Wolf pack

Rue has always been a loner, but what happens when the most popular guys in school put their eyes on her.(Werewolf story)


1. Chapter 1

"Knight where are you?" I said. I looked into the woods he had to be there. I walked into the night. The moon was full. I called out his name several times, but there was no anwser. Where could this cat possibly be? I was about to give up hope when I heared a faint meow in the distance. I ran to it, but stoped in my tracks when I saw 4 wolves sorroweding my cat. I had to do something Knight was my only family. That's when I got an idea. I walked over to a tree as quietly as possible. From there I climbed it right above where the wolves were. I had a fifty, fifty chance of this plan working so it was all or nothing. I jumped out of the tree right into the middle of the wolves sorroweding my cat. I scooped Knight into my arms and ran away, but as I looked back at the wolves they turned into humans. I ran and ran until I was at my house and locked all my doors and windows. 

The next day

I woke up with Knight in my arms. I had to get up today was the end of spring break so I had to go to school. I got ready for the day and walked out the door. Today was going to be another crappy day of school. I hated everyone there because they wouldn't leave me alone. I don't get why people constintly half to be around each other. After walking for what felt like forever I reached school. I put on my headphones and walked inside.


"Who do you think that girl was last night?"Jake asked as we walked to school. 

"I don't know,"I said. To be honest I was kinda wondering myself. I mean she came out of nowhere and jumped in front of us. And her scent is amazing too. We reached school and as usal everyone was staring at us. The I smelled her the scent from last night. Where was it coming from? 

"She's here,"Blake whispered. We all walked together and followed her scent. Then we saw her. She had short silver and black hair that was beautiful.

She was wear our school uniform with a red jacket and matching headphones. To our luck the student council president walked by. I grabbed him.

"Who is that?"I asked the president pointing to the girl.

"Um...she's Rue Longwood,"The president said.

"If you like her or something I should warn you,"he said.

"She doesn't talk to anyone and honestly I thinks she hates everyone here,"he said thinking to himself.

I knew he want to say something so I asked,"What do you want to say president?"

"Well..well she is basically the sexy..um...loner of the school,"with those worlds he left. 

"I get it now he likes her,"Jay laughted. 

"How could you not I mean look at her,"Jake said. For a moment she looked at us. 

"Let's go,"I said and they followed. After school we stopped her right in her tracks.


I looked the boys who were stopping me from leaving this hell. Some how I thought they looked familior. 

"What do you want?"I asked. I was in a hallway with no one else, but them. This wasn't good at all. I tried to walk away, but as soon as I did that the leader I asume pined me aginest the wall.

"I want you,"he said smiling a devilous grin.

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