Dark Side

Riley 'Precious' Walker is back in Riverdale after 4 years out of town.

A lot of secrets are mixed up, some lies no one knows about and only one mission can explain it all.


1. Chapter 1.

I walked down the hallway, no smile on my lips; I looked at the people by their lockers. They were moving away from me as I was walking. They were scared, that’s all right with me.

I’m finally back.

Southside High closed because of jingle jangle. My friends forced to move school and Riverdale High was the option.
I have one mission.

I stopped and looked down at their logos. Our logos painted on it, our snake symbol. Who did that? We don’t normally do stuff like that on others territories. This is so wrong!

I looked up to see someone with the same leather jacket as mine. I don’t know if he saw me, but lets us follow him.

I heard some voices from the student lounge, so I walked over to it. I saw a group of people sitting on the couch talking to each other.
I walked in and saw Sweet Pea, Toni, and Fangs sitting across the room. They did not have their jackets on, Sweet Pea's tattoo is not there anymore, what's going on here?

I walked over to them.
“Hey,” I said to Toni. The others looked up at me in surprise. “Riley!” Toni got up and hugged me. I don’t normally like hugs…
She separated the hug and chuckled. “Oh sorry about that.” She smiled and I nodded to her in forgiveness.

The others in the room looked over at us. “Hey, aren’t you Riley Precious Walker?” I turned around and a red-haired dude was standing before me. They were all looking at me, what did I do to them?
I looked at the red-haired dude with no smile at all. “Yeah, and who are you?” He gulped at my question. Is he afraid of me? Maybe I can use that against him.
“Archie… Archie Andrews.” I nodded and looked him up and down. “Oh, I thought you were Jason Blossom.” He closed his mouth. I turned around to my friends, I came back to them, and I want to know everything they have done.

“What is going on? Why are you back?” Asked Fangs. “My mom-“ “How did you know Jason Blossom?” Fangs, Sweet Pea and Toni looked behind me. I turned around to Archie.
“Everybody knows what happened to him,” I smirked. I know every little detail about the murderer.

“What are you doing here in Riverdale? Weren’t you banned in Riverdale for like 4 years ago?” A blonde girl talked. I looked down at her. I could see one of her friends shook his head 'no'. They are curious about me, no doubt.
“I was, but like half of a year ago, I got permission to come back. However, if I were you. I wouldn’t talk so loudly. Betty Cooper.” She looked shocked at me. “H… How…” “How did I know your name?” She nodded slowly. “I know your mother. Alice Cooper. You can ask her yourself. Say hi from me.” Betty leaned back on the couch.

“Why are you back, Riley?” Asked Archie. I looked up at him, he was trying to look strong and confident, but it’s not working for me at all.
“I got a mission to do,” I said. “What mission?” Sweet Pea asked me. I turned around to him and smiled. “One mission I can’t miss.” I walked over to the candy machine across the room.

I walked across a black-haired dude with a Bulldog jacket on.
He was looking at me with hungry eyes. I walked right past him.
“Take it off.” I ignored the Bulldog person and pressed bottoms on the machine.

I stopped when I heard his footstep came closer to me. “Take off that jacket, rat girl.” I chuckle and took my arm away from the machine.
I turned around to the Bulldog person. He was good-looking, no doubt. I gave him a glance. I don’t know him, I don’t know if he is a leader, a loser or what, but he is not going to waste my time here!
“Oh, you, I don’t think you know who you’re talking to.” I came closer to him. “Because you have no sense of honor, or history or loyalty.” “Stop it. Both of you.” I closed my mouth. The Serpent I saw earlier came over to us. I know I have seen him before, but where.

“Enough of this!” “What do you want, you little rat?” They were looking at each other. “Reggie, enough of your bullshit.” “That’s it!” Reggie began the fight between them. Fangs, Sweet Pea came and took the others Bulldogs.


We ended in Principal Weatherbee’s office with the others. They sat on the chairs and I stood up with the other Serpents and a black-haired girl who apparently knows him. She was the one who called Principal Weatherbee to get us here. She looks exactly the Lodge girl, FP told me about, and I don’t remember her name.
“You all have detention for fighting.” Weatherbee looked at the other Serpent.
“But I made myself clear to you, Mr. Jones. Take off that jacket or you’re suspended.” “Please, Jughead, just-“ “I guess I’m suspended.” Jughead? I know that name.

Weatherbee turned to me after Jughead was gone. “And for you young lady. I’ll say the same to you. Take off that jacket or you’ll be suspended as well.” I sighed and looked over at my friends… They were looking down at their feet. I can’t turn them down now!
“Can I speak to you in private?” I asked Weatherbee. He looked at my friends and then up at me.
“Fine. Come with me.”

