Mary Potter

Mary potter was an ordinary girl with extraordinary powers. She could talk to animals when no one else couldn't, she was a parasol toungue and she was the twin sister of the famous Harry Potter


10. Flying lessons

We make to the field just in time. I stand next to Hermoine and Harry. Ok class a lady says I am professor Hooch and first to start this lesson. You will have to say up with power to get your broom. In front of us we're Beaten up brooms. Ok get started! Up I say it with force and it goes right up in my hands same with Harry. Very good Potters! I beam happily at Ms. Hooch. Hermoine struggles a little while Ron gets hit in the face with the broom. I start to laugh at him and he blushes. Now you will mount your brooms! This part was easy for everyone. Ok on the count of three you will kick off and fly. Before she could say three Neville kicks off and gets stuck. His broom acts wonky and he falls. Ma. Hooch takes him to the nurse. If I catch anyone flying when they aren't suppose to detention! 

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