Home Town

What happens When the young painter Nicole travels back to her old home town. Where every thing has changed and she has to start her new school Kingston High. She has little to no friends and people think she's weird, but then she meets the infamous Guy the popular guy with the slutty girlfriend... they go through ups and downs together fall in and out What will happen.


1. Chapter 1

Car Journey Back

The car window softly buzzed as the wind blew Nicole's hair. It reminded her of the sea not because they were passing an ocean, Because it reminded her how the family used to go with there old dag just before they moved far away from the home they were going back to.

​She could remember having to break the news to her very few friends in primary 7. They were so two faced. Nicole never liked to think of the day she'd go back to that terrible place. In some ways she hated her parents for moving, but then she knew it was for the best. Nicole would be going to Kingston high; the school she would have went to instead of middle stone or as she called it. Hell.

​Nicole never had time for much. She liked to draw but she was the awkward kid at the back of the class; who never talked and had no friends. She never thought that much about it, because she never talked so what was the point on getting worked up on people that don't matter but she was moving school so now she can redo her reputation.

​But none the less Nicole knew she had changed... well in her looks at least she knew a few people would know who she was but that didn't bother her it'd be nice to see some old faces other than the cow, they had been enemies in Primary 7. she had been bullied but it wasn't as bad as her high school. Nicole instead of thinking she was the main character in her own story she was merrily a background character; like when you play games Nicole was nor a beauty or a bore she was a dark haired pale skinned chubby girl.

The car jolted forward. Nicole's train of thought had been lost. she looked out the window again realizing that she was outside her new home. "Nicole here's your bag go get your room and get ready for bed early start tomorrow" my mum shouted over to me i just nodded. I wonder if Ben still remembers me Ben was my best friend in primary school, we did try to keep in touch but you cant really keep talking when you mover to a completely different country.

Nicole just finished unpacking she was sitting up her wifi. This was actuly good for her she had a chance to completely reinvent herself what would she do who would she be. More important who will she meet.

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