Dark Side

Riley 'Precious' Walker is back in Riverdale after 4 years out of town.

A lot of secrets are mixed up, some lies no one knows about and only one mission can explain it all.


10. Chapter 10.

Since Sweet Pea and I couldn’t go to school, we used Jughead to update us what is happening. A lot apparently… Hermione Lodge and Hiram Lodge are snapping up properties to expand their empire and feed. Twilight Drive-in, Sunnyside Trailer Park, Southside High, and now Pop’s Chock’lit Shoppe.

Hiram Lodge will turn Southside High into a private, for-profit prison.
Hermione Lodge would like to run for mayor of Riverdale. She wants to change something before it’s too late. She will build a maximum-security prison on the Southside. Now, that means jobs, economic growth, and stability. She THINKS it’ll give Riverdale its future back… She is a liar… Riverdale would never be the same after her!

Jughead told us a lot about Veronica. She wants to run for student council president. Like that’s going to happen. I’m not voting for her. Her family took everything from me. I’m not letting that happen again!
Jughead told us that Reggie is running too… Therefore, I’m out… I’m not voting for anyone!


Jughead came home to us to tell us that he wants to fight for Southside High, he won’t let go without a fight. At first, I thought he was going crazy, but Sweet Pea said yes to support him at the school if it means that Jughead will please let Southside go. It’s just a building… He was there for what, 3-4 days… He knows nothing compared to the others.

I said yes to come with them, but I wouldn’t stay there overnight. I’m a girl, I have a limit. I put on my Serpents jacket and my boots on, so I at least don’t make my feet wet in the rain.

We saw Archie came down to us on his bike. Jughead stepped forward to Archie.
“Well, well, well, the cavalry’s finally here. Guess that means we got Hiram’s attention.” “Are you nuts? Chaining yourself to this place? They’re gonna tear it down in two days, dude.” “Not unless Hiram wants the blood of nine young Serpents on his hands. We’re not going anywhere.” Archie looked at me and then at Jughead.
“Go and tell your boss we said that.”

Archie was gone. I can’t believe this is happening… I mean… Yeah, I hate the Lodge family and Yeah, I miss the old times, when the drive-in movie was there! That was my spot… I ran around there when I was a kid. Yeah, I had a childhood! Judge me all you want… My dad used to drive me there… Halfway through the movie, I always fall asleep cuddle up next to him. He didn’t want the other Serpents to wake me, so he always moves the car or got them to shut up, for my sake.
After the Lodge family got it and ruined it for all, I didn’t know where I should hang out at… Where I could fool around with Joaquin…


The day after, Betty and I showed up with some coffee to our boyfriends.
I was standing with Fangs and Sweet Pea and gave them my mug when Betty sat down on the street beside Jughead.
“God, why didn’t you call me last night, Jug? I would have brought you and your crew blankets.” “And you would’ve tried to stay the night.” “Are you sure you’re not gonna get arrested for trespassing? Or protesting without a permit?” “No. That’s the beauty of all this, Betty. If Sheriff Keller or his goons try to manhandle a bunch of teens peacefully trying to save their school, it will look ugly. Not to mention probably go viral, which… (Sighs) at this point, is publicity I would welcome.” Jughead looked over at his dad, who was looking at us.
“Also, no one’s gonna mess with those guys there.” He pointed to his dad and Betty smiled to FP and looked back at Jughead.
“Good point. I have some student council obligations with Veronica. But I’ll be back later tonight, okay?” They kissed and looked at each other.
“Go get them, Tracy Flick.” Jug answered and Betty got up from her seat and left us behind.


The day after everyone who was a student or an old student, many people came to Southside High.
Jughead and the other young Serpents was still standing in front of it.
I could see them from where I was standing, I would love to stand beside them, but this is not my fight. I hate the Lodge family, but my limit is this!

Everyone was yelling. “Save our school.” Repeatedly.

Archie came through the crowd up to Jughead. He had a bolt cutter over his shoulder. He tried to be a badass but all to me he is a jerk… An ass!
I moved up close to Sweet Pea and Fangs, to hear the story between them.

FP got between Jughead and Archie.
“Cops may let you by, Red, but you come in here, acting like a big man, I’ll knock you down.” “Dad, don’t. They’ll throw you in jail. Don’t give them an excuse.” Jughead said and pushed his dad aside. I grabbed FP’s arm and lead him over to where I was standing.
“I’m sorry, Jughead.” Jug just nodded slowly. “Me, too.” They looked at each other.
“I’m not gonna fight you, Archie.” He paused.
He looked around Archie. “Look around. Now people know what Hiram is doing. What’s happening here. This fight is not gonna go away. We’re not going to go away. So, go on. Cut us down. I want them to see you do it.” Jug lifted his hands to Archie.

Archie took a deep breath and cut the chains around Jugheads hands. He took Jughead away from the school, the other Serpents got free, and they were following Jughead. All of them curved around them. I saw how hard it was for Jughead to leave this behind him, but maybe it is for the best.

Jughead turned around and looked at Archie with a mad look. This is not the end. FP and I followed them out of there and I didn’t want to know what is going to happen.

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