Late Night Part 2 A novel

Thelma thought the nightmare was over. When she babysits another couple's children on Sunday night, she is attacked by another killer in Louisiana.


1. Late Night-1


Thelma looked at the window of her bedroom. She sensed movement down the hallway; she walked towards the door. She saw her father smiling at her. "Good morning, Thelma. Sunday's a rest day. We're going to Church", he told her. "That's fine, Dad. How're you doing?", she asked him. "We're fine. We'll be back by one o'clock for lunch", he answered her. Thelma grabbed her English book in her hand. She placed it in the brown bureau to the left of the room. And she saw her mother. "Hey, Mom! How're you?". Sharon smiled. "We're fine, Thelma; we're fine. Honey, let's go to Church. We don't want to be late". He kissed her, and she watched them leave their house...and drove away into the distance in their blue 2012 Mazda.


The rain was settled in. Officer Jessica Parker glanced at the weather. By eight-thirty in the morning, thunder boomed in the sky. Her former partner was transferred to another police station. She sipped her coffee. Then she ate her Hot Dog. "There's been staff cuts this year", Louisiana Police Officer Jennifer Zane said. Officer Parker nodded. "Crime will be up if there's more cuts", she stated. She hoped that the rain wouldn't harm them. "Let's get back to work", she said. And Officer Parker saw the rain was on the verge of flooding, as she prayed to God that everything was going to be fine.


Thelma heard her I-phone was ringing. 


"It's Kelli. Do you want to meet me at my house?", she asked her. "Sure. Is Brad there?", she answered.

"Brad's with Amber Lowe", Kelli said.

"Typical. He doesn't care about her. All he cares about is her money", Thelma said icily.

"She is ​rich", Kelli stated.

"I'll be there soon. I'll text Mom and Dad. Good-bye!". And she pressed the END button...and messaged her parents.


Amber kissed Brad.

"Kelli's invited us to her house for a party". 

"That's good. I haven't been to one for awhile", Brad said. He grabbed his black jacket.

"The rain's terrible the last couple of nights", Brad said. He looked at her, and they begun to plan for the night with their friends.


Thelma grabbed the keys from her purse.

She opened the front door, closed it, and walked towards Kelli's house.


By six o'clock in the evening, Thelma, Kelli, Brad, and Amber, smiled at each other. The cool night air caused everyone to wear sweaters; the air was cold. "I'll put the fire logs in the fireplace. Once the fire is alight, we'll be warm, "There's chips, dip, party pies, and coke", she added. Kelli nodded. Brad saw several children were with their parents talking outside the window. He grinned. And, as they ate their dinner, they didn't notice the new killer was holding a sharp knife in his black gloved hands, and walked towards the brightly-lit house before they could do anything about him.


"I don't want to meet another killer", Thelma said. She warmed her hands. The teenagers looked at her. "The police will deal with someone who wants to harm us", Amber said. She knew her father worked for the Louisiana Police Chief; she was eager to deal with the news that they would survive the night by Midnight. If they did survive the night....


Louisiana Police Officer Parker focused on the houses. She was near the lamps that illuminated Olive Road. "The killer's not there", Officer Ben Melendez, Jr., said. He was on the first night of their shift. "The other killer is dead. It's the Holy Night: Sunday". She stared at the group of priests who were walking to the Catholic Church nearby. They were late for the six o'clock service due to an important meeting in the afternoon. Officer Parker saw a black 2008 van. "It looks like several teenagers are having a party", Officer Melendez said. He smiled at the old memories of his youth at Phi Kappa Kappa fraternity; he was now married and had three children. He was thirty-two years' old. And Sandra worked as a Nurse at Louisiana Hospital. She worked from six o'clock to three am. It paid the bills for them. She was thirty years old. Officer Melendez, who grew up in Los Angeles, California, hated the gangs in the city. When he graduated, he left home to be a police officer in Louisiana to start again. When he made enough money, he bought a house in the Deep South for $550,000 back in the winter of 2005. A year later, in 2006, he met his wife at an ice rink, and everything fell into place.

"Everything's far", Officer Parker said.

"Wait; just wait", Officer Melendez stated.

And they did.


Thelma heard a noise.

"Who's there?", she asked.

No one answered her.

She shuddered. 

And she focused on all of her friends, and waited for the morning to come.

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