Don't Catch Fire

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  • Published: 12 Mar 2018
  • Updated: 12 Mar 2018
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it is my imaginative conceptualisation of a television advertisement. I write in present tense purposely. Please do provide feedback on writing style and narrative.


1. Oh String.... Please don't catch fire!!

He sits on the floor. He sits on the floor in squatting position. His potters wheel is in front of him. It is not too big, not too small. It is his deity. His hands are soiled with clay. The sun has been set hours before. It is dinner time. But, he doesn't feel hungry when he works. He looks determined. He might have set a target for that day.


He wears a thong, poor man's kind – made out of torn bath towel. He wears a stained shirt too, given generously by somebody. He is dark, but not too dark. Some reddish ness has mixed into his darkness. He might be pale white once, when he was born. Like his cloths, he too needs proper washing may be. He doesn't have proper lighting sources. It is dim and dingy. A lantern hangs from the roof.


It is windy. As a room with about to fall walls and an asbestos roof, it is vulnerable to winds. But he is not fearful of them. He is not even fearful to the horrible sounds the cyclonic wind making of. He is looking like he is least concerned of them. Actually he is sees them frequently. The debris of a old hut, that is what he is working in, is on a hill. There is a river passing by. You can see the river from his place, always. in between, he takes off his eyes of from his wheel to see the river. He admires the river. It seems they both communicate with each other silently.


There is a chair too this place. You cannot be sure it can hold if you sit. He never tries to sit in it. There are some other equipment, necessary for pottery. Outside of the hut, he burns his pots. The warmth of the fire keeps him active.


The fire that is intended to burn the pots, is lit. ironically, there are no readied pots to burn. The pots he did are broken when he put them on fire. He is feels humiliated. He doesn't need to feel humiliated. He uses the river water to mix in the clay. Recently set up factories polluting it. The pollutants altered the functionality of clay. This id the reason for their breakage. He does not know this. He can not imagine also, as he is illiterate.


Now he is so determined to do a lot of them and burn them. He wants to see tomorrow morning, his stock piled up to its regular level. He is doing a lot of them. They are breaking right away when he keeps them on fire. The fire is burning with a strange emptiness in its heart. It is just looking like a campfire. The fire is moving vigorously as if it is dancing. It is also looks like it is shouting at the river. Shouting for the misery the river caused to its master. What it doesn't know is, the river it self is weeping secretly for its the potter.

The potter does not know the friction between the natural elements. He is doing his work anxiously. A casual look towards the river makes his eyes widen. He sees his daughter rowing a boat on the river. He understands his wife sent food for him. But he is not happy at his wife's efforts. He doesn't like to risk the well being of his family. His daughter, especially. He thinks he should explain his wife how dangerous it is. How dangerous it is to sail when the weather is not right. He himselfs calms him after understanding his wife's concern for him. He decides to never skip going home for meal. If he do so, there is no need to his family members to risk their lives.

He stops his work temporarily. He gets up and watches his daughter's sail carefully. She reaches the bank. She starts to climb the roughly sculpted steps to reach her father.


He sits again. He doesn't want her to know his concern for her. She comes up and put forward the lunch box in front of his face. He senses that her small palm, with a small, old aluminum box, is waiting in front of his face. He lifts his face. He does not take it. He tells her to keep that on the chair, with a body and face gesture. He drowns himself in work again. He listens her fading footsteps.


He gets up again to see her sail. He sees her till she vanishes into the dark. Then he searches and can not find the lunch box on the chair. After a little effort, he finds it hanging over the fire. It is being hanged with xyz brand cables. They do not catch fire. They helps the little girl in serving hot food to her father. Everything in nature wants to help the efforts that are filled with love.

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