The Dark Secret


2. Math Class

”This is our new student, Daisuke, he will be joining us for the last year of our school life’s!” He’d send me to the back of the class, a certain girl, catching my eye, the teacher would read out the register. He’d then call my name.

”Yes, sir” Everyone would turn to look at me, confused on why I said “sir”.


“Very nice manners!” The teacher would say abruptly, we’d then do basic math until we had to get into groups, I was last to be picked and was put in the group with the girl, I’d get introduced to everyone in the group, the girls name would be Charlotte, there would be two other boys (Jason and Zakiro) and one other girl (Ella), I’d become instant friends with Zak, and we would do the activity as the group. The others would sit in the corner, socializing, while I worked on the project. Zak would call me over, me dropping my pen on the table and walking over, as I got there I'd realise Emma was gone, I'd then have a crash of ice water onto my head, I'd look up, looking at Emma on the landing up my stairs, I'd stare at her, then taking the project out my pocket, being completely soaked.


Everyone would storm out the door, annoyed with, Ella, going home, I finished the project myself that night.







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