Mary Potter

Mary potter was an ordinary girl with extraordinary powers. She could talk to animals when no one else couldn't, she was a parasol toungue and she was the twin sister of the famous Harry Potter


5. One month later

One month later I find myself running through the brick wall to the hog Wart's express. I feel nervous but I push it aside and run full force I feel lighter as I go through the wall. I realized my eyes were closed and opened them to find a beautiful train that says Hogwarts express on it. Look at this Nix! She chirps happily it is very beautiful! I feel the pressure coming off my shoulders as I put my bags away in the train. I go on the train to find a seat. I see Sirius run up brhind me I love you Mary! I love you too Sirius! I smile as the train takes off and Sirius runs after it tears streaming down his face. Finally the train has too much speed for Sirius to continue so he just stays where he is and waves goodbye. I feel alive more than ever I am going to Hogwarts!

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