Late Night A novel

Thelma Cole is a normal fifteen year old teenagers from Austin, Texas. When she babysits during Saturday night, she falls victim to a killer who is eager to attack her at all costs.


1. Late Night-Part One



Thelma gazed at the Marshall House. She shivered from the cold rain; she looked at the 'Welcome​' mat. She knocked on the front door. When it opened, a couple smiled at her. "Good evening. I'm Robert Sherman. This is my wife, Sharon. Maddie and John are in their bedroom. If you need us, here's our cell phone number. You can ring 9-1-1 for the police if someone attempts to break into the house. We have high-definition cameras around the house for security; we have a meeting to go at the Louisiana Restaurant called ​The Foster Arms Hotel​. Here's the number". Thelma smiled. "I'll put the numbers into my I-phone". And, as she did so, she was glad to be paid two hundred dollars for three hours tonight. She watched the young couple in their late thirties walk towards their black 2012 van. Once they went inside, Thelma waved at them, and watched them drive away. She then closed the front door, and flicked on the light with her right hand.


Thelma had long, black hair, hazel eyes, and petite. She was wearing a red dress, black socks, and black shoes on her small feet. Her silver watch glistened in the left hand. She saw the framed pictures of the Marshall family. She focused her attention on the long hallway which was guarded by British knight statues; she shivered as the heavy rain fell down onto the glass windows. Suddenly she heard the sound of laughing coming from upstairs. The door opened. And she saw the children were dressed in their blue pyjamas. "Hello, I'm Thelma. You must be Maddie, and John". She grinned at them. "We're hungry", Maddie complained. "Maybe we can have some pizza", Thelma said. "Great!", John said. And she used her I-phone, and ordered from the Pizza Hut app.



The howling wind blew from the south in Louisiana. Todd Kane Meadows held onto the knife in his right hand. He breathed in the air; he was eager to deal with death. He remembered his first death. It was in the winter of 2005. He had dragged the body of his girlfriend, Stacie Graham, into the bayous; he was eager to think about the process that caused him to commit the crime. The eighteen year old dancer was on a date with him. And, in a hate-fuelled, rage, he had attacked her. When he buried her in the deep water, he left Louisiana for a decade. By two thousand and fifteen, he had returned to the Southern city. He was now thirty-three. It was now January 22, 2018; it was a dark evening, as he felt the chilly air. He walked towards Edward Street, and saw Thelma talking to two children. He held onto the knife in his left hand, and begun to stalk them.



Thelma headed towards the restroom. She opened the door, and went inside. By seven o'clock, the doorbell rang. She opened the door, and took out fifty dollars from her black purse. The pizza delivery boy smiled at her. "I haven't seen you here. I'm Todd". Thelma smiled. "Thelma. I'm babysitting Maddie and John". He nodded. "Hi, kids. How're you doing?", he asked them. "Good", John answered him. "Here's the change". Thelma grabbed the twenty dollars, and put them in her purse. As she watched him leave, and drive away, she closed the door...and they ate their dinner.


Todd Kane Meadows walked towards the front door. He gripped the knife, and waited for any police sirens. He was wet from the heavy rain. He ignored being drenched. He saw the cameras. He grabbed a tattered black cloth in his left hand; he pressed the front doorbell. Thelma frowned. She opened the light blue curtains. She saw the killer watching her. "What's wrong, Thelma?", John asked her. "There's a stranger outside", she answered him. Maddie shivered. She wasn't used to be scared; she looked out of the window. "Call 9-1-1", she said.

And she grabbed her I-phone, and called the Louisiana Police Department.


Louisiana Police Officer Lowell P. Jones, III, twenty-six, ate a hamburger, as he sipped his warm coffee. His partner, Jessica Parker, twenty-four, looked around. She hadn't imagined her career would take off by catching killers on the loose. She had graduated with honours from Harvard Law School's psychology department two year's ago. "Louisiana's crime rate is down", she said. She finished eating her hamburger, as she shivered from the freezing weather. "I hate rain", Police Officer Lowell P. Jones, III, said. By seven-thirty in the late evening, they finished their dinner. Afterwards, both of them put the hamburger wrappers in a trash bin, and the coffee cups. Then a female voice spoke from their car. "​Attention officers! There's been a murder at 168 Moll Road, Louisiana. The killer is unknown...​". Officer Jones, III, picked up the phone. "We'll  head to the address now. Over​", he stated. And both of them opened the doors, put their seat belt on, and closed the doors. Officer Jessica Parker drove to the address in five minutes' time. "Bad weather", she said. "Yes it is", Officer Lowell, III, said. When she reached the dark house, the lamps weren't on. Officer Parker used the lights of the car, and it illuminated the dim windows. They took their seat belts off, and opened the doors, and gripped their new flashlights in their hands. Then both of them searched the area. When they saw no one was around, both of them returned to the police car, and attended to other police matters that concerned them.

It was eight-thirty in the evening.


Thelma backed away from the eerie windows. 

"Don't move, kids", she said. She saw a fire poker that was in the spacious hallway; she gripped it in her left hand. The cameras zoomed towards her. Suddenly the killer smiled. "I'm coming for you", he said. He gripped the knife then he disappeared.



John cried.

"What can we do, Thelma?", he asked her.

"We'll make sure the police will arrive on time", she answered. Maddie shuddered. 

"I'm scared", she said.

"I'll protect you", Thelma told her.

And she reported the killer, and all three of them waited for help.


Todd Kane Meadows saw the wailing sirens. He backed away from the house. He was about to break-in, when he saw Police Officers Lowell P. Jones, III, and Officer Jessica Parker. They opened the doors, and aimed their .38 Smith & Wesson guns. "HOLD IT! POLICE!!!​", they yelled. The killer turned towards their attention. Before he could do anything, he was shot in the chest. He fell downward onto the concrete pathway, and died instantly.


Robert Sherman and his wife, Sharon, arrived at their home by nine o'clock. The bright lamps illuminated the house. "John, Maddie! Are you alright?", Robert asked. "Yes, Dad!", they answered. Thelma was glad that the terror was over. She saw Police Officers Lowell P. Jones, III, and Officer Jessica Parker, were interviewing them. By nine-thirty, they heard the sounds of an ambulance coming down the street. A tall woman in her forties arrived. When she saw the dead body of the killer, the coroner spoke. "It's over! Now, I want the body to be taken to the Louisiana Morgue for an autopsy". And she begun to photograph the body, and secured the house with Louisiana Police Officers. By Midnight, the body was taken away into the waiting ambulance. And, as the back door was closed, the rain continued to fall.

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