Mary Potter

Mary potter was an ordinary girl with extraordinary powers. She could talk to animals when no one else couldn't, she was a parasol toungue and she was the twin sister of the famous Harry Potter


1. The girl who lived


A lot of people know the story of Harry Potter the famous wizard but no one knows the story of his famous twin sister who also survived the attack. Hi i am Mary Potter and I am the sister of Harry Potter. We look nothing alike except we both have brilliant green eyes. I have long red hair and freckles all over my face. My brother looks more like my dad. I live with my godfather Sirius Black and I love it there. The thing is I don't even think Harry knows I exist. When my parents died I went to live with my god father while Harry went to live with our nasty uncle aunt and cousin the Dursley's. I didn't know I was even a witch until last month when I was walking in the park. I spotted an old looking cat 

staring straight at me. The cat




walked up to me and checked both

ways as if to check if anyone was

watching. No one was because it

was just me and the cat in the park. Then the cat transformed into a stern looking old lady with long black hair, emerald green eyes, and wearing a robe in the same shade. Hello darling ! I looked at her shocked because a cat just transformed into a lady. How did you do that I ask? Magic she simply replied. Oh uh I have to go. You don't believe me? Not really. Oh well your Mary Potter aren't you? Yes I am. Wait how did you know? Just an instinct. Here take this. She handed me an old looking letter with a wax stamp on the back with a badger, lion, Raven, and a snake. What is this? Open it. I slowly open the card making sure it is not a bomb. Inside is the same sort of material as the envelope. In neat scrawled writing it says Dear Mary Lily Potter I am here to write to you about attending Hogwarts Witchcraft and Wizardry school. It would be a great honor for all of us here is a list of the supplies you will need. Please do not be late you will need to take platform 9 3/4. 9 3/4 that is not even a platform I say to the lady. It is the platform between 9 and 10. How do I get to 9 3/4 though? Run through the wall. Okay sweet thanks! I have to go now important business with Hagrid. Before I could ask who Hagrid was she dissaperared.









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