The Dark Secret


1. The First Day

My name is Daisuke Niro, I recently moved school due to an incident that put me under witness protection, I’m 17 and haven’t had a relationship yet, this is my last year in high school before I go to college and it’s my only chance. This is to good luck.


I’d sit on my bus, looking out the window, scared about the new school, worries about how my last year is going to be, we make a sudden stop, my bag falling off my lap, a boy with the same uniform as me walking to the back of the bus and onto the top deck, him glancing at me as he walked past, looking down on me. We’d finally arrive at the school, like loads of people sat by the gate with groups of friends, all talking. I‘d walk past, alone, everyone staring at me, I’d look around, feeling uncomfortable, then running into the school.


I’d pick a locker still people staring at me as if I was a mythical creature, confused and disgusted, I’d open my locker, putting my stuff in, picking a combination, then being shoved by two boys, one of them being the boy off the bus, pulling out a book, hitting me around the head


The boy would speak “Who are you, nerd.”

”I-I’m Daisuke, I’m new..” 

“Well, you’re not allowed your locker here” By reflex I would upper-cut him, leaving him out cold. 

”I go where I want to go.” The other boy would cower away as I kicked the other one, waking him up. ”Don’t EVER look down on me again” The other kids would look in shock, as they both ran, one of them tripping over. 


I’d then turn grabbing my books and heading to my first class, math, I’d walk in, the teacher pulling me to the front 

“Welcome, class!” He’d seem overly enthusiastic.















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