. But don’t come crawling back if you are thrown out or need my help. My door will not be open to you anymore.” “It never was anyway.” She stepped away and my dad got up and after her out of my house.

The door slammed shut after them. I just stood there, without a word.

A tear rolled down on my cheek. I’m never going to see my parents again. I’m not even welcome at their house anymore… I know she is a shitty mom, but she is my mom, the only one… The one that got me into this world. But for fuck sake I hate her.

FP got up and goes to the door. “I’ll try to talk to her, she will und—“ “No she won’t… I don’t want her in my life anymore, I said what I have. Leave her alone. She deserves it.” I cried and said quietly to him. He stops and starred at me. “Are you sure? I can still talk to her.” “No… We have grown apart, she doesn’t need me and I don’t need her… If you will do something for me.—“ “Anything.” “Will you please leave me alone?” He let go of the doorknob and came up to me. “Are you insane? You need me more than you know.” The tears just keep going down my face. “Right now?” I took a deep breath. “I don’t.” We were just looking at each other. He looked into my eyes. To see if I will say sorry or anything, but I just stood there. No words.

“If that what you want.” “It is.” I nodded. He straightened up and looked at Jughead then back down at me. “Fine… Call me.” He goes to the door and looks back at me. “Are you sure?” “JUST GET THE HELL OUT OF MY HOUSE!” I yelled at him. I sniffled and he left my house.

Jughead got up and came over to me. “I… I need to go too.” I just nodded at him and Jughead left.

I tried to remove the tears from my cheek. I sniffled. Then I go to the kitchen still crying. Pea came out to me and stands behind me. “Do you need a moment alone?” I just looked down at the kitchen table. “I… I don’t know what I want right now…” I cried out.

Pea took me into his arms and hugged me tightly. “No matter what, I’m here for you.” I just cried in his arms, everything came out… I’m hurting… I can’t save this.

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