HayLee Haunted


2. Chapter Two

As Sam, Tucker, Danny and HayLee shoved the front doors of the school open, they took a sudden stop before their teacher, Mr. Lanser, who had a sneaking look on his face. Mr.Lanser held up three of his fingers, he quickly glanced at the nearest clock and one of the fingers went down. Then the second. Then there were no fingers left for a warning. The final bell had just rung. "You three are late." The bald teacher said.

"Erm... it’s four actually." Danny said defensively.

Mr.Lanser glanced behind the trio and saw HayLee. 

"So it seems." Mr.Lanser walked up to HayLee, and cast his shadow over the girl. "And your excuse?" 

"Pardon?" HayLee asked , unclear of the situation. 

"What is your excuse for being late?" Lanser asked again.

"Oh uh.. I’m new...? And Danny over there was helping me to school." HayLee explained briefly.

"Pfft. That’s one way of saying it." Sam muttered under her breath. 

"Hmmm I see. Alright, Danny."

"Yes sir?" 

"Take this young lady to get her schedule. The rest of you go to class." Lasnser ordered.

Danny grab HayLee's hand and started to walk towards the main office. HayLee blushed, starting to realize the crush she had on Danny was growing. 


1 Week later

HayLee grabbed a tray of meatloaf from the cafeteria counter. She turned around and scanned the room, and at the closest table towards the doors she saw Danny waving to get her attention. She smiled and started towards  them. Over the past week, Tucker has formed a relatively close bond with HayLee over technology. And as far as Sams attitude towards HayLee goes, it has both improved and worsened. Sam definitely has her moments where she gets mad at HayLee, but for the most part Sam seemed to tolerate HayLee. Which was good. (?). 

HayLee sat down between Tucker and Danny. HayLee looked across at Sam and saw she was resting her head in her palms. She looked annoyed. HayLee shrugged, decideing it was best to leave her be. She picked up her spoon and just as HayLee was about to take a scoop out of her mashed potatoes, her tray was slapped out of her path and onto the floor. 

HayLee stared at her inedible food which now sat face down on the cafeteria floor and felt suddenly sad. But sadness soon switched to anger. HayLee stood up, furious, and her eyes locked onto the guilty one. "What the heck was that for?!" HayLee snapped. 

"Oh I’m sorry, where you going to eat that?" 

Danny sighed. "What do you want Melanie?" He asked. "You know what I want. I want you to worship me!" 

"Oh! Oh my gosh! How could we be so blind! You are clearly worth devotion and effort!" HayLee said sarcastically. 

"Why you little- -!" Just as Melanie was about to strangle HayLee, Melanie 'mysteriously' tripped. Which got the whole cafeteria laughing.


"Hahaha! That was great! Did you see the look on her face?" Sam chuckled.

"Yeah! Highlight of my day! - -.” Before HayLee could finish reveling in her recent memory, she had gotten a very cold and intense shiver down her spine. "… I have to go." HayLee said suddenly.

"Where?" Danny asked. 

"Doesn’t matter, I just have to go!" HayLee responded and she ran down the crowded hallway.

As Danny watched HayLee run down the hallway and disappear into the crowd, his breath turned cold, and icy, exhaling. "Ghosts.…" Danny mumbled. "I got to go too. See you guys later.…" Danny bid his friends a short goodbye and ran in the opposite direction that HayLee went.

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