Mary Potter

Mary potter was an ordinary girl with extraordinary powers. She could talk to animals when no one else couldn't, she was a parasol toungue and she was the twin sister of the famous Harry Potter


2. The truth

I walk home to find a man I don't know sitting in a chair. He has shoulder length black hair and a grimace on his face. He looked at me with curiousty like he wanted to study me. Uh hello and who are you? Professor Snape I will be your teacher for potions. Oh okay. Sirius walked in holding a pot of tea. Oh Mary your home this is professor Snape! I know. I sit down across from both of them. So what are you doing here Snape? Professor Snape Sirius corrects me. Well I will be your mentor on your journey to Hogwarts. I am the keeper of Slytherin the best house ever. Houses? There are houses at Hogwarts? Sirius hasn't told you much has he? Nope! Well let's start at the beginning. You know your mother and father were James and Lily potter, yes? Uh yes. Did you know they died from a powerful wizard named he looks like he is about to say something but decides not to. Well his name is he who must not be named. Okay? Why can't we say his name? Super stition. Oh I don't care what is his name? Uh Voldemort. Oh ok yes now I know Voldemort killed my parents. Did you know you have a twin brother? No. I do?! Yes and his name is Harry Potter and he is very famous in the wizarding world. Is he my twin or is he older? Twin. Sweet! Where is he? In Britian living with your aunt and uncle and evil cousin the Dursley's. So will I get to meet this Harry Potter? Yes you and him are both first years. Oh and also not to sound full of myself or anything but am I famous in the Wizarding world. Yes. cool I guess. My arm starts to throb and I pull my sleeve up revealing a scar in the shape of a lightening bolt. Wait you have the lightning bolt scar too? Yes. I scratch the scar so hard the skin around it turns almost the color of my hair. You know Snape says you look exactly like your mother. I do? Yes you have the same eyes and hair. Thank you I always wanted know what they look like.

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