A Day in Our Life

Hello. This is a day in our lives. This is real, we swear. But you shouldn't. caution: radiation area. (that's short for we're weird)


2. chapter zwei (that's german)

"How to kill a chicken..."

I was super excited when I found out I got to go into space. I had been preparing for the opportunity by eating many potatoes everyday. I had grown to love them so much that I would now bathe in them. My mother was growing very concerned for my strange habit because she had heard the habit was very dangerous. It was said to cause many problems such as hallucinations and very short term memory. I had twice woken up screaming for my mother saying my high school geometry teacher was doing the worm naked in the middle of my bedroom. This happened a few times before my mother finally decided to tell the space people that I couldn't go but they told her, "She's going, whether she likes it or not." So, finally the day came. November 56, 1444. I was going to space. The day before the world celebrated with the now high cholesterol fat me. This was the first time a person would be going to the sun. I insisted in bringing my pink chicken named Robbie, who had been dreaming to the sun ever since he was a little chick. I had to bring him with because when he was a chick, he was bullied by the other chicks for his "dumb and impossible" dream. So off we went with our diamond rocket ship stocked up with cheap wine. Another side effect with potato bathing was that you became a cheap wine-aholic. Four minutes later, they blasted off with a banner leading behind that read, "My middle finger salutes you!" People below starting saluting back to me while screaming "Never come back!" But I couldn't hear them so I opened the window to hear them better. I braced myself while trying not to be sucked away by my stupid mistake. But Robbie was only a mere chicken and got sucked away into the wind. I stuck my arm out to try and catch him but lost my footing and slipped. I fell screaming, "I regret nothing!" then got strangled by my banner. A day later I woke up hearing "Thank you Superman for saving her. My middle finger sure salutes you!" (That was the doctor) I then fell in love with Superman and lived happily ever after. But sadly, Robbie fell into a KFC bucket... true story, we swear. But you shouldn't. ;)

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