A Day in Our Life

Hello. This is a day in our lives. This is real, we swear. But you shouldn't. caution: radiation area. (that's short for we're weird)


1. Chapter Ein (that's german)



    I was a very awkward, nerdy, sedimentary rock. I never really fit in with the other rocks. But that was okay, at least that was what my mother said. She said I just hadn’t evolved yet. One day I would be a big, strong metamorphic rock by being heated and compacted.

One day, I was sitting all alone in my room, reading the new comic book my grandma gave me for my birthday, ‘The Adventures of Rock Man’. When the walls of my room started to crack open. I was very confused and frightened. The walls started to close in on me. My top surface started to melt and I felt pressure all around me.

“I’m MEEEELTING!!!!” I screamed. “MOM!” I screamed again.

My mom, dad, and cool igneous rock brother ran into the room.

“No, no sweetie. You're not melting you are just going through some changes.” my mom said in a calming voice.

“Jeez Toby, quit being such a pile of sand.” my older brother Dragon teased with his 2008 druggy voice. Or at leased Dragon was what he told them to call him, his real name was Arnold.

“Just cool yourself, son.” my father said. I tried my best to calm down. When I opened my eyes, POW. I was a metamorphic rock.

“Now.” I started. “You can call me… Johnny Deep.”

The next day at rock school, when I walked through the halls all the girl rocks fainted at the hotness that still radiated off of me from yesterday, and Johnny Deep’s new appearance.

That night, I decided I was going to go through all my things and burn all the things that once mattered to the Toby side of me. I carried all my nerdy things to the back yard with my strong metamorphic muscle. I put it all in a pile and stole a lighter and a starbucks from the nearest gas station.

Once the pile was a blaze, I began to jump around. Just then, the Toby side of me shown. I slipped on a small pebble and fell into the blazing fire. At that moment a volcano burst from the ground. I melted. A few long moments later. I was a cool igneous rock like Dragon.

“And now.” I started, “They can call me….. The Phoenix.”

I very much enjoyed my time as The Phoenix, but a couple thousand years later, I was torn apart and blew off into the wind. Then I was compacted together again. Then I was right back to where I started. As Toby, the nerdy and awkward sedimentary rock.  

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