Trust Is A Funny Word

Bad decisions...we all make them it’s part of our nature, sometimes we don’t even understand we are making a bad decision until later.
Whether it’s not doing something in time, saying something to someone, or even not saying anything, we still regret it later, that’s why they are called bad decisions.


1. Every bad decision has a start

C1: Every bad decision has a start

“He thinks that you are hot”

“Wait, uh what? Excuse me?”.

This is the moment that ruined...well everything. I didn’t understand that at the time, well how could I have known or even understood that he could ruin everything I’ve been trying to build up for the past couple of years. And of course at the time I didn’t understand that and was actually excited because I was, uh how do I say this nicely...dumb(not much has changed tho). But right now writing this, all I wish is that I could have changed this and said something else or done something, or better yet done nothing, but I guess you cannot change what you’ve done, you can only hope that somehow you don’t make the same stupid decision in the future.

So let’s get back and see what my stupid self did next:

“So are you interested or no? What should I tell him?”

“Ally it’s an easy question: yes or no?”


And that was the first bad decision that started this shit.

Authors note: The chapters do get longer, but the first couple are going to be quite short

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