We entered his office and he closed the door after us.
“What do you want Miss. Walker?” I sat across Principal Weatherbee.
“I want my freedom. Just like the others out there!” “THAT freedom Miss. Walker is nowhere to be seen. I have made it clear that no Southside Serpents wearing their leather jacket in my school.” “I don’t remember that you had a clothing rule here at school.” Principal Weatherbee stood up. “Miss. Walker. I don’t remember that you’re the one who rules the country? I’m the principal here at Riverdale High. It’s my duty that there is no bullying, vandalism, I want a clean school. No groups and no fuss in the hallways. We must all be here.” He sat down again.
“So everybody can just start here?” “Yeah, everybody that lives here in Riverdale of course. Everybody is welcome.” “Why should we shed our skin then? Why do you tell us to take off our jacket? We do not do any vandalism, we just want to be at a place where we are actually welcome, and we had no other place, of what I know. They need this. We are not evil; we just want to be ourselves. We do not want to decide on Bulldogs, we just want some friends. We’re trying our best to fit in on the Northside.” I’m starting to get angry now.
“Miss. Walker. I don’t want to talk about this anymore. Either you take off that jacket or you’re suspended.” I got up, still looking at him.
I leaned my hands on Principal Weatherbee’s counter and leaned forward. “You don’t want to mess with a snake, Principal Weatherbee. You can at least consider giving us a chance. It’s not our fault the Southside School closed… We’re standing here before you, without a place to be, what more do you want from us?” I straightened myself up.

I left him speechless and got outside the office. My friends were still here.
Sweet Pea came over to me. “Are you suspended?” I looked up at him, but I tried to walk around him, I don’t want to talk to anybody right now! I’m mad at this school. I can’t even wear a stupid leather jacket without sending the wrong signals… I hate this school!
Sweet Pea took me by my arms. “No. Leave me alone. I got to get out of here!” I walked out of the office and down the hallway to the library.

I walked past the secretary, straight to the books I need this semester.
I saw Betty with a book. Maybe I can walk past her without her knowing. The problem is, that my book it’s on her side, I don’t want to talk to her. I hate her!
My mom knows her mom, they were friends back then, and I don’t want to be friends with her again.

“Riley?” I heard her voice behind me. I turned around and she was holding a book in her hands with a smile.
“Hey.” I smiled fake to her. I walked past her and around the corner, but she was following me.
“How do you know me and my mother?” I looked from the bookshelf to her. “Your mom and my mom know each other from childhood; we were friends when we were kids. Remember. You pulled me by my hair and laughed at me because of, I was different. I hated you since then.” I walked past her with a smile.
“I’m sorry about that. I didn’t know-“ “Of course you didn’t. However, I don’t like you, Betty Cooper. So stay away from me. And your little friends.” I hissed at her. I smiled and walked away from her. I’m done here! I can’t be here anymore.


“RILEY!” I heard someone called me. Everyone looked at me, I can’t do anything. I’m just trying to be a student JUST like them. I haven’t taken my jacket off yet. I don’t care about Weatherbee.

I walked down to my locker I got last week. I heard footstep running to me from behind.
“RILEY WAIT!” I heard the voice again. I opened my locker took my jacket off.

“Riley, what did you told Betty? Keep your filthy hands off my girlfriend.” Jughead said in a loud voice.
I looked over at him, with no smile. “I didn’t say anything to her. I don’t even want her in my way. That means Archie and the black haired one too.” “You keep Archie and Veronica out of this! Especially Betty.” “So you’re dating her? Huh? This could be fun.” I smirked. “You stay away from them! I would not want to expel you again from Riverdale.” He came a foot closer to me.
“Jughead huh?” “What about me?” He hissed at me. “I’ve heard a lot about you. Expelled Penny Peabody, because she got some good stuff on you. You couldn’t let your dad do your dirty work. You’re the one who rules the newspapers with Betty Cooper in this town. Fine work. Maybe you shouldn’t talk that loud about others.” I hissed back at him.
“What are you REALLY doing here, Riley?” I sighed and tried to smile. “I’m here to stop you.” “From what?” “From this. Jughead, you’re doing things you may THINK would help other people, but maybe you should stop that. Fight for what it’s yours instead of doing that.” I pointed at him from head to toe and looked back at my locker.
“How is it to be out again? Did you have a good time in prison? Did you get new friends? We thought you’ll never come back. Why did they release you? You don’t even belong here anymore.”
I quickly turned around and grabbed him under his jaw, but not on his throat, I don’t want to choke him. I know the law. I pulled him against the locker next to mine and leaned toward him.
“Listen, you little brat. I know the Serpents law. I don’t go around, remove others’ tattoos, and think you are better than others. I know you Jughead. I’ve heard rumors about you. About your own father being in jail for murder on the one and only Jason Blossom. I know the rumors man. So don’t come here and tell me I don’t belong here. I’m not done playing games with you Jughead. Behave yourself. I’ve seen things you’ll never want to see. So don’t talk to me ever again. Understood?” I squeezed a little and he nodded.
I let go of him and he took a deep breath. “Now get out of here. You’re suspended.” Jughead left me alone.
I’m a loner… I love my friends, but being alone it’s the best thing for me.
I closed my locker with a bang and I started to walk down the hallway to my first class.

“Miss. Walker!” The same girl from Principal Weatherbee’s office who was standing up for Jughead came running towards me.
“What do YOU want?” I sighed.

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