Mary Potter

Mary potter was an ordinary girl with extraordinary powers. She could talk to animals when no one else couldn't, she was a parasol toungue and she was the twin sister of the famous Harry Potter


9. Harry has many questions

I wake to the birds chirping and Nix right next to me asleep. I pet her and she wakes up. Hello Nix says! Hello Nix how did you sleep? Very well thanks for asking! I put on my clothes which consist of a grey jumper, grey skirt, and a Long robe with the Gryffindor symbol on it. Hermoine follows me still with the book in her hand. Our first class is Flying with Mrs. Hooch. Wait flying? Yes the sport for Hogwarts is quidtich which I read in a book. Cool I think I might try out. As we walk I hear two boys voices behind me. Mary Mary wait up! I turn around and Harry and the red headed boy run up. I have multiple questions for you Mary. So do I! Let's walk. I am Ron by the way. This is Hermoine Granger. Oh we know Ron says rolling his eyes. I am Mary! So question 1 Harry says how long have you known about me? For about a month now i think Snape told me. How come I didn't know about you? The Dursleys just never told you I guess. Also why didn't they put us together? Maybe two magic kids is too much to handle. Also I guess you look just like mom and she couldn't handle that because she hated mom. Oh really how bad were they to you Harry? I mean they didn't starve me but I didn't get much to eat there. Oh my gosh Harry this summer you are going to stay with me and Sirius. That sounds great! How long have you known about magic I ask him? About a month, you? Same.

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